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A member of our community, @Metasharp  (exca on Discord) has been working on a new SWRebellion Editor with the goal to be an ultimate RebEd replacement. Metasharp has published the source code on Github. It is an ongoing project with constant updates, so we won't have it listed on the downloads page for now, but we now have links to the GIthub project on our Main Menu under "Game Editor" and on our side menus. (Look for SWRE). You can also get there via our shortlink https://swrebellion.link/swre .

Link to Github Project: https://github.com/MetasharpNet/StarWarsRebellionEditor.NET


This program is Freeware and may be distributed and used by anyone with a legal copy of Star Wars Rebellion.  It is built from past works of the community such as SWRDE, RebEd, etc.  Bitmaps and Sounds, Copyright © 1998,LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC and are used without permission. This software is provided 'as is' and is NOT warrented in any way, no support is provided, and its creator is not liable for ANY data loss that may occur. Use it at your own risk


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I just wanted to stop by and give kudos to @Metasharp for his excellent work. This editor is the best thing that has happened to this game since RebEd.

It now includes the 25th anniversary patch for the game. 200 unique planets, descriptions and an accurate galaxy map update are part of that patch with many more things to come...

The patch features my work with 60 new character graphics that I did for my Remastered mod here.

Let our team know how you liked the patch!

Also please consider joining our Discord channel "Star Wars Rebellion". You can reach out to us there.



Screenshot (85).png

Screenshot (76).png

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