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New SW Game - Dec 12 (Yep, TFU 2)


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Force Unleashed II doesn't surprise me but doesn't excite me either, it's just more of the same which is ok and low risk in a down economy. I still long for the days when LucasArts was an innovator and not another extension of the Electronic Arts cartel pushing sub-par products to market. However, the number of platforms the complexity of each has complicated the development process so it's hard to do more with less these days. So eh... :|
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I loved the technology behind the game, the storyline was a classic redeemer story.

I fault it for repetitive gameplay (hack and slash everything) and LucasArts for not making a PC version at the same time (even implying that a PC version couldn't support such technology)


I still wonder what they are going to do with Starkiller, esp since he's dead...

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