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Ludo's House of Textures and Tweaks (Now Serving Rebellion!)

Ludo Kressh

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Ohai, and a late merry Christmas to you all! (That goes for you too, Chim! :P)


I was inspired over the last couple days with all the work going on here (good on ya', Lavo!), so I whipped up a new set of portraits for each of the factions. And I didn't stop there: I also redid the loading screens. Yes, they now feature concept art from both the OT and the Prequels (from Ralph McQuarrie and Ryan Church, respectively).Yeah, it's kinda elementary, but with the time required to go through all of the formatting (URGH THE ENDLESS FRAMES!), I deem it to be more a labor of love than anything to sneeze at. The intent of this quick project was to deepen the immersion factor when playing, as well as give it a bit more of a "Sins" flair (IE: drawn, rendered portraits rather than realistic pics, etc). I earnestly hope you enjoy them, even if they may not make it into SoGE 2.0e.




(Drag n' drop the items into your Textures folder, and you'll be up and running. Mind the modcheck number, though...)




PS - A big personal welcome to Warb_Null! I've been tracking your projects since you started your modeling thread on Filefront years ago, and I'm very pleased you're working with Lavo. I'm still digging that Derriphan-class battlecruiser I bugged you about, BTW. Perhaps now that you're with the team, a KotOR-era mod may now be possible...in the very distant future, naturally. Anyway, keep up the great work.


Oh yeah, you too, Lavo. :P:D

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Sorry for the double post. I updated the portraits - swapped out the Pellaeon pic with that of a more fitting Imperial admiral. Pellaeon at the height of the Empire was still below admiral rank, let alone grand admiral, so I figured it more fitting. Also, a revised Palpatine picture, which should wrap up the whole matter.


Here's the link: http://www.speedyshare.com/file/BTgXu/Portraits-1.0b.rar

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Great! I'm glad you liked them! :D


For those interested, here's a transparent HUD for the in-game interface, based off of a similar mod for the Requiem mod. I find it easier on the eyes compared to the stock interface, and it allows me to take in more of the eye-candy this mod brings. Just plop it in the SoGE Textures folder and enjoy!



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It's not so much a question of possibility, but rather ability...as in my ability to create something new. I've seen some examples of new menu graphics, but they've obviously been done by people with dedicated skills in Photoshop (I use Paint.NET...which is a great, versatile tool, but it is not quite as powerful as PS), unlike myself, the "amateur's amateur" who just recently grasped the concept of the gradient tool (to create gradual shadows and transparencies). xD


Over time, I undoubtedly intend to fiddle with the menu graphics (buttons, too!) and see what I can come up with (I imagine a cross between the HUD of SG:I and the Knights of the Old Republic (the 2003 game) datapad menu screens...hopefully, maybe...unsure), but I make no promises until I put something out. ;)


I do advise making use of the SG:I HUD if you desire a change (at least during play), but only so unofficially and individually, as I have. A stopgap, yes, but effective.

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Lavo: I'm still working on the missing Capital Slots research menu icon, but in the meantime here are some revised SoGE faction characters (seen during the loading screens) for each of the factions, plus some to come in the distant future.



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/shameless double post


And here're some updated textures for Rebellion - let me know how they work!




Also, test out this slightly bluish take on the Galaxy.dds, and let me know if it's preferable to the current one.



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Looking good. Needed some minor fixes of course, but they look nice. The notorious Fleet tab continues to provide issues however; now the tech icons themselves look off-center.


I also figured out where the backdrop of the "missing" big supply/crew icons is located, mainly as I had to make it not look ugly, but that didn't bring back those big icons. :(

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Hmm. Sorry about the minor issues. You know me: too exuberant to post my product before adequately testing them. :v


As to the Supply icons: yeah, I located them as well, and despite much searching, the location of the large Capital Supply icon is as of yet unknown. I scoured the .window files and checking the coordinates right up until my computer starting acting up and had to clean install Windows 7, impeding work (although not losing it, thank God). After a few hours of searching, I had nothing, but the background image you mentioned. :(


I'll give the bugger another look-see tomorrow and see if we can remedy the matter - it's gotta be in the Ingame Menu files! It really is the strangest thing.

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Howdy guys; long time no post!


I've recently been playing quite a bit of SoGE lately, and have been extremely impressed with the depth the game has in terms of gameplay experience. I had a massive tug-of-war with the AI over a couple of planets it simply did not want to give up even after 6 hours of capital ship death matches. It was the most fun I'd had in a long while against the AI!


So, as a way of saying "Thanks for the wonderful work!", I've whipped up a UI mod which I think is LONG overdue. I am so freakin' sick of the Sins default design, especially when trying to get into a "Star Wars state of mind/play". In its stead we have a datapad theme reminiscent of the KotOR games' menus in color and styling. I also went about tweaking one or two things which I thought were out of place, namely one unit (the Sep Supply Ship), various string entries, and the loading screen characters. I'm currently working on a few other items as well, so expect a small update in the next day or so.


Anyway, beyond exemplary job Lavo, and all else who've labored so hard and long over this great mod. Do let me know if you encounter issues; working 12 hours on these things makes you a little bit perfectionist to say the least.













Download link: http://speedy.sh/pMUWX/SoGE-Datapad-UI-and-Texture-Tweaks.rar


*Also, an updated set of HUD neutronium refinery buttons: http://speedy.sh/QGSCZ/SoGE-Updated-HUD-Icons.rar

**Small update to the main pack: http://www.speedyshare.com/e9Uza/UI-Tweaks-Update-1.1.rar

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Well, it's supposed to be a holoprojector of sorts, not unlike the tactical readout screens in the Yavin Base War Room, with the bezels/projectors on either side instead of the top and bottom:




The intention is for them to project from side-to-side, rather than up-down. Perhaps "datapad" was a poor term to utilize. Rather, it should be deemed a "projector screen".


Sorry you dislike it. I'll think about what to do with it in the future. :/


*Added an update for the main UI pack. Small fixes and some more tweaking of loading screens, etc.

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No, no problem. It's an interesting look; I doubted it myself for a bit. A red holoscreen (like so: link) was also in the works, but it was too busy I thought. I dunno. Maybe I'll try it out anyway...


Still, thanks for the input; any suggestions you could supply are more than welcome, Evaders! :D


*Here's a red version of the UI: http://www.speedyshare.com/ThdhR/SoGE-Red-Screen-UI.rar


Tell me what you think!

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