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      Expand Rebellion Fix package by TruthRealm#9465 Expand Star Wars - Rebellion.zip to same folder as REBEXE.EXE Right-click REBEXE.EXE Properties - Compatibility tab -- Change settings for all users -- uncheck all boxes -- Apply -- OK Shift + Right-click REBEXE.EXE Pin to Taskbar Send to Desktop (create shortcut) Shift + Right-click the Taskbar Pin or shortcut file you've just created Properties - Shortcut --Target: \REBEXE.EXE" -w -- Apply -- OK Enclosed in this patch archive you will find nested Star Wars - Rebellion.zip which contains: basegame: v00.01.00002.0000 REBEXE.exe Original Rebellion Executable by CoolHand Rebellion Refresh Executable by Rebellion Reloaded team -- "Package Features (Rebellion Refresh) - Icon updated for XP and newer operating systems. (48x48 w/ 32bpp) Created by Mad78 - Performance optimizations to executables allow DLL and MDATA file access from installation folder. - Application manifest data added to executables to conform to Vista UAC specifications. - REBEXE.EXE is now identified as version 1.02 to reflect these changes, built on 1.00 for stability." Retained Mode: v05.02.03790.0000 d3drm.dll Direct3D Retained Mode by Microsoft Tactical: v02.63.00001.0000 DDraw.dll D3DImm.dll DirectDraw + Direct3D Immitation by dgvoodoo
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