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OFFICIAL: Welcome Thread (New users say Hi here)


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Welcome.  If you havent been added into the game, make sure you email me at markb50k at gmail dot com.


See ya around!


PS what are the TR boards?  I'm sure its some board I posted on in the past, but not familiar with the abbrev.

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The year was 1997, and a young commander for the New Republic was ordered to remain at Bilbringi while a neighboring Task Force took a beating... repeated requests to engage the enemy and defend the Task Force were rejected, and the commander was forced to make a difficult decision as he realized the Republic he'd come to know was changing, fast...


He took his ships and set course for Imperial space, a defector, to join them in the fight for galactic order and stability, receiving the rank of Vice Admiral....


Hey, Mark!  Remember that young commander?  It was me, over ten years ago, playing your e-mail based 'EvR'.  I took up with GCO for a while, but ended up fading into obscurity there due to an increasingly hectic reality... I must admit, though, your new ideas are a breath of fresh air and remind me a lot of the games I fell in love  with over the years. 


In short, you may be seeing a bit more of me. 



Hope to see you all out there, among the stars!!

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