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Might just lose...


How many days will it take the AI to win?  

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  1. 1. How many days will it take the AI to win?

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So I might have taken the rebed edits a little far. I started a new game (standard victory conditions) as the Rebel Alliance, using a fresh install and Tex's galaxy config. Rebed modifications include ALL hyperdrive ratings reduced to 30% standard, all Imp cap ships cost 1 refined mineral to build and 1 maintenance point, all Imp fighters, troops and spec forces cost 1 to build and 0 to maintain, ship and troop design research counts reduced to 50% and all Imp R&D personnel research abilities set to 75 +/- 25. Here's what I've seen in the first ~30 days:



7 fleet regiments

14 army regiments

2 bulk cruisers

7 corvettes

1 med transport

7 x-wings

7 y-wings

various facilities

1 guerilla

1 infiltrator

3 longprobe

3 bothan spies


Mon Mothma, Han, Luke, Leia, Wedge, Chewie, Jan, Afyon, Narra, Roget Jiriss, Tura Raftican

Akbar recruited by Han day 10 while waiting on Yavin for fleet transport

Bren Derlin recruited by Leia day 11 while waiting for fleet transport

Han recruites Talon Karrde day 26


Coruscant Sector

Bilbringi, Borleias, Ruan, Averam ~80-85% support Alliance, Averam under Imperial military occupation

Velusia ~90% support Empire (assumed fleet presence)

Coruscant 100% support Empire

Other systems all 50% support


Deep Core

Fresia, Empress Teta, Galantos, Prakith, Ojomm ~75% support Alliance, Fresia under Imperial military occupation

Vulpter, Tarkin's Fang ~90% support Empire

Ebaq leaning towards Empire, still neutral

Khomm 50% support


Kuat Sector

Commenor ~75% support Alliance

Rendili ~65-70% support Empire

Arkania ~80-85% support Empire

Neimodia, Balmorra leaning towards Alliance

Kuat leaning towards Empire, Mon Mothma enroute

Carida, Camaas, Tepasi neutral

Alderaan unexplored


Corellian Sector

Talus ~90% support Alliance

Saccoria leaning towards Alliance

New Plympto, Drall, Duros Neutral

Nubia, Selonia, Corfai ~65-70% Imperial support

Corellia, Tralus ~90% Imperial support


Tapani Sector

Kiffex ~85% Support Alliance

Thyferra, Abregado ~75% Support Alliance, under Imperial military occupation

Ghorman leaning towards Alliance

Fondor, Bestine, Devaron, Yag'Dhul Neutral

Mrlsst ~80% support Empire

Bassadro ~90% support Empire


Doldur Sector

Zolan ~80% support Alliance, under Imperial military occupation

all others neutral/leaning towards Alliance


Corporate Sector

Bonadan, Abo Dreth, Rampa ~80% Alliance, Rampa under Imperial military occupation

Saffalore, Ession, Kalla leaning towards Alliance

Mytus neutral, under Imperial military occupation

Orron ~70% Imperial support

Etti IV ~80% Imperial Support

Trian ~90% Imperial support


Borderlands Sector

Chawza, Taanab 100% support Alliance

all others unexplored



All neutral or leaning towards Alliance


Rampa - Day 4


VSD (Despot) - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Dread 3 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 12

Carrack 20

Galleon 19 - 2 fleet reg

Carrack 43

ISD 12 - 2 TIE, 2 stormie reg

Dread 30 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Galleon 61 - 2 fleet reg

VSD 73 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 71

Carrack 75

ISD 39 - 2 TIE, 2 stormie reg

VSD 105 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 110 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 112 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 114 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 113

ISD 51 - 2 TIE, 2 stormie reg

Carrack 121

Carrack 128

Dread 82 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 139

VSD 187 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 161

Dread 104 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 191 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 195 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

17 TIE fighters on system


Averam - Day 5

Dread (Supreme) - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 14 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 15 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 22 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 30

Dread 18 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Galleon 35 - 2 fleet reg

Carrack 44

Dread 28 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 49 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Dread 38 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 74 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Dread 52 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

ISD 25 - 2 TIE, 2 stormies

Carrack 82

Galleon 105

ISD 37 - 2 TIE, 2 stormies

VSD 108 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

ISD 43 - 2 TIE, 2 stormie

Carrack 108

Dread 69 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 118

VSD 136 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 124

Dread 77 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 139 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 140 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Galleon 147 - 2 fleet reg

Galleon 148 - 2 fleet reg

VSD 143 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 147 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Dread 92 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

Carrack 145

Carrack 149

VSD 170 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 171 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 175 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

VSD 188 - 1 TIE, 1 fleet reg

17 system based TIE Fighters


Coruscant - Day 6

ISD Judicator

VSD Master

Carrack Goblin

VSD Paramount

Carrack 16

Carrack 17

Galleon 22

Galleon 32

VSD 40

VSD 41

Carrack 48

Galleon 54

VSD 53

VSD 58

Dread 45

Dread 50

ISD 28

VSD 88

Carrack 86

Carrack 94

Galleon 115

ISD 56

ISD 57

ISD 60

Galleon 143

Carrack 138

VSD 154

Galleon 169

Galleon 175

ISD 78


Thyferra - Day 9

Carrack Dragon

Carrack Prometheus

Carrack 34

Galleon 30

VSD 32

Dread 24

VSD 43

VSD 50

Galleon 58

VSD 55

Carrack 63

Dread 39

VSD 82

Galleon 84

VSD 99

VSD 100

Galleon 109

Carrack 101

VSD 42

Carrack 105

Galleon 127

VSD 128

VSD 142

Carrack 140

Carrack 141

Galleon 163

Carrack 150

VSD 198


Tarkin's Fang - Day 23

Fleet 18 - 27 Cap, 35 squadrons, 49 troops

Fleet 23 - 24 cap, 24 squadrons, 44 troops

Fleet 24 - 27 cap, 57 squadrons, 55 troops

Fleet 29 - 3 cap, 3 fighter, 4 troops


Galantos - Day 25, assaulted day 27

3 VSDs

1 Dread

1 Carrack


1 Y-Wing


Edit in yellow.

Edited by Mitth_raw_nuruodo
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Sorry for the double post, but I felt this worthy.


