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  • RebEd By Stratus

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    Rebellion Editor   This amazing program was developed by a team called "Revolution", I estimate sometime around 1999-2001 shortly after the game was released by LucasArts. (back in the days of AIM and ICQ). Some of its contributors or team members were among those who were founding members of this website and community, such as Skippy, Sesswanna and a few others.  The coding team "Revolution" disappeared shortly thereafter (approximately 2000-2001) and haven't been heard from sinc
  • Rebellion Fix By TruthRealm

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    Expand Rebellion Fix package by TruthRealm#9465 Expand Star Wars - Rebellion.zip to same folder as REBEXE.EXE Right-click REBEXE.EXE Properties - Compatibility tab -- Change settings for all users -- uncheck all boxes -- Apply -- OK Shift + Right-click REBEXE.EXE Pin to Taskbar Send to Desktop (create shortcut) Shift + Right-click the Taskbar Pin or shortcut file you've just created Properties - Shortcut --Target: \REBEXE.EXE" -w -- Apply -- OK
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