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What are people's 5 ESSENTIAL wants for Reb2?


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Just curious... I've had lots of thoughts what they COULD do. My favorite is to have it port out to other SW games (XvTie, Jedi Academy, etc) so you can do missions, etc. in an action environment.


Of course, that's a programming nightmare.


I've also wished that you could play any character, not just the All Seeing Gods-eye ruler, and that characters (like Moffs and Admirals) were "active" in that they steal, have private fleets, try to topple the leader every once in awhile.


Also a programming nightmare.


So if you had to pick 5 REALISTIC changes, what would they be?


My main desires for Reb2:

1) Basically if there is ANYWAY to fix the AI, please! :D I now create two different TCs when I play... and tilt the balance against myself. I'd play online, but I have a poor conneciton and chaotic schedule.

2) If there were actually more empires/"active" independent planets (like MOO) that'd be an incredible boost to the game's realism. :D It makes no sense that these worlds are dead, with no troops, no fleets, etc.

3) Also, Shouldn't the Empire control... I dunno, at least half of the core at the beginning? :? An editor that allowed us to customize the ebginning world ownership and attributes would be ideal and may actually be easier for you!

4) Ability to seize ships + ship-to-ship combat.

5) And of course, more character cards, ships, fighters, etc. :wink:




(PS - If I had to add one more: Change espionage to be an ongoing mission. I personally get rid of the "espionage" special forces, because there's no way to have them continue without a clickfest. If you could make their mission more like the diplomat or research (perpetually ongoing) that'd help with the interface. Or just remove the special forces altogether (I use expensive Bounty Hunters with Norghi Abilities for the Rebellion and expensive Reborn characters with ~100 combat ability for the Empire)). But now I'm cheating against my own rules :wink:

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Something that would be good would be to have certain planets that when your in posssion of you can build training facilities that can build up the combat capabilties of ships/fighter/personnel etc. ala Star Trek: Birth of the Federation where you can build after certain amount of time and increase in technolgy you can build specialised traing facilties sucg as the star fleet academy when your in possesion of the sol system.
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Not so much as you guys think!


In order to achieve all the basic possibilities for a perfect Second Rebellion, all we need is the game's basic program code. Obviously, Lucasarts are the bunch of *%&£$%"£^&")" I care not to name, for they have no never expressed interest in any development of the game. Their steadfast refusal, as policy, in rejecting us any program information in the game gives me course for anger. It is software they have abandoned for over six years now, and material they have obviously have had no plans for ever expanding upon. This at least is enough for the brave few to keep fighting for! We can loose nothing other than our respect for the licence-holder of a franchise we all love.





For our opponents are a bunch of *****. :evil:

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Well Jahled, they do have to be concerned that we might change the code and release a substandard product with the Star Wars name attached to it.


And George Lucas would never, ever, EVER do that.






Unless of course, he could make a penny off of it :P


Ya gotta wonder some days if he got his inspiration for the Trade Federation by looking in a mirror :lol:

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Indeed. I wonder where he got the inspiration for the Gungans from...


Five changes, huh?


You've already adderesed several of them.


A more intelligent AI


More options within tactical mode: Capture ships, Ram, etc.


More SW feeling to the game, by this I mean that it really should be the SW galaxy. With lots of other factions (Hapans, Corporate Sector, Chiss, etc.) More worlds and sectors (Fashioned after the SW Galaxy). Hyperroutes.


An integrated editor, for customize the beginning.


More characters. (50 per side) More ships, more fighters.


I agree with espionage as an ongoing mission, plus you should able to question captured enemy characters.


Ships gain experience.


Fighter Squadrons can remain on the ground if the world where they are stationed counts with a shield generator. Additionally they can be part of planetary assaults.


Player controls the planetary batteries.


Fighters squadron shoot the torpedoes before the shields of the enemy vessel collapses.


A new branch of research and development. Biologic warfare. Development of nasty virus to eliminate entire populations. But you lose favor.