Galantos and Empress Teta (each with one GenCore 1) has been assaulted. At this point (day 67) I can't reclaim it as I'm not comfortable risking my personnel at this early stage. In return I have managed to mass a fleet and have succeeded in freeing Fresia from the yoke of Imperial oppression. Khomm and Ebaq have joined the Alliance's cause, and Vulpter, Tarkin's Fang and Galantos all languish under the Emperor's iron fist.



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So to clarify on the research: they get TIE Bombers at start, and everything else gets cut in half more or less? So, whatever was 2 is now 1, 3 is 1 (2?), 4 is 2, etc.


Apparently the Empire sucks at defending its worlds, if you could kick them off by day 67 with their Cheat Fleet at hand. Or maybe they just overextended themselves and/or got scared of your fighters.


Well, I'll look forward to updates. Hey, if you win maybe you can try it on Expert and see if you too can get 108 (or more) ISDs on the Empire's spawn, and see if you survive. :wink:

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Note on Research values: Bomber is a 0 (haven't seen any yet), Interceptor, Lancer Frigate are 1; Assault Transport, Star Galleon are 2; Interdictor Cruiser, VSD2 are 3; Defender, Strike Cruiser are 4; ISD2, SSD are 5. For Troops, War Droid needs 1, Dark Troopers need 2.



Day 113 - Fresia assaulted

117 - Galantos liberated, General Sarin Virgilio (Admiral Neva decoy) sabatoged gencore


Day 173

Coruscant Sector - no real changes - 3 Reb sys, 3 Imp sys, 4 neutral


Deep Core Sector

Galantos, Byss, Prakith, Khomm, Ojomm, Ebaq, Fresia, Empress Teta 100% Alliance support; Fresia, Empress Teta under Imperial military occupation

Vulpter ~80% Alliance support, UIMO

Tarkin's Fang ~75% Alliance support, UIMO

Fleet 3 over Galantos: 2 Bulk Cruisers, 6 Corvettes; commanded by Admiral Neva, General Virgilio, Commander Derlin; 3 corvettes undamaged, all others reduced shield recharge rates. Gencores now complete, will be moving on. (Day 185 Fresia LIBERATED (again)!


Kuat Sector

Kuat 100% Alliance Support, 2 gencore 1, 6 CY, 5 CY under construction, 1 CY sabatoged, will be rebuilt

Tepasi ~65% Alliance support, Mon Mothma conducting Diplomacy

Commenor ~75 Alliance support, 1 SY currently working on X-Wings (sabotaged on 194)

Arkania, Rendili no known support change

Neimodia, Balmorra, Carida, Camaas still neutral

Alderaan explored, uncolonized (3 system energy/raw materials)


Corellian Sector

Talus ~90% Alliance Support, much sabotage taken place

Tralus, Nubia, Selonia, Corfai, Corellia support Empire

Saccoria, New Plympto, Drall, Duros neutral

Really not doing anything in this sector


Tapani Sector

Kiffex ~80%, 5 (+2 under construction) army regiments, 7 (+5 under construction) X-Wings, 1 gencore 1, 1 SY, 1 TF

Thyferra, Mrlsst, Bassadro support Empire; Abregado UIMC

Yag'Dhul, Devaron, Bestine, Fondor and Ghorman neutral


Doldur Sector - no known changes, haven't done anything in this sector


Corporate Sector

Much sabotage occurring at Abo Dreth, Bonadan

No new information on Rampa, Mytus

Trian, Etti IV, Orron support Empire

Ession, Saffalore, Kalla neutral

not active in this sector


Quelli Sector

Yavin (abandoned), Vjun (building CYs), Toprawa Support Alliance

Mandalore, Wayland available for diplomacy

all others explored


Borderlands Sector

Chawza, Taanab no change

Myrkr, Hapes explored, Myrkr open to diplomacy

rest unexplored


Mid Rim Sector

HQ on Nirauan, 2 CY, 2 GC1, total of 5 system energy. Wasn't really happy with that start.

Fornax unexplored

Anobis, Ithor, Ord Mantell, Adumar open to diplomacy

Iridonia, Vortex, Yinchorr, Ylix explored


Unknown Sector

This is currently my focus (along with Deep Core).

New Caprica, Vulcan, Altair IV, Magrathea, Othala, Thermia, Druidia all support Alliance

Diplomacy taking place on Magrathea, Epsilon III, Thermia, Earth Mk II, Druidia, Othala

Han, Luke finishing recruitment on Vulcan

Have chased away 1 Carrack, thwarted 1 known assassination attempt. While writing, 1 ISD entered Vulcan System, Luke (with Han as decoy) successfully sabotaged.


Some exploration done in Tion Hegemony and Moddell Sectors, all others entirely ignored by me.


Day 196 at end of writing.

Ackbar, Adar Tallon, Afyon, Borsk Fey'lya, Bren Derlin, Carlist Rieekan, Chewbacca, Drayson, Garm Bel Iblis, Han Solo, Huoba Neva, Jan Dodonna, Lando Calrissian, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Mazer Rackus, Mon Mothma, Narra, Orrimaarko, Page, Roget Jiriss, Sarin Virgilio, Syub Snunb, Talon Karrde, Tura Raftican, Vanden Willard, Wedge Antilles all recruited.

Neb-B researched.


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Day 220 - 2 VSDs, 1 Carrack Harrassing Unknown Sector systems


Day 222 - Sullustian Regiment, ATF Research Completed


Day 230 - Mon Cal Cruiser research complete, New Caprica bombarded, all but 1 mine, 1 refinery destroyed


Day 241 - Fleet 3 Fully repaired, Fresia has 2 GenCores built, moving on to Empress Teta


Day 247 - Neb B deployed


Day 253 - Recruitement done


Day 277 - ACY Research Complete


Day 367 - LNR II Research Complete


Day 467 - ASY Research Complete


Day 488 - Orbital Bombardment of Kuat by 86 Cap ship fleet

2 GenCore 1s destroyed, all troops destroyed; 12 ACY remain tempting the assault

No follow-up assault. GenCores rebuilt


Day 524 - Zolan freed from the yoke of Imperial Oppression! All of Doldur Sector joins Alliance Cause!


Day 532 - Imperial forces initiate retaliatory strike against citizens of Zolan

1 SY, 1 TF, 2 CYs, 5 mines, 2 refineries demolished as a result of orbital bombardment. Also destroyed were 2 GenCore sites and a training Mon Calamari Regiment by Imperial Fleet 169.


