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Autoresolve system explained


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Hi ppl.


I posted this over lucasforums about the autoresolve system.


Well the awnser is the algorithme.


This awnser was given by Darth_Torpid to Athanasios when we tryed to fix autoresolv system in our mod.


I'm paraphrasing the awnser but here it goes.


The auto resolve systems works in terms of lines. Each line has a specific number of units. Those lines are filled randomnly by units at your disposal when you hit the autoresolv button. Once you hit the button your line is commpared with line of the AI and the system decides wether your line win or loose. After that second lines are compared and so on unitl all is finished.


Ok set lets resume it in an exemple.


Lets say that you play as the imperial and you have Stormtroopers, M2 repoulsor tanks, AT-AT. On the other side rebels have troopers, artilery and plex soldiers.


Now lets imagine that this gives you enough of units to form lets say 3 lines.


Since the filling system of line with units is completly random you can have this in your first line :


M2 repulsor tanks wheras reble first line could be filled in plex soldiers only.


When the computer compares these two lines it is obvious that you will loose.


Once the winner is declared the wining line is put into the reserve and second lines are compared.


Now imagine that you have in second line :


Imperials : Stormtroopers


Rebels : Artilery


Once again during comparaison imperials are owned by rebels and rebel line is placed into the reserve.


Finaly the third line will be filled for the Empire with AT-AT and the rebel line with troopers.


It is obvious that rebel thrd line will be owned but rebels have two lines in reserve.


The imperial third line then will be compared with two rebel lines in reserve. And while the Empire will eventualy win some AT-AT will be destroyed.



At the end with the far superior force you lost to the ennemy more that 80 % of your invasion forces.


I hope this help you understand the autoresolve system.


We decided not to touch it because we could have worsen things by doing so. Anyway I hope that they will change the system for the patch.


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Or you could give yourself the advantage by making your AutoResolve health higher than your tactical health.


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Alright...now to get this back on topic. (i'm pretty sure that Hell isn't on topic...)


The system itself makes a little more sense, but it should still have the same amount of health as the normal one does. Losing 18 IDS, 48 Tartans, etc. is not realistic or balanced or anything.

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The serious problem with this is the fact that you are forced to use Auto-Resolve on pirate systesm when playing multiplayer campaign games.  This is the problem I have with that system.

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The serious problem with this is the fact that you are forced to use Auto-Resolve on pirate systesm when playing multiplayer campaign games.  This is the problem I have with that system.


Maybe a silly way to answering the reason "because else the enemy can still play on", well let the enemy player take control over the Pirates.

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The system would be fair if it took into account the special abilities (ex. atat spawns a trooper) and/or your bombers/ turret defences (that would be based on how much credits each side has to build turrets).


It seems fair but if you think about it, it isn't because units support each other, they don't fight 1vs1 so even if one unit is fighting its weakness, it might outnumber/ have support by another unit if you play instead of auto resolve.


Overall, I laugh at the autoresolve, don't use it unless my invasion force is HUGE and I have a excess of credits, and now I know how it works. They should copy Rome:Total Wars auto resolve system. That was alot more fair.

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Autoresolve quickly became an enemy of mine, LOL.  I once attacked a planet and lost but decimated the forces on that planet, I was just a couple of troopers short of winning.  Well, I had a huge force on another nearby planet and because I was mad that I lost such a close battle, I immediately sent the full force to that planet right after I came from the results screen.    I knew I outnumbered the units on that planet at least 10/1.  Well, I figured I'd use autoresolve.....big mistake, I lost the battle and It puzzled me as My forces were clearly superior to what was left on the planet.  I tried autoresolve in a few more test on othet modes and the same results happened.    The invading force typically loses every battle no matter what units you have sent in.


Another bug or glitch I've noticed is when you actually play a battle and lets say you win and destory all of the enemies forces.  Lets also say to keep things simple that the enemy had 10 AT-ST's, 10 Stromtrooper units and A couple commanders.  Well, since you've won the whole battle (they did not retreat, they got completely destroyed), why is it when the results screen shows, it might say the enemy lost only 2 AT-ST's and 5 Stromtroopers. 


It also happened that I didn't lose a complete squad in a ground battle (maybe had 1 or 2 units left alive in the current squad).  Well, when I get to the results screen it says I've lost a squad when clearly I didn't lose any full squads.  I was under the assumption that as long as at least 1 unit from a squad survives, you retain the whole squad (or it gets replenished/healed up afterwards).    For example, I took a single squad of x-wings in a battle once for testing purposes.  I lost 3 of the x-wings in that squadron and decided to retreat.  Results screen showed that I lost the battle, no biggie, I did retreat....but low and behold, it said I lost a full squadron of x-wings when clearly I didn't.


Also, I've had battles where no side lost any units at all, but how can that be when one side lost and did not retreat.  Not sure how much effect that final screen has on the game but I just found it weird that the screen reports the wrong results.


So from my experiences, the game still has a few bugs in both the autoresolve and how the game reads unit loses.

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Or Mustafar froze.  ;D


Or the Yuuzhan Vong became techno geeks.  :D


Anyway, yeah.  The autoresolve system is VERY crappy.  I normally only do it when I:

A.  Don't feel like fighting ground battles, or when I

B:  Want to soften a few things up before I send my main force in


An example of this is:


I had a VSD on the ground.  Nothing else.  Now we know these things are UNTOUCHABLE.  All the enemy has is an MPTL and I think a few infantry.  Now, I knew the since VSD's are extremely overpowered, I shouldn't have much trouble.  I lost the ship, and they only lost an MPTL.  Talk about retarded.  It's like it never took off...




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