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Star Wars Vs. Star Trek


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Yeah i know, you've all seen this before, but I'm tired of going from forum to forum, just to read about this, it usualy makes good discusion thought, anyway, in my opinion, Star Wars would win, to verify this I give you 2 words, STAR DESTROYERS, now i mean these are some of the biggest ships, and still, the smaller ships are bigger then any star trek ships, the only ships that come close are borg cubes, and those are just a little smaller, or bigger depending what you go on, by mass or by dimmensions.

and there are dozens of other resins but i'll let other people say there opinion

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Guest JediIgor

Funny that you brought this up just as I was playing (Star Trek) Bridge Commander, and posted recently on a BC forum about SW.


Anyhow.. you are right about ISDs, but the Federation has ships which are smaller & more maneuverable then ISDs, not to mention their shielding seems much more advanced (multiple shielding, instead of just 1 big one..!)

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I keep seeing people say that, it's always there, you said that Star Trek has more advanced sheilds, how do they?


The only thing that I can think of that is more advanced is that there is more then one shield (like you mentioned)


But there like 1/bagillion times as weak, Have you ever seen an episode, as good as they are, but it take only 4-5 phaser shots and BOOM!!!, sheilds are gone


And I don't know remember where i read this, besides that it was in a book, that all the capital ships have like I think 3 shields

1-against laser fire and such

2-against collision and missles

3-against radiation and heat and the like


And i'm going to just divert an future argument...


for example in one episode of ST:TNG they encounter a ship with plasma based weapons and they say something about being in alot of danger since it would just go threw their shields, and yes star wars weapons are really plasma based weapons, it's in book with cutaway pictures of ships, and it talks about turbolasters I THINK on the star destroyer page, but i'm not sure, it might not even be in that one, but it's with a picture of a deaht star turbo laser turrent.

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Guest JediIgor

Dat true.. but smart Federation commanders would beam something out of the ISD.. like the shield generator.. into space.. :D


BTW, there's only ONE shield on the ISD; trust me on this one; it's all the same in T/F, XvT, XWA.

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2 things:

1.) - Transporters cant transport threw shiels

2.) - On the games, yeah there is only 1 shield, but in the books and stuff, there's more then one, but remember, each sheild is for something different, and only 2 are good against enemy attack, unless, you know the enemy is like really wierd and somehow uses radiation as a weapon or something

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Guest JediIgor
We don't know whether the shields are the same for the ISDs, we just know the Federation shields are more advanced.. But, the ships (being small) can just fly inside the shields (mwahahah) and then there won't be any problem beaming anything out, would there? :twisted:
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Ok, fine, lets say they acctualy beam something aboard (wich is impossible) how much do you think it would effect a star destroyer, lets think about this, an Imperial star destroyer is a little over a mile long, so if they beamed over one of there most powerful weapons, at max it would take out half the ship, and that only if well placed, and if it takes out half the ship, the explosion would be devistating, destroying the federation ship and most likely all personel on board, while the star destroyer would have half of it's crew yet, and probably a few small ships, but remember, this is all impossilbe because if the federation ship were to try get close enough, it would die.
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No way Alpha !!


If the Federation weapon took out half the ISD then the other half of the crew would not survive. WHY ????. Because the vacum would suck them all out. Emergency vacum sealing doors would fail ( in my opinion ) because there would be no power, cause half the ship is missing.




The federation ship would just bounce off the ISD cause you can't fly through shields. This has been mentioned in the books loads of times. We also learn that in XWA if you ram a TIE fighter then it takes hull damage and you take shield damage only.

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Well assuming they'd be able to fly trough the shields. Then It be a simple case of dumping a smal clump of antimater and that would be the end of it. Antimater reacts with the ship causes a largish bang, this increases the heat to such a degree that all mater will either revert to plasme (a.k.a more heat) or fuse and cause an even bigger explosion and release of energy.