Trade between planets. (Civ-style)


Specific planets have unique attributes that affect gameplay. (Thyferra-Repair of units is faster; Coruscant - Diplomacy and LEadership boost; Kuat - faster shipyards, etc)


Well... That's all I can think of right now... It's more than five, I know, but I couldn't make my mind to choose five among those.

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Independent Fighters...fighters with hyperdrive can jump into and enemy/neutral system without having to be taken there by capital ships.


Variable start points/scenarios...start from several different "historical" points in the story line...ie NJO, attack on Hoth, thrawn era, etc.


More accurate planets...ie, Mon Cal, fondor, kuat start with large shipyards, balmorra, and carida have troop training facilities, etc.


Tactical interface for land battles...plus, combine bombardment and assault faces to reflect a type of combined arms...along with alowing fighter support for ground battles.


Auto-explore option for probe droids, longprobes...when they finish exploring 1 unknown planet, it gives an option to move on to the next closest one.

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What weirds me out is that with a few tweaks, a Rebellion 2 could be made with one important difference that Lucas would LOVE. Just adopt the basic appeal of RebEd... give the ability to switch in-and-out cards to the consumer.


Then Lucas could sell (or offer for download for a small fee) several expansion packs of new ships, characters, ect.


There's thousands of possible cards, especially given different time periods. He could make a mint just like Pokemon, Majic, etc.


The only thing I can figure is maybe Star Wars playing cards didn't do well or something (anyone know? I see them all over and he gave away free ones in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds to fuel interest).

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Guy's I know how to get Lucas minions attention :twisted: ..I will email them and say that a new game has been developed in my country and we don't take in account the international law about copyrights here...but here it is a pic sample in case they want to see some staff....and send them the background from the Remnant and let them suffer a little... :twisted::twisted::twisted: ...ho has a good address from them ?.....and hey you can participate to the plan also....btw Chimera I guess the new background will do the trick no ?!..we will play stupid...and after we get their attention we tell them what actually we want ?!



any suggestions ?

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Well... Like an Ewok with a big stick, we may get their attention. :D


We may not get the same results, though... 8O


We do have to appreciate the fact Lucas let's this site exist... :roll: I've heard of some corporations totally shutting down fan websites that do nothing but rave about how wonderful a TV show is, all because they have pictures of the show on the website.


Seems like usiing a cannon to shoot yourself in the foot, but what do I know. :P

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I want to see better space combate, the big ships opening up with all there weapons. not just watching one laser fly out everynow and then. Make it a real show, make it feel like a Star wars space battle. Also have it that fighters and pound torps into cap ships even with shields up, and with A-wings and such have them be able to fire concusion missiles at fighters as well as cap ships.
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1) Capturing oppenent's ships.


2) Hybridized technology.


3) A tactics interface like the one I designed a year+ ago.


4) Independent fighters, sure.


5) Space stations and planetary defenses involved in the tactical battles.




6) More sweeping random events, like an outside race invading the galaxy, or some neutral planets banding together for one reason or another to start their own war against both sides, etc.. These events would be very rare; limited to maybe 1 every thousand days or so.

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The game actually has a solid foundation, but (just like everyone else) would like to see a few enhancements:


* The ability to load various scenarios. For example it should be possible to load up and play in different timelines. Only one timeline needs to come with the game, but this would leave open the option for easily loading player mod sets. Some of these may just alter the card sets in the game, while other more comprehensive ones could alter the AI package or the starting planets and unit placements.


Building the Empire:



* Allow all planets to hold 10 facilities in addition to a number of resource gathering facilities. Resource gathering facilities would be take up the random slot locations currently found on planets. This gives planets with only one resource point the ability to still be useful locations for building research and production facilities.


* Introduce new building types for space stations. For play balance these should take up some of the 10 facilities slots so that a planet cannot be completely impregnable. The idea is that planetary defenses can be purchased slightly cheaper but you cannot ammass them into a big armada like you can with space fleets.


