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Empire at War: Total Realism v2.0 --- get ready...


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***(important note: To view this message how it was meant to be, since this forum did not keep the lists/bold/coloured formations etc, visit the PFF forums at: http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?topic=3258.0 )


Okey, we kept silence for quite long while working hard in the backround to boost up the already preferred modification "Empire at War: Total Realism". Due to the wide appeal we decided to get our hands even more dirty and steal some precious free time from our lives to bring you the mod you were asking for.


Anyway, to stop the babbling and get into the point, EaW:TR v2.0 will be uploaded (hopefully) this Saturday, 1/4/2006 (no, we're not liing :)) featuring a wide range of new enhancements, from a minor footprint re-scalling to a whole re-configuration of ground & space combat and Galactic Conquest experience.


Below i post some parts of the extensive readme file. Stay tuned in topic, since until Saturday, ill post the images you will be asking for and even more.


So, get ready, load your patience, excercise with some veterans out there, and then come face the real devastating power of some marching ATAT & Star Destroyers, or fulfil your thirst for freeding up the galaxy with more advanced tactics than ever before ;) !


PS: Mind that since the text below is directly copied from a text file, the organisation doesn't look as in the text file; i did my best to make it look nice in this thread, but in the original readme file it's just "as meant to be".



"Empire at War: Total Realism" mod (EaW:TR from now on) enhances "Star Wars: Empire at War" original game's realism

and gameplay features on Ground, Space and Galactic Conquest. It was developed for those that wished to lay down more

strategies on the battlefield than amass an overwhelming "doom" force and eradicate everything in their pass.


Realism enhancements were based on real-life examples, such as armor penetration law and a talor-made "food chain"

among several classes of units, while Gameplay enhancements had as purpose to provide a challenging, thrilling

real-time-strategy game by balancing all aspects of the game that contribute to this aim. Note that when we mean

"balancing" the game we mean implementing the correct imbalances and not amplify the "scissors-rock-paper" base.


Thus, what would you expect to see from this mod?



||| GALACTIC MAP & MISCELLANEOUS modifications |||



[*] A brand new re-designed Galactic Map, Star Wars lore based, with strategic "choke-points", trade routes,

hyperspace lanes, apparent core & outer rim worlds and way more, making Galactic Conquest THE challenge.


[*] Add to the above GC boost-up, the re-configuration of all buildings & units costs. No more the "every planet and a stronghold"

or the famous "doom-fleet"; you want many Star Destroyers, Mon Calamaris and MKII Frigates? Put the hand deeply in the wallet first...


[*] Ground vehicles & trooper producing "factories" garrison/reinforcements are now limited (according to unit type)



| Barracks: Trooper [2/10], Plex soldier [1/6] || [xx/xx] stands for .

| Infiltrator facility: infiltrators [2/8] || = -

| Light factory: T2B [3/9]

| Heavy factory: MPTL [4/8], MPTL Spotter [2/4]

| Officer Academy: Field Commander [1/1] || Set spawn delay to 35 seconds (there was no previous entry).



| Barracks: Stormtroopers [2/12], Scout troopers [2/8]

| Light factory: TIE Crawler [5/15] || We replaced ATST with TIE Crawler spawn due to scaling reasons.

| Heavy factory: M2-Repulsor [4/16]

| Advanced factory: SPMAT [3/9] || No ATAT, but lowered spawn time at 25 .

| Officer Academy: Field Commander [1/2] || Set spawn delay to 35 seconds (there was no previous entry).



| Command center: Soldier [3/15], Plex [2/8], Swamp speeder [3/12], Pod walker [2/10], Skiff [2/8]



[*] Space stations garisson/reinforcements are now limited (according to unit type)



| Tech 1: Z95-Headhunter [2/9], Y-wing [1/5]

| Tech 2: X-Wing [2/9] , Y-wing [2/8] , Corellian Corvette [1/1]

| Tech 3: X-Wing [3/15], Y-wing [2/12], Corellian Corvette [1/2], Nebulon-B [1/2]

| Tech 4: X-Wing [3/20], Y-wing [3/14], Corellian Corvette [2/4], Nebulon-B [1/5]

| Tech 5: X-Wing [3/15], Y-wing [3/16], Corellian Corvette [2/6], A-Wing [2/10], MKII [1/4]



| Tech 1: TIE Fighter [2/10], TIE Bomber [1/6]

| Tech 2: TIE Fighter [2/10], TIE Bomber [2/9] , Tartan Cruiser [1/1]

| Tech 3: TIE Fighter [3/17], TIE Bomber [2/14], Tartan Cruiser [1/3], Aclammator [1/2]

| Tech 4: TIE Fighter [4/24], TIE Bomber [3/18], Tartan Cruiser [2/5], Aclammator [1/6]

| Tech 5: TIE Fighter [4/20], TIE Bomber [3/20], Tartan Cruiser [2/8], TIE Advanced [2/12], Victory destroyer [1/4]



[*] Fully compliant with patch 1.03.