Day 534 - Further attacks on the people of the Alliance! Three Alliance Army Regiments were blasted from space by Imperial Fleet 46 while guarding the peaceful mining system of Fondor.


Day 536 - Mining system of Chandrila Assaulted


Day 546 - Facility Research Exhausted


Day 548 - Peaceful system of Druidia beaten into submission! Imperial Fleet 144 has bombarded the adult education facilities located on Druidia, leaving millions of instructional and support staff unemployed. Two planetary shield generators and twelve advanced training facilities are now no more than rubble. Instructors Crix Madine and Carlist Rieekan were evacuated to an undisclosed location when the fleet was detected in orbit around the system. They were able to make it through the attack unscathed.


Day 576 - Vulcan senselessly razed! The planet Vulcan fell victim to the Imperial Navy's 144th Fleet today when Admiral Daala ordered her Star Destroyers and support craft to obliterate another Alliance system's economy. The sector's source of pleasure yachts and personal space craft have fallen victim to Daala's scorched earth policy. Master Craftsbeings Gial Ackbar, Wedge Antilles and Adar Tallon were working to design a new frigate for use by planetary police forces to combat space pirates. All three have survived today's attack with out injury. Facilities lost in today's attack include nine advanced shipyards and two planetary shield generators. Three additional advanced shipyards were lost when the 144th fleet began their blockade. Two Mon Calamari pleasure cruisers under construction were also destroyed. Sources are unsure at this time if Vulcan Cruise Lines will receive any compensation from their insurance company after the attack, but early indicators do not look favorable.


Day 577

Coruscant Sector

Bilbringi, Averam, Borleias, Chandrila, Corulag, Metellos, Ruan support Alliance; Chandrila, Bilbringi, Averam, Borleias, Corulag, Ruan UIMO.

Anaxes neutral

Coruscant, Velusia support Empire


Deep Core Sector

All but Tarkin's Fang support Alliance, Empress Teta UIMO


Corellian Sector

Saccoria, Talus, New Plympto support Alliance

Drall, Duros neutral, Diplomatic missions being performed

Corellia, Corfai, Selonia, Tralus, Nubia support Empire


Tapani Sector

Ghorman, Fondor, Kiffex, Bestine, Yag'Dhul, Devaron, Abregado support Alliance; Abregado UIMO

Thyferra, Mrlsst, Bassadro support Empire


Kuat Sector

Tepasi, Camaas, Carida, Balmorra, Kuat, Neimodia, Commenor support Alliance

Arkania, Rendili support Empire (Rendili might prefer being neutral)


Corporate Sector

Rampa, Bonadan, Abo Dreth support Alliance; Rampa UIMO

Ession, Saffalore, Kalla neutral

Mytus, Etti IV, Trian, Orron support Empire


Doldur Sector

All systems support Alliance


Unknown Sector

All systems support Alliance


Mid Rim Sector

Niruan (HQ), Ithor, Anobis support Alliance

Ord Mantell, Adumar neutral

Others unsettled


Quelli Sector

Toprawa, Yavin, Vjun support Alliance

Wayland, Mandalore neutral

others unsettled


Moddell Sector

Bakura neutral

Annaj, Riflor unexplored

rest unsettled


Tion Hegemony

Munto Cudro, Chandaar, Ossus neutral

Mon Calamari, Eredenn unexplored

others unsettled


All other sectors unexplored


Luke has achieved Jedi Knight status; no additional Jedi candidates discovered yet. Vader, Palpatine yet to be found.



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Now that I think about it, it seems to fit that Mitth would be the person to try something crazy like this: 1 material, 1 maintenance point per enemy capital ship 8O . And for an actual game :lol: If the AI wasn't so dumb, you shouldn't have lasted a couple hundred days tops. But, it's the Rebellion AI; you should be able to beat it no matter what. It only takes more time when you bury your opponent with huge amounts of resources.


It seems to me that you should lose almost all fleet battles just based on the number of opposing ships (unless the AI flubs this as well). If the AI would rather have 1000's of fleets of 10 ships, instead of 10's of fleets with 100's of ships, you could actually win the majority of battles with a minimal number of fleets with a large quantity of ships. Also, probably the only way to win is going to be through attrition. Just keep sabotaging every enemy mine or refinery (both not both to save time), and eventually the enemy will run out of resources and materials for his war machine.


Keep the game play coming, I'm definitely interested in how this unfolds :D

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With everything only costing 1, I don't think taking out mines will be an effective strategy. Factories/shipyards are probably a better option. Or personnel; if Mitth can get ahead on operatives, it would give him a numerical edge in one area of the war.


Even if the AI has 1000's of small fleets, Mitth won't win every battle. The AI will just retreat repeatedly. Technically, that is a win, but nothing is accomplished. When he goes on the offensive, those fleets will roll up into fewer, larger, fleets. Unless he has interdictors, anyway.

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Now that I think about it, it seems to fit that Mitth would be the person to try something crazy like this: 1 material, 1 maintenance point per enemy capital ship 8O .

What I can't decide, Tex, is if you're referencing my connection to Thrawn, or if you're saying I, personally, am just that crazy. Please clarify.


Aaaaaand, UPDATE!


Day 595 - Neimodia bombarded. Losses suffered from Fleet 35: half a dozen troop regiments of various types and 2 gencore 1s


Day 621 - Troop Research Complete


Day 622 - Death Star 1 arrives at Empress Teta


Day 656 - Death Star 2 Arrives at Duros


Day 658 - Alliance to Restore the Republic defends Duros form Imperial Superweapon! The Alliance Third Fleet has successfully broken the Imperial blockade of the peaceful planet of Duros today. The brave pilots of Yellow Group were able to eliminate the planet destroying capabilities of the Empire's Death Star 2. All Alliance worlds mourn the loss of the 5,402 lives of the crew of Ardent, a former luxury liner pressed into service after the attacks in the Deep Core Sector almost a year-and-a-half ago. Popular support for the Alliance has increased across the Corellian Sector as a result of Duros's defense.


Day 664 - Assault of Drall! The Imperial Navy has executed a retaliatory strike against the planet Drall. One can only assume this to be the Empire's response the the neutralization of their weapon of mass destruction last week.


