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I am starting this thread looking for active Rebellion multiplayers. The problem I have been having is that I have everyone on my Messenger contact list who lists their email for it, but low and behold they never seem to be online, or they're on but never seem to want to play so what good is it having them as a Rebellion contact.


Therefor I am starting this thread seeking active players, people who actually want to play. By active I don't mean everyday. We all have real lives, but it seems to me anyone can play at least once or twice a week. Even if your only available the weekends so be it, but at least I and the other players know when to look for you.


My MSN Messenger email is Lebarronn90@hotmail.com I am an active player and looking for the same. There are several people on my contact list I have NEVER seen on MSN Messenger and some I have seen once or twice and then disappear. So if you're an active player, reply to this post and state your MSN Messenger email so i can add you to my list.

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I will be active by this monday (my CD arrives to my mailbox).


If you want, here's my email so you can put me in your contacts.




I will edit this post later indicating I'm ready to play.

"May the force be with the pizza guy. I want it in less that 30 mins or less."


You can kill me later, thank you.


I want you to join KoC.

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Too bad msn doesn't work on my comp :( . Anyhow I am also active... I can proudly say I have been part of at least one multiplayer game every day for 4 days now, planning to keep that streak going ;-). Anyhow I don't have msn but my AIM is SWJ06 and my icq is 69184983.


I play over Kali, though I also have Hamachi setup, just haven't tested it yet...

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btw i have found that the chatroom is filled with homeworld 2 players.


that seemed to get pissed off at rebellion players that show up.


they wonder why rebellion players show up in the rebellion chat channel.


its really weird.

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I have issues with msn messenger... so i no longer use it, which blows cause i hate aim... ah well...


aim: BigChimpChili

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-Edgar Allen Poe

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