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Thrawn's Revenge

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Site: http://Thrawn.gamesmod.net


-Site being redone, new forums coming soon




Thrawn's Revenge is a total conversion mod.

It adds many factions to the game, 7 that are playable and a few

that are not playable. We also will add on to the 2 playable factions

currently in Empire at war. The timeline spans from around the beggining

of the Phantom Menace until the novel Survivor's Quest. The main focus

being Thrawn during that time. It is currently set to release three major parts.


Part One:


New Playable Faction-

Empire of the Hand



Replace all current skirmish and single player maps

Four new Galactic Conquest maps featuring 12 or more new planets

several new skirmish maps

Adding units and heroes to the Rebellion and Empire

**Confirmed Planets**






Part Two:


New Playable Factions-

Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium

New Republic

Imperial Remnant


New Pirate/Neutral Faction-

Peregrine's Nest


Other Additions-

16 New Planets for Galactic Conquest

New Skirmish Maps

4+ New Galactic Conquest Maps

**Confirmed Planets**



Part Three:


New Playable Factions-

Confederacy of Independant Systems

Galactic Republic



New Pirate/Neutral Faction-



Other Additions-

22 New Planets

New Skirmish Maps

6+ New Galactic Conquest Maps

**Confirmed Planets**




Additional Releases will include:


Campaign (In production after R1 release.)

Bug Fixes (After R1 releases onwards)

Galactic Conquest Maps with possible new planets

Possible new units/Pirate Factions/Neutral Factions



Darth Arbiter

Zer Teron


Grand Admiral Makati


Null Arc 001




Dr. Knickers







Image Gallery:




Pm me, or contact me on MSN if you want more information about it.



Open Positions:







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Weekly Update 5:


Sorry for being late, I was having problems with the internet yesterday.


Today we have more ingame shots. This time its one of the Chiss and the Empire of the Hand's main fighters. That along with building your skirmish space base in real time.


Since we are making it so people build ships from the actual company shipyard that made then, the current idea is you buy a shipyard from that company at your space station, then you can jump in a shuttle containing a rep of that company (icon and all) and you use that to place your shipyards.


Here is some pics of it (Sundered Heart being one of the reps and the space station being one of the shipyards):









And now ingame shots of the Clawcraft: (Currently unskinned)






Thats it for this week. Next week look forward to a few people from the Fel family

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Our site is still being made.


No the stations do not move. They would do whatever the spawned objects coding would normally make it do, so if someone changed the stations coding so it could move the spawned station would be able to move, if you can understand what I am saying.

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zomg, DragonShadow, awesome! Cheesy


your forum link leads me to a web construction tip page  :'( :-\ >:( ??? ??? ???



[3:52:33 PM] Arbiter says: Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin would cure all of his diseases....

[3:52:47 PM] Arbiter says: Except with the side effect of probable death.

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Thrawn's Revenge Faction Symbol Contest:


Thats right people, we are having a contest.


Challenge: Create a symbol for the Empire of the Hand. Empire has the wheel thing, the Chiss have their electric bubbles but the Empire of the Hand has nothing...yet!


The Reward: The winning entry will be used as the Empire of the Hand's logo in the mod, along with a gameplay movie featuring new units, a render, and 5 thousand credits on our forums (when up). That and a beta position.


How to enter: PM DarthArbiter (me) with a link to your uploaded entry(use imageshack/photobucket).


(All entries must be in by October 24th)


How will we decide who wins?

We will be judging them based on originality, whether it actually looks good and whether or not it fits the faction (no hearts!)


Good luck, and may the force be with you.


(By submitting your entry you are allowing us to use it. Obviously.)

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A small update but it includes some pretty big things...

First off is the Tector Class Star Destroyer. It was modelled by Cody back in June I think and it was and skinned by knickers.

Its squaring off against the Chiss Star Destroyer. This was modelled by me and skinned by Knickers.

Tector And Chiss SD top view

Tector and Chiss SD bottom view

The Chiss class Star Destroyer is the main capital ship of both the Empire of the Hand and Chiss Ascendancy when R3 rolls around. The Tector is an Imperial capital ship better suited to taking shipyards, capital ships and Starbases than the Imperial class.


Finally we have the TIE Phantom, modelled by me and skinned by Knickers. This fighter is for the Empire, buildable at Aeten 2.

TIE Phantom

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That ISd is the worst I have seen around.


have you been looking around? lol. The Tector and the Chiss SD's both look great 2 me.




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Thier might have been but u based the tector model off the eaw sder, bad move as that isnt was a sder looks like, go look at the one in warlords and u will see what i mean. Edited by Empireftw
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We didn't base the ISD1/2 or Tector models off of EaW... We based them off of canon sources... The reason we made a new ISD model was because we didn't like how the one in EAW looked or its armament.



And can you please speak English for a second, I missed more than half of that message....

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