Day 680 - New Plympto liberated; Saccoria, Talus, Corfai, Corellia, Selonia, Tralus, Nubia, Drall UIMO


Day 684 - Tralus Liberated


Day 686 - Saccoria Liberated


Day 688 - Corfai liberated


Day 690 - Nubia liberated


Day 691 - New Plympto Assaulted, Drall Liberated.


I can't keep up with the 43 fleets the Empire has in the Corellian Sector right now. Granted, a lot of them are 1-3 ships and many of those are nothing more than a Galleon or Carrack. It looks like the AI is shaking up their fleet make-up in the sector. I've got half a dozen fleets under construction throughout the galaxy, but only one I trust to be within sight of this much of the Imperial Navy. As such, my plan right now is to fly back and forth, bombarding trooper regiments before the Imps can get GenCores built. I'm not sure yet which of us will abandon the status quo first. Eventually they have to run out of currently manufactured troops, so maybe I'll succeed sooner rather than later.


Day 696 - Admiral Daala still seems to be mucking about with her 86 cap ship Fleet 144 in the Unknown Region. Bob is now under Imperail blockade.


Day 697 - Corfai Assaulted, Talus liberated. Yag'Dhul (Tapani) under blockade.


Day 699 - Othala (Unknown) under blockade.


Day 701 - Battle at New Plympto

Imperial Navy: 5 Dreads, 6 VSDs, 6 Carracks, 16 TIE Fighters, 1 TIE Bomber, 1 Stoormtrooper Regiment

Alliance Navy: 1 Corvette, 8 Neb-Bs, 1 Mon Cal, 4 Gunships, 5 Escort Carriers, 35 X-Wings, 3 A-Wings, Admiral Solo, General Andrimetrum, Commander Jiriss; Luke (around to sabotage if time allows); Captured: Noval Garaint, Labansat

System: no GenCores, 3 Imperial Fleet Regiments, 3 Stormtrooper Regiments


18 X-Wings sent after cap ships; 17 X-Wings, 3 A-Wings sent after fighters

All task forces sent against one cap ship after another, retasked when guns were knocked out


Alliance Navy: 1 Neb-B, 2 Gunships, 9 X-Wings, 1 A-Wing; 3 Neb-Bs, 1 Carrier Damaged, don't remember what was damaged previously

Imperial Navy: 1 Carrack, 5 VSDs, all fighters, bomber; 1 Dread damaged


Day 702 - New Plympto liberated; Corfai, Selonia, Corellia UIMO

Selonia only system in sector with GenCores; Duros, Saccoria being built


Day 702 - Galantos (Deep Core) under blockade.


Day 718 - Saccoria (Corellia) Assaulted, 1 Gencore 2 built before assault


Day 734 - Saccoria (Corellia) liberated through sabotage of garrisons; production of second GenCore 2 resumed.


Day 750

Coruscant Sector

Metellos, Anaxes, Averam, Bilbringi, Chandrilla, Borleias, Corulag, Ruan support Alliance, All but Metellos, Anaxes UIMO

Velusia, Coruscant support Empire


Deep Core Sector

Tarkin's Fang neutral, UIMO

All others support Alliance


Kuat Sector

Tepasi, Camaas, Carida, Balmorra, Commenor, Neimodia, Kuat Support Alliance

Rendili, Arkania Support Empire

Alderaan uncolonized


Corellian Sector

Things have quieted down here. Still in need of gencores everywhere except Saccoria. Selonia, Corfai, Corellia still occupied with fleets overhead.


Tapani Sector

Kiffex, Ghorman, Fondor, Bestine, Yag'Dhul, Devaron, Abregado Support Alliance; Abregado UIMO

Thyferra, Mrlsst, Bassadro support Empire


Doldur, Unknown Sectors support Alliance; No Imp occupations


Borderlands Sector

Chawza, Taanab support Alliance, providing only resources, no gencores, some troops

Vena, Myrkr neutral

Ambria, Kashyyyk have green names, no further intelligence received, have been preoccupied elsewhere and haven't followed up.

Obroa-skai, Contruum, Togoria, Hapes uncolonized


Corporate Sector

Bonadan, Abo Dreth, Kalla, Rampa support Alliance; Rampa UIMO

Saffalore, Ession neutral

Trian, Etti IV, Mytus, Orron support Empire


Quelli Sector

No change from previous posts, except Mon Monthma enroute to Mandalore to begin Diplomacy mission


Mid Rim Sector

Only change here is that diplomacy is done on Ithor, Anobis, and has begun on Ord Mantell, Adumar


Raioballo Sector

Dantooine supports Alliance

Gravlex Med, Yaga Minor neutral

Others uncolonized


Moddell Sector

Bakura supports Alliance

Diplomacy taking place on Annaj

All others uncolonized


Tion Hegemony Sector

Ossus, Chandaar, Munto Cudro neutral

Mon Calamari, Eredenn unexplored

Others uncolonized


All unlisted Sectors/Systems uncolonized or unexplored


I have just begun production of a colonization fleet (6 bulk transports and 60 Mon Cal regiments) and will be colonizing the outer rim with the intent of maybe being able to get away from this war of attrition that is frustrating me to no end. [rant]This is not the way Rebellion is supposed to work.[/rant]


As a side note, while writing updates I save before I start and don't pay attention to anything that occurs while I write. When the update is done and posted I usually quit outright. Tonight I was interrupted by Daala's fleet showing up at Vulcan (Unknown) where I have my shipyards. The Empire has Interdictor Cruisers now. I wanted to :cry:. I'll link the screen grab. (That's 106 Cap ships sitting across from my 2 Dreads. I would say at least half of those 106 are either ISDs or VSDs. The one on the bottom row, all the way to the left, that's Interdictor Cruiser 4.) My fleets are soooooo dead. If anyone wants my RebEd .reb files let me know and I'll email them to you. I'm all for sharing the fun.

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Double post, but...


