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    By Stratus,

    DiscordThe official invite link to our Discord is https://swrebellion.link/discord. This is a special redirect set up that points to our permanent invite code. Please refrain from using any other links. If you are finding that you keep getting kicked for no apparent reason (no actual staff kick message), - please know it is not us, it is Discord- the solution: manually leave the server then manually rejoin using the link above.

    If you continue to have issues, make sure you have a forum account and create an issue ticket by posting here --> https://swrebellion.net/forums/forum/45-private-feedback-issues/. (posts made to this forum are only visible between you and staff)

    25th Anniversary patch

    By Lord_La_forge,

    This year has been busy for a small team in our community. To celebrate the game's 25th anniversary, a few of us decided to update the game a bit. A huge amount of work went into it, but now it's ready. We present you the 25th Anniversary patch!

    Star Wars Rebellion 25th Anniversary Patch Features:

    • New Galaxy map using top 200 star wars planets (called systems in game) from 2023 canon mostly positioned as accurately as possible within game engine limits!
    • 200 unique system images for in-game and encyclopedia (instead of 26 original sprites)
    • 200 new systems encyclopedia entries
    • 61 new character sprites (from Rebellion Remastered)
    • Option to view skills and abilities of each character on their sprites in-game (see screenshots below)
    • high definition 3d models for capital ships (updates are still coming)
    • 80 high definition sprites for starfighters
    • Game's 1.02 community update
    • Dgvoodoo 2.81.1 (2023-07-24) directx libraries

    The patch will receive updates in the near future with new stuff coming. Make sure you redownload the editor every now and then.



    You can get this mod with MetaSharp's StarWarsRebellionEditor. Download the editor here, install, define where your game is installed, then click the Death Star icon (last icon) in the editor to patch your game (see screenshots).


    The team

    Metasharp - The new editor, reverse engineering and exe patching, the new galaxy model, ship models, planet sprites and encyclopedia entries, fighter sprites
    Lord La forge - character sprites, planet sprites
    Hexdragon - reverse engineering and exe patching
    Mercure_cobra - ship models
    geir389 - encyclopedia entries

    Let our team know how you liked the patch!

    Also please consider joining our Discord channel "Star Wars Rebellion". You can reach out to us there.


    Screenshot (76).png

    Screenshot (85).png

    Screenshot (87).png

    Screenshot (89).png




    Capture_decran_2023-09-16_211945 (1).png

    25th Anniversary Tournament

    By Stratus,

    Register for C25.png

    As we approach the 25th Anniversary of the release of PC Game, Star Wars: Rebellion , our community will be hosting a multiplayer (head-2-head) tournament in February. Please visit the tournament website to view more information and register today.



    By Stratus,

    A member of our community, @Metasharp  (exca on Discord) has been working on a new SWRebellion Editor with the goal to be an ultimate RebEd replacement. Metasharp has published the source code on Github. It is an ongoing project with constant updates, so we won't have it listed on the downloads page for now, but we now have links to the GIthub project on our Main Menu under "Game Editor" and on our side menus. (Look for SWRE). You can also get there via our shortlink https://swrebellion.link/swre .

    Link to Github Project: https://github.com/MetasharpNet/StarWarsRebellionEditor.NET


    This program is Freeware and may be distributed and used by anyone with a legal copy of Star Wars Rebellion.  It is built from past works of the community such as SWRDE, RebEd, etc.  Bitmaps and Sounds, Copyright © 1998,LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC and are used without permission. This software is provided 'as is' and is NOT warrented in any way, no support is provided, and its creator is not liable for ANY data loss that may occur. Use it at your own risk


    SWRebellion Network is now SWRebellion Community

    By Stratus,

    We are changing our name as it displays on the website headers, page titles, and outbound emails to reflect that we are a non-profit community of gamers, and not a for-profit entity. It is a small but significant change.

    Changes to Account Features (Signup/Login)

    By Stratus,

    1. Admin Validation No Longer Required for Account Signup

    One of the biggest complaints was not being able to get access to the site until I approved it at the end of each week. Effective immediately, administrator validation is no longer required at signup. Email validation is still required.  We are also requiring linking and/or providing your Discord username when registering.

     If we start to see a large increase in spambots, we will re-enable administrator validation for new accounts. 

    2. New social integrations/login methods have been added. If you already have an account, you may associate any of these account integrations (after logging in normally) for future login methods. Instead of using a password at our site, you can use "Sign in with ..."

