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all i can say is that 10 at-at's just about PWN anything. you don't even need back-up, or stormtroopers (which come from the at-at).


all you need to watch at-at apeage is 10 at-at's and a hostile planet. take over the plante in a space battle and land your pimped out force of at-at's. when you've landed them all (having all 10 at-at on the planet) basicly divide them into two groups (5 each) and hit each pass way. you don't even need to stop the at-at's, you can just have them march across to the other side of the map.


when there through to the other side you'll have two solutions. one the rebels are retreating. or two, you need to finish off those bases.


but other then that at-at pwnage is freakin sweet. and well worth some time just to watch :-P.


you all probly know this by now, but the rapeage is just so hot.


so....hot............. so.....................hot......................

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but in the full game the rebels will use speeders and topple your AT-AT's  so your going to need AA support.


And can we move this to general discussion

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


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I'd like to see you try that with ROR...  ;D You'll lose quite a few of those walkers.

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I think AT-At's are way to strong as of now, yes they are probably one of the top 5 or so, but way to strong, hell the rebel heavy tank has the same main weapon, it should pawn to right  :-\


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If u have some of those laser towers that can really slow a invasion down but u have to have AA turrets or they will just bomb the crap out of u, but I'm Glad they are making At Ats powerful it is the EMPIRE and they should have awsome units, even though I'm a hard core rebel myself i like a challenge.

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Yeah, one on one a turbolaser tower will take out an AT-AT. Rocket troops do a good job against them and speeders own them. Using Bryant/Ghosts mod I took out 6 invading AT-AT's with their support units using a concerted defense.
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Heh, I haven't seen that as the AI is stupid.  They pop those out and run em right up to the range of the AT-AT.. and what are my commanders supposed to do?  Take a smoke break while they setup?  Heh.  I can't wait to play this game against a human.

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