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Well most everytime you will lose more with it then fighting the battle.  The best thing I have tryed is have a few of every type of units.  Plenty of Y-wings, Corvettes, X-wing and a pair or more for everything else.


Also it not a tool to win important battles.  It for when you are going to win no matter what.  Like against transports, much smaller fleets that you over power eith only your first wave.


You will still lose units in auto-relsove, even if you wouldn't if you fought.  No tactics are considered when auto-reslove is used.  It's what you got vs what they got.

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I have found a way to use the auto resolve in SPACE VS PIRATES and never lose a single unit!

Simply Use Home 1 and the milenium falcon in a fleet on their own they never die against any pirate forces in space. Even if they lose they simply retreat and you can send them back.

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Found a possible exploit for land battles.

Works only for rebels early on for ground battles in Galactic Conquest though.

Have 2 small land gruops(you will have to rebuild one of them every time you invade a planet)

Gruop 1:

1-2 TB-2 Tank

2-3 Soilders

2-3 PLEX

Group 2:

Flexible Cheap land unit (I use C-3PO)

Send Group 1 to a enemy planet (make sure there are no or to eliminate any space defences), wait until arrive, send group 2 there. RIGHT BEFORE group 2 arrives, initiate a land battle with group 1. Click Auto-Resolve, you should lose the battle. (Auto-resolve usually gives the defender the victory, even if you should hvae won). Notice the fact that the enemy seems to have (and THEY HAVE) lost a lot (really everything) even though they won. Immediatly send group 2 down to the planet after the lose screen fades, and you will find that you have taken control of the planet with no contest. That is because when Group 1 was battling, it actually destroyed everything. Auto-Resolve still gave the victory to the defender though because its messed up. (They might fix that in patch 1.04 though)

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I actually noticed that by using Autoresolve when raiding an enemy base [AI] you will almost always win.

If you had to actually fight the land battle the garrisons would've made it way harder..

Sending a few raid parties with auto-resolve make everything TOO easy really. A raid party of say 1TB-4, 1Artillery and 1Infiltrator with autoresolve will make the planet yours. O_o

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I use auto-resolve when I can't be bothered to play a battle, and when I am totally sure I will win it.


Oooh....necropost. One year old almost....please try not to do that.


Anywho...I don't do auto-resolve because I am a lot better than any AI player. I don't trust them with my forces.

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Oooh....necropost. One year old almost....please try not to do that.


Anywho...I don't do auto-resolve because I am a lot better than any AI player. I don't trust them with my forces.


Sorry about that... Will be careful next time.. :D

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