    Account Integration Methods (for login or signup)
    -Google, Microsoft, Discord, Twitch, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter

    Change Log

    • Discord : I have resolved the issues for logging in with Discord and have enabled "Sign up with Discord" as an option. In order to create an account on the website (regardless of what authentication/login method), Discord username is required.
    • Twitch : Users can now sign up or login to SWR using their Twitch account.
    • Spotify : Spotify users can now sign up or login using Spotify.
    • Profile Fields I have added optional profile fields that you can edit after registration for listing social media and gaming such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Steam, Twitch, Spotify, GOG, Origin (EA).
    • Account Validation on Signup: Administrator validation no longer required. Email validation is still required to combat spambots.

    Downloads Now Unlocked for Guest Users

    By Stratus,

    Since the launch of our new website, visitors to our site have been unable to download files that we host for Rebellion without first creating an account. This was not my intention, but rather it was a default permissions setting. I have now unlocked downloads to all website visitors, and effective immediately they can be downloaded without creating an account on our website. As it was with our previous website policies, only registered users can upload files for public consumption or post in the forums. Happy gaming!

    Our Community

    By Stratus,

    We welcome you to the SWRebellion Network, a fan-based community based on the LucasArts(R) game Star Wars: Rebellion. We are a not for profit website, and our staff members are made up of volunteers from the community, and receive no monetary compensation. We are not affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd or Disney in any way. We do sometimes display Google Ads to help pay for our website, but often turn them off because they can be an eyesore.

    We do not allow registration of users under the age of 13, and comply with COPPA laws. We do not allow piracy of any kind of licensed software or game, and we encourage all members of the community and the general public to purchase a legal copy of the game from an authorized vendor, none of which we have any affiliation with.

    Our website (we've moved!): https://swrebellion.net 
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/swrebellion
    Twitter: @swrebellion

    By accessing any website on our server and/or submitting content you agree to be bound by the following policies which are applicable to you and your use. 


    1. Uptime Robot (Live Monitoring): http://uptime.swrebellion.com/
    2. GalaxyServer Status Pages - http://status.galaxyserver.net/   (Manual Server Incident Updates)
    3. Backup Server Monitoring (Live Pings) - http://status.swrebellion.com/ 

    Star Wars: Rebellion -- The Game & Additional Resources
    Looking for Rebellion? Buy a digital copy from one of these vendors:

    Find a (used) physical copy (CD) on eBay or Amazon:

    Community Patch/Fix for Star Wars: Rebellion (by @TruthRealm ? https://swrebellion.link/fix
    Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any of the vendors above nor do we get any monetary reward for clicking the links above.


    Account Deletion Requests

    By Stratus,

    While we do not currently offer automated process of deleting your account, if you registered an account with us using Facebook, you may request your account be deleted. Your posted content will be maintained, but your user profile and login will be deleted. This post will be updated when the process changes. For now, please send create a new support request in our Private Support forum  or email privacy[at]swrebellion.com with your request. Please include your current username and email address.

    This was not a feature we were planning to implement, but it is required by various networks which we allow integrated logins/registration, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc.

    Website Upgrade Milestones

    By Stratus,

    Hello everyone! 

    First off, I would like to thank our community members who made this website upgrade possible. Our forum and member database has been successfully migrated, thanks to your generous donations.

    We have completed Milestones 1 and 2 of this Website Upgrade Project, and the next milestone, (Milestone #3) is important as well to bring some familiarity to our community, by having a custom theme designed for the our Invision Community Suite that is closely matching to our website design at SWRebellion.com.  To do this, we need to raise about $365  ($150 for the deposit, $150 for completion, and $65 for logo work).

    I encourage all who can (when you are able) to donate via PayPal to paypal@swrebellion.com. Please make sure to specify in your PayPal contribution in the notes: SWR Website: Milestone 3 and include your member handle/username on the forums/Discord. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, please add *anonymous* in the message and we will list it in our public ledger as an anonymous donation. Only the Executive Team will be able to see the private data.

    If you are curious about how our website upgrade project is organized, I have attempted to export our roadmap from monday.com. Since I am on a free plan, I cannot make the actual roadmap board publicly accessible for viewing, but I am attaching a PDF printout that gives you an idea of what it looks like. 

    Download/view our Roadmap here --> Roadmap.pdf

    Please feel free to post public feedback/questions/comments here :: Public Feedback Forum. If you would like to submit Private Feedback, and start a conversation thread, viewable only by you and our staff, please post here: Private Feedback & Issues

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