Day 755 - Assault Frigate Research Complete (7 of 11)


Day 760 - Assualt on Tralus (Corellian)


Day 781 - Assault on Drall (Corellian)


Day 786 - Orbital Bombardment of Chawza (Borderlands) - 1 refinery, 3 trooper regiments destroyed


Day 791 - Tralus liberated


Day 851 - Borleias (Coruscant) liberated


Day 864 - Liberator Cruiser Research Complete (8 of 11)


Day 914 - Orbital Bombardment of Fondor (Tapani) - several Mon Cal regiments destroyed


Day 915 - Rampa (Corporate) Liberated, Thrawn evaded capture leaving the system


Day 920 - Assault on Tralus (Corellian)


Day 921 - Borleias (Coruscant) liberated via Master Skywalker's sabotage missions


Day 921 - Fresia (Deep Core: Shipyard and Ship Design Research Facility) under Imperial blockade by Death Star 1 (and attached fleet)


Day 922 - Chandrila (Coruscant) liberated; All Soruscant Sector Systems support Alliance


Day 925 - Imperial Troops stationed on Bilbrini (Coruscant): 56 Army, 21 Dark, 23 Storm; 2 GenCore 1s, 1 LNR 2


Day 926 - Kuat (Kuat: Construction Yards) under blockade. The Empire seems to be going for the 'blockade all manufacturing systems' approach. This could get interesting.


Day 927 - Blibringi (Coruscant) liberated. 1 Neb-B, 1 X-wing, 1 A-Wing destroyed by LNR 2


Day 927 - Altair IV (Unknown: Construction Yards) under blockade


Day 927 - Fleet orbiting Fresia gone, research resuming


Day 929 - Mytus (Corporate) liberated


Day 934 - Tepasi (Kuat: Shipyards) under blockade. I'm moving fleets under construction to no systems every few days, so as not to get caught by an Interdictor. It's getting to be rather stressful. I want to minimize time spent between when the ship is built and the time I can task it somewhere, so don't want to deploy them to the outer rim, but I don't want them destroyed as soon as they're built. Maybe I'll just suck it up and send them away. I'll let you know if I send them out.


Day 937 - Orbital bombardment of Bestine (Tapani): 3 (of 4) Mon Cal regiments destroyed


Day 940 - Trian (Corporate) liberated; Covell Captured


Day 941 - Trian under blockade


Day 944 - Assault on New Plympto (Corellian)


Day 955 - Ruan (Coruscant) liberated


Day 956 - Assault on Nubia (Corellian)


Day 959 - Velusia (Coruscant) liberated


Day 962 - Averam - (Coruscant) liberated. Intelligence indicates a fleet over Coruscant I can't tackle at this point in the game, including an Interdictor. I am returning to the Corellian Sector to re-liberate those systems.


Day 965 - Assault on Saccoria (Corellian)


Day 973 - CC-9600 Frigate research complete (9 of 11)


Day 975 - Talus (Corellian) assaulted


Day 980 - Abregado (Tapani) liberated. I know I said I was going elsewhere, but I thought I'd go for easier resources first.


Day 982 - Bassadro liberated


Day 988 - Mrlsst liberated


Day 989 - Assault on Bilbringi (Coruscant)


Day 989 - Thyferra (Tapani) liberated


Day 994 - New Plympto (Corellian) liberated


Day 996 - Drall (Corellian) liberated


Day 997 - Somewhere along the line I managed to capture Bevel Lemelisk. *shrugs*


Day 998 - Nubia (Corellian) liberated


Day 1000 - Talus (Corellian) liberated


In place of a sector by sector break-down of support I submit this image.


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What I can't decide, Tex, is if you're referencing my connection to Thrawn, or if you're saying I, personally, am just that crazy. Please clarify.

I'm saying that you personally are that crazy :P:lol:8):wink:


Maybe "fool hardy" would be more accurate? Or is it "fool hearty"? :?

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I think after my current game, I will try this myself.


In my game, we just got interdictors. Not sure what will happen with that; definitely changes the rules of war. I'm interested to see if you can keep your new construction in the core or are forced to send them out for self-preservation.

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Xan, PM Tex your email address and ask him for the files. He's happy to share, or he was as of a couple months ago.



Day 1002 - Tralus liberated (Corellian)


Intel places Coruscant ripe for the picking. Will investigate further.


Day 1004 - Corfai liberated (Corellian)


Day 1008 - Tarkin's Fang (Deep Core) declares neutrality, Alliance fleet leaves orbit and Tarkin's Fang joins Alliance


Coruscant proved to be a trap. It is unclear now if I had faulty Intel, or if a fleet was moved in after the fact.


Day 1025 - Assault on Corfai (Corellian)


It occurs to me, I could strip every Imperial system of mines and refineries, and they would be able to hold the system until I finally got around to sabotaging or bombarding their troops. This adds a whole new facet to the game.


Day 1042 - Assault on Tralus (Corellian)


Day 1053 - Assault on Saccoria (Corellian)


Day 1065 - Bilbringi (Coruscant) liberated


Day 1072 - Bilbringi (Coruscant) assaulted


Day 1074 - Assault on Alderaan (Kuat); 1 Mon Cal regiment defeated 1 Imp Army, 5 Stormtrooper and 3 Imp Fleet regiments; system had (on more than 1 occasion) had 3 mines built and shipped when Imperial fleet entered the system. I think Alderaan may have become a staging point for the Imperial Navy, and my having troops there was seen as a threat.


Day 1088 - Assault on Balmorra (Kuat): system resources limited to mines and refineries


Day 1095 - Assault on Talus (Corellian)


I have decided to scrap all mines and refineries on systems lacking dual shield generators under blockade, so as to deny them to the Empire. Once proper shielding is installed I will build more mines/refineries to replace my losses.


Day 1102 - Dauntless Cruiser research complete (10 of 11)


All new production has halted. I need to work on a refined mineral surplus


Day 1107 - Assault on Nubia (Corellian), no facilities of any sort on system


Day 1122 - Assault on Drall (Corellian)


Day 1124 - Assault on Carida (Kuat)


Day 1134 - Balmorra (Kuat) liberated


Day 1145 - Talus (Corellian) liberated


Day 1146 - Tralus (Corellian) liberated


Day 1147 - Saccoria (Corellian) liberated


Day 1148 - Corfai (Corellian) liberated


Day 1149 - New Plympto (Corellian) liberated


Day 1150 - Nubia (Corellian) liberated


Day 1153 - Drall (Corellian) liberated. Selonia and Corellia seem to be closed to me, until I can create some maintenance shortfalls for my enemies.


