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  • What is RebED?
    RebED and other questions

    The Rebellion Editor (RebED for short) is the best editor written by Revolution to modify Rebellion. It includes easy-to-use cards for changing stats and pictures, dllentries modifier for even more pictures, setting loader to save all kinds of changes, and more! The last version is 0.26 and supports full replacement of many units. You can download this at our Downloads section.

    Note: You must install Rebellion as a full install to be able to edit everything.

    What about RebED Cards?

    Cards are what RebED uses to load changes to individual units. Each unit is loaded with its own card: replacing whatever characters, fighters, starships, facilities, troops, special forces, or defenses loaded with the card. The cards do not make a completely new unit but they overwrite an existing one. Each card has its own .R?C extension (replacing ? with c for character, f for fighter, etc). You can view our whole Card database by going to our Cards section.

    What are Total Conversions (TCs)?

    TCs are made using RebED's Load Setting feature. All changes from cards and DLLEntries are saved to one REB file for easy loading and saving. This makes a great way for us to change the game, creating an entirely different and fun scenario.

    What is this DLLEntries.txt?

    DllEntries is the text file that stores where DLL entries are, allowing you to modify pictures and other resources in the dll itself. Currently RebED only seems to process bitmaps correctly. You need the DLLEntries.txt for each TC so that these picture changes load correctly.

    What is SWRE?

    The Star Wars Rebellion Editor is an old DOS Rebellion editor made by Mach Demon. RebED has replaced it as the editor for Rebellion, providing all the features of SWRE and more. It is easier to use and organize, as well as being a full Windows program.

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