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You can now request new ships using the GUI and they will be placed in your home sector automatically and turn end.


First, you must have an alive LDR to do this order. 

Second, put the LDR in a FLEET!  only ships in FLEETS will have their orders processed.


There are two ways to access this order.


1.  from the main menu select the "Order Unit From GM" link.

2.  select your leader unit, Add Order, select "Order Unit From GM" order type


All you have to do is then type in what you want, using a number then a space then the unit type:







(the unit type must be the exact abbrev for the ship class)


after turn ends, the engine will take your order and place it in your home sector where i created your original ships.  In your REPORT.txt file you can see how much of your allotment you have left.


These orders will stay around until you have enough allowance to build the ship, so you can submit the order even if you dont have enough space but as soon as you do, they will be created.

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