Production resumed, focusing on GenCore 2s, resources and (to a far lesser extent) fleet production


Day 1160 - Assault on Balmorra (Kuat)


Day 1165 - Battle at Carida losses: 1 a-wing, 4 b-wings vs. 1 ISD, 5 VSDs, lots of fighters, 4 interceptors, 4 bombers


Day 1165 - Carida (Kuat) liberated


Day 1168 - Saccoria (Corellian) assaulted


Day 1178 - Battle of Arkania lost 1 a-wing, 22 b-wings from fleet 3


Day 1178 - Arkania (Kuat) liberated, Villar, Orloc Captured


Day 1179 - Assault on Corfai (Corellian)


Day 1187 - Assault on Velusia (Coruscant)


Day 1201 - Research Exhausted! Bulwark Battlecruiser Research Complete!

[side note]I haven't seen one of these in YEARS! I've been playing Reloaded for so long, I look forward to seeing the Bulwark in action again.[/side note]


Day 1203 - Saccoria (Corellian) liberated


So I find that I'm not used to having so little in the way of refined minerals. As I recall, in previous rebed modifications I made all production half-price both to build and maintain, because I do (despite the general impression I've left around the forum as being strictly Rebel) occasionally play as the Imps, and up until now I've been lazy in my attempts at creating large fleet battles. As a result I've gone with a rebed edit to be used by both sides. I have actually done a better job of getting big fleets from the AI with this method than all previous attempts. I think I may have found my next attempt at large scale fleet engagements: no ship production research, both sides 1 RM & 1 MP for cap ships and 1 & 0 for fighters. :twisted:


Day 1217 - Balmorra (Kuat) liberated


Fleet 27 - 8 A-Wings


Day 1226 - Velusia (Coruscant) liberated


Day 1227 - Battle of Bilbringi - 1 X-Wing, 5 A-Wings


Day 1228 - Griff Captured


Day 1229 - Bilbringi (Coruscant) liberated


Day 1231 - Battle of Coruscant

Alliance Fleet 3

Task Force 1: 1 Assault Frigate, 4 Liberators

Task Force 2: 5 Liberators

Task Force 3: 1 Dread, 5 Mon Cals

Task Force 4: 5 Neb-Bs

Task Force 5: 1 Neb-B, 2 Corvettes, 2 Gunships

Task Force 6: 5 Escort Carriers

Task Force 7: 5 Escort Carriers

57 X-Wings, 30 A-Wings, 27 B-Wings

Imperial Fleets

56 Galleons, 1 ISD (Judicator), 22 Fighters, 30 Interceptors


1 KDY-150, 3 GenCore 1s, 1 DS Shield, 5 mines, 1 refinery, 7 Army Regiments, 17 Fleet Regiments



Alliance: 7 X-Wings, 5 A-Wings, 15 B-Wings destroyed; Assault Frigate damaged

Imperial: Judicator, 28 (exactly half) galleons, all fighters, interceptors destroyed; 5 galleons damaged


Day 1233 - The Alliance has Seized the Imperial capital system of Coruscant.


Day 1233 - Menndo, Pellaeon Captured


Day 1241 - Assault on Velusia (Coruscant)


Day 1243 - Velusia (Coruscant) liberated


Day 1260 - Velusia (Coruscant) bombarded back into the stone age. Fleet in orbit consisting of 105 cap ships.


Day 1270 - Averam (Coruscant) bombarded, all facilities destroyed (from now on I'll just refer to this as 'leveled')


Day 1303 – Orron (Corporate) liberated


Day 1306 – Etti IV (Corporate) liberated


Day 1313 – Ebaq (Deep Core) leveled


Day 1313 – Sending Luke around the galaxy to find potential Jedi


Day 1336 – Orron (Corporate) leveled


Day 1348 – Trian (Corporate) leveled


Day 1349 – Saffalore (Corporate) leveled


Day 1355 – Corellia (Corellian) liberated, Shenir Rix captured


Day 1356 – Corfai (Corellian) liberated


Day 1357 – Ghorman (Tapani) leveled, no system resources left


Day 1358 – Kiffex (Tapani) leveled, 1 system energy, no raw materials left


Day 1363 – Selonia (Corellian) liberated


Day 1394-1395 – Empress Teta (Deep Core, Advanced Training Facilities) leveled


Day 1410 – Eredenn (Tion Hegemony) liberated


Day 1422 – Kashyyyk (Borderlands) liberated


Day 1425 – Fresia (Deep Core, Advanced Shipyards) leveled


Day 1427 – Galantos (Deep Core, Advanced Construction Yards) leveled


Day 1433 – Khomm (Deep Core) leveled


Day 1471 – Luke on Jedi Training with Wedge, Borsk, Bren, Roget


Day 1495 – Metellos (Coruscant) leveled


Day 1500 – Corulag (Coruscant) leveled

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At this point the Empire has a couple big fleets floating around trying to avoid Maintenance Shortfalls. They have 1 SY, 5 ASY and 1 refinery on Ambria, which, as you can see here is their only system. I have mines or refineries under production for all the unsettled systems. I now have two options: create a bigger fleet to take out their remaining system, or wait them out. My shipyards are working on number 1, and I'm holding to option 2 while option 1 resolves.


Views at time of posting: 213


(Please forgive the split post, but I'm encountering technical issues with the site this evening.)

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Apologies again for the double post, but I had an update, and Xan didn't reply. So there.


Day 1513 – Battle of Vulcan (Unknown)

Alliance Fleet

Task Force 1: 2 Dauntless, 1 Assault Frigate, 4 Liberators

Task Force 2: 7 Liberators

Task Force 3: 1 Liberator, 1 Dread, 6 Mon Cals

Task Force 4: 7 Neb-Bs

Task Force 5: 1 Neb-B, 3 Corvettes, 2 Gunships

Task Force 6: 1 Corvette, 6 Escort Carriers

Task Force 7: 8 Escort Carriers

Task Force 8: 1 CC-7700

88 X-Wings, 63 A-Wings, 46 B-Wings

Imperial Fleet

11 ISD, 5 VSD, 5 Dreads, 2 Carracks, 1 Interdictor, 1 Escort Carrier, 60 Fighters, 13 Interceptors, 10 Bombers


Alliance: 3 Mon Cals, 1 Liberator, 2 Dauntlesses damaged; 9 A-Wings, 10 B-Wings, 6 X-Wings destroyed (1 Dauntless, 1 Mon Cal stuck in system)

Imperials: Utter loss


Day 1516 – Mon Cal hyperdrive restored to functionality


Day 1522 – Dauntless hyperdrive functionality restored, damaged ships enroute to Tepasi (Kuat) for repairs


Day 1545 – Jedi Training mission complete: Wedge, Borsk raised to Trainee; Bren, Roget raised to Student. Wedge (Diplomacy Rating 0) tasked to Nirauan (Mid Rim, former capital) to bring popular support back to 100% after HQ was moved. I want to get his diplomacy skills up some before sending him back for more training.


