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25th Anniversary patch


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This year has been busy for a small team in our community. To celebrate the game's 25th anniversary, a few of us decided to update the game a bit. A huge amount of work went into it, but now it's ready. We present you the 25th Anniversary patch!

Star Wars Rebellion 25th Anniversary Patch Features:

  • New Galaxy map using top 200 star wars planets (called systems in game) from 2023 canon mostly positioned as accurately as possible within game engine limits!
  • 200 unique system images for in-game and encyclopedia (instead of 26 original sprites)
  • 200 new systems encyclopedia entries
  • 61 new character sprites (from Rebellion Remastered)
  • Option to view skills and abilities of each character on their sprites in-game (see screenshots below)
  • high definition 3d models for capital ships (updates are still coming)
  • 80 high definition sprites for starfighters
  • Game's 1.02 community update
  • Dgvoodoo 2.81.1 (2023-07-24) directx libraries

The patch will receive updates in the near future with new stuff coming. Make sure you redownload the editor every now and then.



You can get this mod with MetaSharp's StarWarsRebellionEditor. Download the editor here, install, define where your game is installed, then click the Death Star icon (last icon) in the editor to patch your game (see screenshots).


The team

Metasharp - The new editor, reverse engineering and exe patching, the new galaxy model, ship models, planet sprites and encyclopedia entries, fighter sprites
Lord La forge - character sprites, planet sprites
Hexdragon - reverse engineering and exe patching
Mercure_cobra - ship models
geir389 - encyclopedia entries

Let our team know how you liked the patch!

Also please consider joining our Discord channel "Star Wars Rebellion". You can reach out to us there.


Screenshot (76).png

Screenshot (85).png

Screenshot (87).png

Screenshot (89).png




Capture_decran_2023-09-16_211945 (1).png

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