But why would ships be able to through shields, No ships seemed to be able to fly throught the Coruscant (whichever why to spell it) during the Thrawn siege. Besides I'm not to sure about inferiour shield technology, I mean the SW universe has those big ass planetary shield, that seem to be missing in ST.


Besides the empire's strenght comes trough sheer numbers. The Empire has zillions of systems and a fleet of over 250.000 stardestroyers. Add to that a total imoral ruling body that has no problems in conscripting rows, upon rows of homicidal shock troops. Whearas the federation has a though code of ethics and morals, Yeah like thats a match for a gazillion stormtroopers bent on destruction.




AAAAAHHH dear god nooooo. I've posted in a sw.vs.st thread.



If at first you don't succeed, then sky diving definitely isn't for you.

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Guest JediIgor

Well, Star Trek has cloaking technology... that can also be used to go through shields, you just fly right next to a ship before it can activate them!


Also, I meant beaming stuff OFF the ship, not ONTO the ship, like beaming the shield generator OFF the ship... They can just beam everyone off the ship anyways.

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There are always super-weapns star Trek doesn't have any big superweapons, like the Death STar, World DEvastator, Sun Crusher Galaxy Gun, Eye of Palpatine, nostril of Palpatine, etc... I know of Borg Cubes devastating the surface of a planet but not detroying the whole planet, and certainly the daeth star could have destroyed teh borg cube with out any problem, and the Sun Crusher could fly through the Enterprise adn destroy it.

While Star trek may have better cloaking technology, I doubt they could match an ISD, the largest enterprise is almost 700m long, hardly half the size of an ISD. The enterprise may carry lots of stupid shuttles that woulb no match for the TIE taht would despite their lakc of shielding cripple the enterprise.

WIth transporter technology the Enterprise could transport sensistive equipment out othat could certainly cripple an ISD a bit, but not even Star WArs shielding is that bad. Thoguh I doubt that transporters could beam through the Energy/Ray shielding of an ISD.

Hyperdrive on an ISD is certianly faster than Warp drive, the falcon could go from TAtooine (Rim) to Alderaan (COre(Near COruscant?)) in eight (?) hours, and it was twice as fast as an ISD, so it would be 16h for the ISD. It woudl take almost a century for an federation ship to cross teh galaxy like taht.

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I've just got one thing for all of you to think about...


Sith vs. those idiot Starfleet Security dipwads who die in every episode


Need I say more? The guys in red couldn't survive a strong gust of wind, much less Imperial Stormtroopers marching on UFP headquarters.


BTW, I never saw any starfighters in Star Trek...everything in Star Trek was designed for capital ship vs capital ship...one squad of TIE Defenders could decimate all of Starfleet in a single strike! :twisted:

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Hmmm, promotion by sp... ahh intelligent conversation, Ok.


'He's red Jim'. :lol:


Untimely, there were sort of fighters in TNG and DS9, but nothing to match a Tie or an X-Wing.


And no alien, or red-shirt/gold-shirt security guy could stand a lightsaber, or a clamped throat :roll:


And there's always the Deathstars and the other superweapons, so although you cannot really compare them ST wouldn't stand a chance, but I still like watching it on occasion.


Igor, what's Bridge Commander like ? I didn't think it already came out, cause I haven't seen the boxes around in the stores.




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Captain Kirk vs Exar Kun?

Exar Kun could implode the entire ship, he can do it to a sun.

ST doesn't have lightsabers.

Nuf said.

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Classic St defense arguments to counter SW claims to superiority:


1) can beam thru ship and kill anyone by beaming people out to space etc...


2) Lasers cant penetrate ST shields


3) Cloak devices


4) various other nonsense I cant be bothered to type


Counters to ST claims:


1) SW ships have shields,


2) Turbolasers are very different than lasers, there is a recoil effect generated by turbolasers as observed in the movies, plus in TESB we see turbolasers destroying asteroids, power levels alone required to do so is astronomical. the ICS which is some kind of a compendium about SW technology states that heavy turbolasers have power levels in the teraton range, mediums are lower around 100-500 megatons etc...By comparison ST weapons are not as powerful


3) Crystal grav trap, plus realistically speaking cloaking fields cannot dissipate the effect on gravity that is caused by a ship or the huge amount of heat being expelled from the ship, space itself is affected by the heat and with proper sensors can detect a 'wake' much like those caused by boats in the water.