* Introduce new building types for research facilities. The only way to research new technology would be with these new building structures and with characters.


* Lift the hard-coded restriction on the number of researchable ships. With a utility like RebEd you could add or remove items from the list instead of having to simply replace items that are already in the list.


* The ability to add refit upgrades onto existing units. These refits would have to appear in the technology tree and would be performed at the appropriate facility type. These would have to fit in with existing Star Wars lore and may take some time for the upgrades to be installed. In some cases, such as upgrading blasters on troops I think the troups should keep their existing combat abilities until the upgrades are complete. Ships might be incapacitated while upgrades are being performed.


Expanding the Empire:



* Auto-explore option for probe droids, longprobes...when they finish exploring 1 unknown planet, it gives an option to move on to the next closest one. I saw this idea from Shadow_of_Thrawn and I think it's a most excellent idea alleviate a lot of the tediousness from the current game.


* Independant planets should be able to slowly build up their own planet and fleet, although this should be at a much slowed advance rate so as not to completely deture someone from wanting to still take over the planet. Also these worlds should not try to aggress at all, or perhaps only limited aggression towards only one neighboring world.


* Fixed hyperspace routes. Currently the game lacks reasons to defend key areas other than worlds with installations. This introduces a geographic feature worth fighting over.


* Introduce the ability to change a fleet's destination while it's already enroute to a destination.


* Fighters with hyperspace capability should be able to attack enemy worlds within a specified range. I think any in a certain cluster would be fine.


Tactical Combat:



* Ability to have super weapons on capitol ships.


* Ability to have torpedo launchers on capitol ships.


* Fighers help protect capitol ships from torpedos.


* More control in the tactical game by allowing players to assign specific targets for each ship or group of ships. Basically each ship could simultaneously hold a single target order, a formation order, and a maneuver order.


* Adding more maneuver orders in the tactical game, such as ram or capture.


* Adding the ability to relaunch fighters in the tactical game.


* Adding a launch speed rating to various ships. Some ships should be able to launch fighters faster than other ships.


* Adding tactical combat for ground units. (I saw Shadow_of_Thrawn had this idea. I feel this could add a lot of fun if done right)


Things I don't want to see:



* Planetary trade. I feel this makes the game too cumbersome. I like to build stuff and blow stuff up as quickly as possible. Setting up trade routes slows down the gameplay.


* Enhanced diplomacy. It's fine the way it is.

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1) More characters, more Starships and fighters, a lot more Planets

2) Characters can be put into specialized positions and add bonuses to that position (Like Ackbar lowering maintenance cost for MC cruisers, Booster Terrik or Talon Karrde raising resources (credits) gained by smuggling, etc.), characters not only 'betraying' one side but actually defecting, then to be controlled by the other player

3) Credits as a seperate resource, and new means to gain them, like trade or bargains with crime lords.

4) Neutral parties like bounty hunters that may be hired by anyone, crime lords that make money with illegal operations on your planets (lowering morale there) and pirates who just appear, raid a planet (unless you stop them) and steal some credits.

5) Prettier space battles, obviously, with LOTS of lasers flying around, individual fighters (but still only selectable as whole squads, to make it more overlookable), burning wrecks where SDs used to be :lol:


Also: Experience for troops, ships and squadrons, "Hero" ships and squads only buildable once (Home One, Executor, Rogue Squad, 181st Interceptor squad), stealing ships, stealing credits, main characters can die


Unrealistic changes: A totally different gameplay for either side. Play the Empire and use your fleets to destroy any rebel base you find (but with more planets that should be hard to do...) and rule your citizens by fear, or play the Rebellion which has no fixed HQ (but a mobile one that is NOT Cloud City but rather Home One?), just some small bases on Rim worlds. Sneak into and out of Imperial fortresses, steal secrets of the Empire, incite uprisings (more effectively) and when the time has come, start an insane assault on Imperial Center to fight the last battle.

You get the idea.


I don't think we will ever see this game, but we can dream, can't we?