[*] Fully compliant with the FRENCH version of the Empire at War (Yup, believe it or not, we did even translations... :) ) !


[*] The Collector's Edition 5 bonus maps! (as long LEC does not clearly state that this distribution is illegal, we keep the maps in the EaW:TR package; otherwise, we remove them)


[*] Multiple installation options for: (1) High-end systems, (2) Low-end systems, (3) With modified Galactic Map and (4) Without modified galactic Map.


[*] All heroes (+ Royal Guards) original text descriptions replaced by direct data collected from Star Wars Databank.


[*] Absolute (1:1) text compability for all the modifications made (garrison numbers, unit descriptions and more).


[*] Detailed changelog .xls files containing all the editting done so that anyone can play with the values.


[*] More than 770 tweaks and modifications on most .xml files in order to achieve balanced (implementing the imbalances needed), challenging, strategic & fun gameplay, some of which (:modifications) are...[*]





||| GRAPHIC ENHANCEMENT modifications |||



[*] Capital Ships gained dozens of lasers, boosting up the visual experience! || Don't be skeptistics about any imbalance issues that may arise, these lasers do minor damage sine they are ONLY for visual effect (recommended for high-end systems).

[*] Enhanced laser graphics || Lasers as meant to be.

[*] Complete space rescaling (space ships, buildings) || The image gallery at EaW:TR home site speak themselves.

[*] Complete ground rescaling (buildings, vehicles, infantry, heroes, indigenous) || ...even footprints were re-scaled :) !

[*] Ground & Space camera zoom in/out greatly increased || giving the player the ability to see everything in the way the battle demands.

[*] Object fade out and clipping values greatly increased || allowing the player for first time in EaW modding to keep visual contact

and control his units & buildings with a great distance; no more hassle to move back

to a sudden attack that happened some kilometers behind your back - just turn your

sight backwards and give immediate commands.


||| GROUND major modifications |||



[*] Almost all Rebel, Imperial & Pirate units/buildings modified || To achieve our multi-side high-standard goals (a units is not just "health" & "damage" points) - check relevant .xls for thorough details.

[*] Exhaustive modification of Gameconstants labyrinth || * Kids, stay away from this file :) *

[*] ATAT headmounted anti-air lasers enabled || making this "monster" as meant to be - unstoppable (or stoppable with much effort & strategy).

[*] Regular infantry can no longer damage armored vehicles || Penetration implemented realistically, making infantry a still vital unit for success.

[*] Darth Vader with 12 stormtrooper company || Not that they were needed, but Vader can't do all the minor work... :)

[*] Palpatine with 6 Royal Guard Company || Yup yup, Royal Guards added and accordingly tweaked (health, stealth capable etc.). Moreover, they are selectable by 2. Enjoy these cool guys ;) !

[*] Repulsor Jammer reactivated for Imperials || Get your enemy literally stuck on ground and avoid "raid" surprises by hover vehicles and snowspeeders.

[*] T4B's heavy lasers and missiles fire simultaneously || No more hassle to click on "rocket attack" button in the middle of the battle.

[*] T4B's special ability changed to "power to weapons" || giving a small but crusial time either burn the whole battlefield or get your neck saved.

[*] T4B has now a small amount of shielding || only to bear the first shot of the front lines - before getting in the heat of the battle.

[*] Infiltrators and scout troopers can now use binoculars || enhancing their spying abilities.

[*] TIE Mauler has the "hunt for enemy" ability || to let these merciless troopers comb the map with "hands-free".

[*] Repair Facilities can heal multiple units per cycle || No more LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) implementing...

[*] Repair Facilities heal faster and have wider repair ranges || Get your healing fast, get it now, get it without need to hug the the repair/healing facility.