4) I have heard an argument about how hyperdrive is not faster than warp...apparently some trekkies think that the SW is smaller which enables the SW ships to cross it faster etc...thats a load of crap. Your average galaxy contains 200-400 billion stars.

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Guest JediIgor

OK.. how's about everyone who plays Empire in RP takes Star Trek side, and everyone who plays Rebels in RP takes Star Wars side.. hmm? :)


Anyways, while Star Wars could be proved better, I for one will continue to take Star Trek's side (or this discussion will die off... means no posts for others.. means no promotions for you guys! :() :)





Borg can use their transwarp (this is probably just a little bit slower than your average military hyperdrive), and then they can after a few hundred of their cubes die, they will become impervious to the turbolasers OR they will run up to the ship and use their blue laser thingy and beam everyone aboard the cube and assimilate them OR beam borg guys onto the ISD and assimilate them there. There! :D

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first of all i'd like to say that I am both a Trekkie and die hard star wars fan (yes it is difficult sometimes) and sicne I love both of them and read the books, wach the movies, etc. I have an advangtage over you fools, i mean people.


first of all JediIgor, Transwarp in infinatly faster then hyperdrive, in fact, transwarp is warp 10, wich if you wach st voyager is the same as being everywhere in the whole UNIVERSE at the same instant, wich since voyager is newer it's facts take presidence over TNG wich they surpas wapr ten, but my theary is that all that really happend was that they changed there system of measurment (i'm talking about the last 2 episodes where John Luc travels back in forth threw time because of Q) and in the first episode with the travler, well I don't know what the heck was going on there, but like I said, Voyager is newer so it's facts should be given presidence over older series.


second of all, all those who like star trek more then star wars raise your hands... very good... now if you like st then you should respect logic, and if you read this WHOLE POST you would have seen my comment earlier about the weapons in st, wich is they ARE plasma based, wich if you recall in TNG the enterprise crew was pretty much defensless against.

another point in logic, a standered imperial star destroyer has i think 80 cuncusian missle tubes, wich with at a max of shooting 20 would completley destroy the enterprise (soverign) or even the promethius.


just remember trekies, respect logic like i do and you will always be rigth... like i am right now, wich mean i am right and you are wrong... unless you agree with me then you are correct as well...

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First of all the Borg adaptive capabilities are heavily exaggerated. There comes a point where one cannot just simply adapt to the sheer amount of raw energy being directed at it. A heavy turbolaser blast is in the teraton range...ST shields do not go that high let alone the Borg shields. And even if they did they would have to have a power source capable of matching the energy. Secondly, turbolasers are not frequency dependent like the ST weapons are...
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  • SWR Staff - Executive

If you're saying that transwarp is warp 10 - then its still slower than hyperspace travel.


Star Wars ships could cross the galaxy in a month. The fastest just weeks.


Voyager they spend years just getting through a portion of one quadrant.


Warp drives are slower than hyperspace drives. Read more on StarDestroyer.net


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Now I remeber why I hate to be drawn into the whole ST:SW discussion. It's a whole bloody discussion based on nothing but assumptions , there isn't a single fact in sight. I havn't a clue about what the average ST shield can absorb in terms of energy released upon a square foot, nor do I have an idea about what kind of power a standard turbo laser generates.

The only thing I can safely state, are numerical and social differences, in which case neither party gains an advantage ( big empire means lots of internal social problems.)


A ST or SW fan Is always going to be able to support his/her arument, because the other party is simply not able to disprove it. It's not like I have A stardestroyer lying in my back-yard, to test it with.


P.S All correct spelling and/or arugments with any merit are purely coincidental and should be ignored, because I'm blissfully drunk at the moment.



A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.

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