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I could've poked around for the answer, but its getting late and I'm tired. :wink: Nobody has started development of Reb 2?


Edit: Fishface, I love your sig. For some reason that part of the movie has been sticking in my mind lately.

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Well, five essential changes to Rebellion... These would all require a brand new engine I think.


1) Completely new build/resource system. Heres the resources I think we should have:


Credits: The Basic Stable of Galactic commerce Money


Refined Materials: Anything imaginable from blasters to steel falls under this category


Officers: Built by Academies and in random numbers...


Recruits: Come directly from a planets population, numbers based off popular support. Perhaps the addition of Conscription missions.


Maintenence Points: Come from orbital and ground storage centers, Cargo Containers, Platforms, and Warehouses...


That was the resources this is the changes to build mode I'd like:


Each Shipyard/Troop facility builds individually, one shipyard builds one ship, so that several ships can be built at multiple shipyards over one world. The addition of hurry mode, and perhaps increase production efficiency missions for characters?


Change who builds Starfighters so that multiple facility types can build them, training facilities, platforms, etc...


Make it so that there is a much larger upper limit on facilities at a planet. Perhaps an increase 10x or more.


2) A new loyalty system. A system can be loyal to neutral parties or even have a feirce position of neutrality. Basically the addition of a blue bar on the loyalty display.


3) Tactical play: Starfighters being able to conduct strike missions. Battles including ground based weaponary and orbital facilities. Starfighter squadrons are shown as individual fighters not just as one fighter. Capital ships and starfighters carry more weapons and different types, concussion missiles, proton torpedoes, and other warheads. Ship loyalty and defection. Surrender and capture of vessels...


4) The addition of Hyperspace routes and the ability to construct deep space colonies along those routes.


5) More in depth events and different victory conditions. Palpatine and Darth can die but the side must be forced to surrender... or completely annihilated. Mara Jade event sequence. The Vong maybe...


Was that what you were looking for or a bit much.

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Ooops forgot about the Characters...


More of them and more specific abilities. More Character specific events. Character specific leadership traits: Changes how the Characters act in tactical mode. Give specific tactics and abilities to ships under their command along with specific strategies.


New/Changed Missions:

Conscription: Increase Recruits


Streamline Production: Build units faster


Espionage: set as a repeating mission. Also make it so it only reveals random parts of the system. There is no way one agent will get complete information on a system.


Lead Academy: Increase Officers


Streamline Refining: Increase Refined Materials


Negotiate Trade: Increase trade between side and third parties.


Diplomacy: is an ongoning mission that allows trade, propaganda, and alliances.


Propaganda: increases loyalty.


Ally: Bring a world into a side.


Coupe d'etat: Place dictate in power to support your side. Empire Only.


Thats enough....

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Also: Experience for troops, ships and squadrons, "Hero" ships and squads only buildable once (Home One, Executor, Rogue Squad, 181st Interceptor squad), stealing ships, stealing credits, main characters can die



As a point of interest you can actually assasinate the Rebels main characters. Certainly Leia and Solo. Can't remember Luke and Mon Mothma.

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hmmm, only five - I'll have to have a couple of 5s then! :D .


What I would like:

1) Capture ships!!! (It's sooo annoying to have disabled enemy Star Destoyers at the end of a battle and have to destroy them rather than capture them!)

2) More planets and things like planetoids and asteroid fields (and to be able to hide in them - more use for a probe)

3) More ships - in particular smaller support style vessels

4) The abiltiy to move between planets, like Imperium Galactica II (not just at planets themselves)

5) Ground warefare, as in able to build up bases and take control of ground units during an invasion, Force Commander/Galactic Battlegrounds style

5b) Inependant zones with their own military with the ability to become allies or enemies or take over them

5c) Hidden stuff like pirate bases, damaged ships, old cruisers

5d) Troop training/veterancy (make your pilots etc better shots) - more of an Imp thing though


Of course a lot of this you probably couldn't do in rebellion, though I would love to have a game where you can do these things :wink:

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