Day 1549 – Headquarters arrives at Nelvaan (Arkanis). Fleet showed up over starting capital 141 days ago, so HQ was moved across the galaxy.


Day 1581 – Reinforced Fleet 3 departs Kashyyyk (Borderlands) for Ambria (Borderlands)


Day 1582 – Battle of Ambria (Borderlands, Empire’s sole remaining system)

Alliance Fleet

Task Force 1: 4 Bulwarks, 5 Dauntless Cruisers

Task Force 2: 2 Dauntless Cruisers, 1 Assault Frigate, 8 Liberators

Task Force 3: 3 Liberator, 3 Dreads, 5 Mon Cals

Task Force 4: 7 Neb-Bs

Task Force 5: 1 Neb-B, 3 Corvettes, 2 Gunships

Task Force 6: 1 Corvette, 6 Escort Carriers

Task Force 7: 8 Escort Carriers

Task Force 8: 1 CC-7700, 1 CC-9600

124 X-Wings, 76 A-Wings, 62 B-Wings

Imperial Fleet

36 Galleons, 2 Fighters, 37 Interceptors, 14 Bombers


Alliance: 1 Bulwark damaged; 2 A-Wings, 3 B-Wings, 4 X-Wings destroyed

Imperials: Total loss


Day 1583 – All troops stationed on Ambria have been bombarded. 4 ASY and 1 refinery remain. Large fleet was inbound, too big for me to tackle without significant losses. I opted to fight another day. I know of 450 MP worth of liabilities for the Empire, with no only 1 refinery to their name. I plan to wait for maintenance shortfalls to cripple them.


Day 1584 – Intelligence reports Ambria (Borderlands) has declared neutrality. Diplomacy will NOT commence as I would like to be able to find the Imperial personnel tasked to conduct their own diplomatic missions.


Day 1619 – Jedi Training mission complete: Borsk and Bren are Jedi Students; Roget is now a Jedi Knight. New Jedi Training mission commences


Day 1700 – Borsk and Bren remain Students despite Force growth. Roget experiences no growth. The students will resume training. Roget will be returning to the galaxy at large


Day 1719 – Vader, Palpatine and several other Imperial personnel on 268 cap ship fleet (with 397 TIEs, Brandei Commanding, no troops and 71 personnel [mostly spec. forces]) in Coruscant Sector.


Day 1750 – Diplomacy commencing at Ambria (Borderlands), using non-diplomats


Day 1765 – Owing to my impatience, Mon Mothma and Leia have joined the diplomatic mission to Ambria.


Day 1770 – Bren and Borsk elevated to Knighthood. As I don’t have a transport nearby, training will reconvene.


Day 1771 – 87 ship fleet with 168 TIEs wandering around Corellian Sector, 3 personnel (unsure who)


Day 1779 – Wedge earns 1 point of diplomacy!


Day 1788 – Abmria (Borderlands) joins


Day 1835 – Screed and Spec. Forces in Corellian Sector Imperial fleet


Day 1857 – Borsk Fey’lya is now a Jedi Master. Wedge and Bren will commence additional training.


Day 1913 – Chandrila (Coruscant) leveled


Day 1917 – Battle at Corellia

Alliance Fleet

Task Force 1: 1 9600, 9 Bulwarks, 5 Dauntless Cruisers

Task Force 2: 9 Dauntless Cruisers, 6 Liberators

Task Force 3: 6 Liberators, 3 Dreads, 6 Mon Cals, 1 Bulk Cruiser

Task Force 4: 8 Neb-Bs

Task Force 5: 2 Neb-Bs, 2 Corvettes, 2 Gunships

Task Force 6: 2 Corvettes, 6 Escort Carriers

Task Force 7: 8 Escort Carriers

Task Force 8: 2 CC-7700s (Admiral Solo, General Neva, Commander Tallon, Admiral Willard, Commander Snunb)

Red Group: 206 X-Wings

Blue Group: 205 X-Wings

Green Group: 305 A-Wings

Gold Group: 268 B-Wings

System: Commander Karrde

Imperial Fleet

25 VSD, 16 ISD, 1 Interdictor, 1 Escort Carrier, 18 Dreads, 23 Carracks, 126 Fighters, 15 Bombers, 15 Interceptors


Alliance: 9 Bulwarks, 4 Dauntless Cruisers Damaged (6 Bulwarks, 3 Dauntless Cruisers not hyperspace capable); 20 X-Wings, 21 A-Wings, 80 B-Wings destroyed

Imperials: Total loss, Screed Captured


Day 1931 – Velusia (Coruscant) leveled; no system resources or energy available on Velusia, Corulag, Chandrila or Bilbringi.


Day 1948 – Jedi Training mission complete. No Rank changes, despite Wedge’s growth. Will conduct further training with Wedge only.


Day 1949 – Anaxes (Coruscant) leveled


Day 1954 – I am walking away to take my dog for a walk. Game is set on very slow with message window open. Let’s see what happens…


Day 1982 – Returned from the walk: Borleias bombarded now has no materials or energy, Capital Ship (Dauntless) repaired, Chandrila bombarded and Bilbringi bombarded. Lots of fighter squadrons deployed to Empress Teta (closest Deep Core system to Coruscant Sector). Popular support is suffering due to the constant bombardments (lately they’ve been to eliminate trooper regiments). I will be taking Drayson and Master Fey’lya with restoring Alliance support.


Day 2006 – Ruan (Coruscant) leveled (those two refineries were apparently crucial to my cause…)


Day 2015 – Jedi Training mission complete. Wedge is now a Jedi Student. Training will resume with Bren only.


Day 2022 – Imperial fleet is down to 242 ships


Day 2027 – 2 Bulwarks, 1 Dauntless repaired, 1 shipyard has finished its fighter production


Day 2048 – Diplomatic reinforcements are being called in after further bombardments in the Coruscant Sector


Day 2081 – Until further notice, Bren does not go on Jedi Training missions. He just isn’t progressing. Training will resume with Jiriss and Antilles.