[*] Rebel Repair Facility can repair damaged Snowspeeders

[*] Bacta Tanks can heal multiple units per cycle

[*] Bacta Tanks heal faster and have wider healing ranges

[*] Weather effects balanced || No more +700% rocket inaccuracy at 5 meters shooting due to some flying "dust".

[*] Indigenous spawn units will not respawn after first kill || Basic physic laws applied... :)

[*] Vehicle factories spawn times from 15 to 25 seconds || Only abandoned factories have +5 secs (compliant with patch 1.03).

[*] Trooper producing "factories" spawn times set to 35 seconds || From 15 seconds (original value).

[*] Most vehicles firing/sight ranges further increased || to match their bigger scaling.

[*] Tweaked Hypervelocity Gun and Ion Cannon || Damages, recharge seconds that is.





||| SPACE major modifications |||



[*] Almost all Rebel, Imperial & Pirate units/buildings modified || To achieve again our high-standard goals - check relevant .xls for details.

[*] Exhaustive modification of Gameconstants.xml labyrinth || If you catch the tempo from ground modification, then you feel like home :) .

[*] One more deep dive to Hardpoints.xml for optimal experience

[*] Rebel capital ships now have their own hangars and squadrons || How could a capital ship carry no squadrons??

[*] TIE Advanced X-1 is now buildable at space tech 3 || Give your elite pilots the right "hardware" support :) .

[*] Decreased ships speed without engines from 0.4 to 0.1 || Every ship with engines disabled is supposed to be a "sitting duck".

[*] Interdictor Cruiser has hangars and squadrons as well || making it more versatile.

[*] Space stations delay seconds for garrisoned units decreased to 7 || from 10 seconds - get your backup quick and jump into the battle before they knock your door.

[*] Space defence turrets do way more damage against fighters & ships || Not an MKII, Victory cruiser, Mon Calamari or Star Destroyer, but does its job well.

[*] TIE Fighter enhanced to come up for Rebels' Capital

[*] Z-95 Headhunter can lure the enemy like the A-Wings

[*] X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Scouts and TIE-Bombers given "hunt" ability







Special credits must be given to (alphabetically):

- *** Adonnay *** , for his enhanced laser shots .dds files and ATAT headmounted cannon lasers activated

- *** MistenTH *** , for allowing using his "Realism v3.0 (gold)" mod as starting base for the space modification

- *** Slocket *** , for allowing using his "Ground Camera angle - unlocked" mod (that originally unlocked the pitch limits)




And to start with, grab those cool-red-clothed guys, officially know as "Royal Guards" :)



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Excellent news :D !!!


After hearing some less than good reviews about the game, I've been less than interested in getting the game very soon - and was planning no waiting quiet a while before I bought it.

But this mod sounds awesome, I'm downloading the demo of EaW now and might take the plunge into buying the game much sooner than expected :)




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The screen shots look impressive... now impress me enough to go out and buy the game :D

"In the future it will become easier for old negatives to become lost and be 'replaced' by new altered negatives. This would be a great loss to our society. Our cultural history must not be allowed to be rewritten." - George Lucas, 1988. [u.S. Congressional hearing testimony on film preservation.]


My old Rebellion site (very web 1.0) - Bud's Korner and Rebellion Strategy

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  • SWR Staff - Executive
Okey guys, final update is up, enjoy the screenies at PFF forums!




Would be nice if that link worked .. :)


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the game isn´t that bad, guys :D

makes a lot of fun first, but you get bored after a quite short time


destroy this, destroy that, destroy this, kill him, kill her, destroy this, destroy that


and so on and so on.

always destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy EVERYTHING !!!!!!

well most times at least.

Sachsen-Anhalt : Wir stehen früher auf !
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Okey guys, -->final<-- update is up, enjoy the screenies at PFF forums!




[edit] Updated the link. Should work now.


As for the game guys, our intension is really to make it as should be. Not a continuous "run" to destroy eveything in your way and conquer the galaxy within 2 hours as Snake said, but make it way more difficult and challenging.

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  • 11 months later...
Yeah, i Pre-orded EAW, and got it immeadiatly aftetr it came out(I was dying for a good SW space RTS . . .). The game was impressive at first, then became very boring, as it fell straight into the role of any other RTS, the game holds almost no realism to the SW universe. Thought it was kind of a crappy game . . .cool graphics though. The mods have redeemed the game largely. So thx to the people who made some pretty amazing mods . . .And about Realism 2.0, I never could get it to work . . . and the links to the site dont work, so . .. i have no idea what it looks like . ..
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