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The correct use of Trade Routes, and their placement in my mod


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Trade routs are like the highways of the galaxy, basically popular hyperspace paths, with few detours.

They allow a ship or fleet, to move from POINT A to POINT E without going to B, C, or D. 

They do not increase your hyperdrive speed!


For my mod 'Civil War', trade routes serve this function, allowing you to quickly go from point to another, without visiting every planet on the way.  There are also only a handfull of them in the galaxy including the most popular and highlighted 'Corellian Run' and 'Perlemian', with several smaller ones spread throughout the galaxy.


Now as you can see trade routes serve a nice function allowing you to move your units from their shipyard, factory, or training facility, to your planets and fleets spread throughout the galaxy without stopping at every planet or perhaps fighting a battle  or two one the way, maybe loosing them before they even join your forces formally.  All would seem that there is no downside to this, and there wouldn't be in the normal game.  But, Civil War as well as adding and placing trade routes accordingly, has added course correction zones along the way (usually only 1 or 2), that allow you to change course along another trade route that connects. 


While thats all nice and good, these zones really serve two purposes: interdiction and assembly!


Interdiction - allows you to place units there and forces the enemy to engage you, and stops there supply from reaching their fleets and garrisons.


Assembly - allows you to assemble a fleet at one point before attacking an objective.


These areas are tactically deep space, and non owning and nothing can be built there (as of now, maybe allow a customs station (new station yet to be modeled or make it a level 1 station).


just an update on the mod, more to follow...


Image of galaxy with 98 planets all enabled, trade routs not in.


click and scroll down:


note: Radar has been corrected, planets are now within the radar boundries.

Edited by dw333

Dan Williams

Mod Project : Star Wars - Civil War (v0.3)

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Looks very nice, I like your implementation ideas for the trade routes.


PS: Its spelled Sluis Van, not Slus Van.

And when he reaches Heaven,

To St. Peter he will tell,

"Just another soldier reporting Sir,

I've served my time in Hell."

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Yea Yea   ::), i know there are several miss spelled planets, it is on my list of things to do. text editing is probably the easiest thing to do for this game. In 'Civil War' most units already have their new descriptions. The demo campaign is now called civil war demo, with info about the mod and objectives in place of the original demo info... :o Edited by dw333

Dan Williams

Mod Project : Star Wars - Civil War (v0.3)

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