Day 2105 – Battle at Ruan

Alliance Fleet

Task Force 1: 4 9600s, 4 Bulwarks, 8 Dauntless Cruisers

Task Force 2: 8 Dauntless Cruisers, 8 Liberators

Task Force 3: 8 Liberators, 3 Dreads, 6 Mon Cals, 1 Bulk Cruiser

Task Force 4: 8 Neb-Bs

Task Force 5: 2 Neb-Bs, 2 Corvettes, 2 Gunships

Task Force 6: 2 Corvettes, 6 Escort Carriers

Task Force 7: 8 Escort Carriers

Task Force 8: 2 CC-7700s (Admiral Solo, General Neva, Commander Tallon)

Red Group: 303 X-Wings

Blue Group: 302 X-Wings

Green Group: 480 A-Wings

Gold Group: 386 B-Wings

System: Commander Snunb

Imperial Fleet

89 VSD, 22 ISD, 1 Interdictor, 3 Escort Carrier, 34 Dreads, 77 Carracks, 8 Lancers, 193 Fighters, 21 Bombers, 106 Interceptors, 18 Defenders (I may have missed or added 1-2 of each fighter type. My eyes really wanted to give out after all that scrolling.) Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Ozzel, Commander Brandei, Thrawn, Daala, Pter Thanas and lots of Spec Forces are embarked upon Imperial Dreadnaught Harbinger.



My plan today is to send out my A- and X-Wings to work on their fighters. The B-Wings and capital ships will be held back (no orders) at first. I want to chip away at that Interceptor screen before letting my B-Wings loose, and my capital ships tasked with eliminating enemy fighters didn’t make it to the engagement before the Empire’s fighters were destroyed. The other benefit is that my B-Wings will have time to group. All task forces and fighter groups are set to surround their targets. I’ve tried both “Surround” and “Stand off” tactics, and prefer surround. So, with no further ado, let the battle begin.


As it turns out, I have so many fighters I can’t zoom in close enough to tell the difference between Carracks and Lancers. I can’t find my nav points either.


First shots have been exchanged. Imperial fighters are bypassing my fighters with what I assume are orders to target my B-Wings. Task forces 4-7 are being tasked with the destruction of the enemy’s fighters at this time.


The Imperial fighters have engaged my B-Wings. Gold Group is released to target Imperial Capital Ships in an effort to get them near Task Forces 4-7. They will be directed to escort one of those Cap Ships to keep the Imperial fighters in range.


All Alliance vessels have now been tasked with fighter elimination. Task forces 1-3 are slowly making their way to the engagement zone. Imperial advance ships (Carracks) are nearly to the halfway point between starting zones.


All Imperial fighters are destroyed (Alliance fighters remaining: Red: 302, Blue: 272, Green: 457, Gold: 264). Imperial Carracks have passed the halfway point. These vessels are now my targets.


Vanguard Carracks destroyed, targeting Lancers. When Lancers are destroyed I will revert to being lazy and target capital ships.


Lancers destroyed. Task Force 1 has been destroyed. All Imperial Star Destroyers have been destroyed. Task Force 4 has been destroyed. 4 ships remain in Task Force 2, but are all disabled. Task force 3 is down to 1 Mon Cal (disabled), 3 Dreads and the Bulk Cruiser remain undamaged. Task force 5 is down the 2 Neb-Bs. Task Forces 6 and 7 are intact. 1 Escort Carrier has damaged shields.


Task Forces 5 & 3 have been destroyed. Task Force 7 keeps loosing ships. Fighters are going to be tasked individually from this point on. I’m starting with the ships in the lead, and will work my way back, hoping to preserve my CC-7700s.


Task Force 7 has been destroyed. There are some stragglers in the Imperial Fleet picking off those of my ships which are remaining behind for whatever reason. Plan was successful! CC-7700s survived the battle without firing a shot or being shot at.



Alliance: 1 Corvette, 4 Escort Carriers, 2 Liberators, 1 Dauntless, 2 7700s and 1 Assault Frigate survived (Corvette, 1 Carrier, 7700s undamaged); 452 A-Wings, 203 B-Wings, 571 X-Wings remain

Imperials: Fleet completely lost. Palpy, Vader, Ozzel, Brandei, Thrawn and Daala Captured. Pter Thanas killed.


The yoke of Imperial tyranny has been removed. The Rebel Alliance has driven out the Imperial oppressors and scattered them to the distant corners of the galaxy.


United in victory, the courageous warriors of the Rebel Alliance celebrate the birth of a new era. The immense task of rebuilding the galaxy lies before them.


The pursuit of peace and justice is never complete. The leaders of the Alliance must remain alert. Elements of the dark side are always present. Even now there may be a new dark force rising.


While that was one hell of a challenge, I'm never doing that again. If anyone wants my RebEd files get me your email address and I would be happy to share them. Firsts for me this time around: blowing up the Death Star, blowing up a second DS, not getting Leia to learn her heritage, spending more than 2000 days in game (without intentionally stalling to level up Luke/Leia or fill every system energy point), having nearly all my capital ships destroyed but only losing <17% of my fighters, nearly losing all my capital ships in a fleet battle I chose to make happen, seeing enemy fleets made up of more than 75 capital ships, opponent decimating my systems (to the point that they no longer have system energy), I feel like there were a couple others which I can no longer remember... I think you should definitely give this a shot.


Questions, anyone???


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Apologies again for the double post, but I had an update, and Xan didn't reply. So there.


Day 1545 – Jedi Training mission complete: Wedge, Borsk raised to Trainee; Bren, Roget raised to Student. Wedge (Diplomacy Rating 0) tasked to Nirauan (Mid Rim, former capital) to bring popular support back to 100% after HQ was moved. I want to get his diplomacy skills up some before sending him back for more training.


Questions, anyone???

Sorry... :?


Why are you bothering to up Wedge's diplomacy? Does that impact his Jedi training missions or something?


That battle... that's huge. Bigger than any I ever had. I think I may try this. And right after I do, I'm going to lower all costs to 1/1 for both sides to get even bigger fleet engagements! :twisted:


My PM doesn't work (never sends messages). Can you send me the stuff, Tex?

Sent :D

Got it. I'll go through it all when I have time.

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