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La forge's way of creating Cards


What do you think of the character shown below?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the character shown below?

    • It's quite good, and could be used for Reloaded.
    • It could be more photo like.
    • It could be more drawing like.
    • Useless.

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:idea: I finally have time to do something for our community too. I'm working now on character cards for Rebellion. We started a card project some months ago with Monsh, but since she's gone and I don't know what the current status is, I just thought, we could continue what she beginned.


Creating cards "my way" for Rebellion Reloaded :) :


1 :arrow: The first point is, that we're creating cards for REBELLION! That means, we should use it's own concept too, so my suggestion/oppinion is, that we should NOT use drawings from comics, cartoons! OR we should use comic drawings only. But don't mix them at all costs!! It's not estetic, looks weird... I know, I know, there are some characters witch can only be drawings, like yuuzan wong and so on. Rebellion uses PHOTOS for source pic. We should do that too.


2 :arrow: Photos. Ok. But please no Claudie Shiffer stuff! Dodonna has nothing to do with Sean Connery... So we can't use photos of celebrities either. It can be really disturbing.


3 :arrow: Family and self portrait photos are ok ( I made a card of my girlfriends photo too. :P Hope she doesn't recognise it... 8O:) ), BUT REMEMBER: Rebellions characters are very well choosen. Remember that the original actors were choosed because they were very characteristic and I think the fictive extra personnel of Rebellion is also very well picked. Use CHARACTERISTIC faces! Common, or too pretty faces are boring. If you want to use such a photo, you should alter it quite drasticly to get a real SW character.


4 :arrow: Avoid photos with bad quality and wrong lighting! If you're scanning small faces, use a higher DPI rate! Your photo MUST be SHARP enough to get altered! Blurring a picture is easy, sharpening it back is almost impossible...


5 :arrow: USE YOUR IMAGINATION! :P When you're creating a card, you must know, how your character could be in real life. Age, height, behavior, manner... If you're making a card of Thrawn, don't use a picture of a young childish guy and so on... Imagine how he could look like. Altrough, I think that Thrawn's picture in Rebellion is superb, and doesn't need to be changed.


6 :arrow: ALTER your photos! Rebellion's agents have photos for source, but they are artistically overdrawn and modified. A common photo is just as disturbing as a comic drawing.

7 :arrow: DON'T OVERRATE your character! Use stats, that are realistic enough to fit into the SW galaxy. A frequently problem is, that almost all of the new agents uploaded are super-jedi masters with increadible leadership and diplomacy skills. Keep it in balance!


:!: These point are only my thoughts :D See it as an universal suggestion for creating Cards...

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Here is a sample of my current project. It took about 2 hours to change the guy. I used Brandei's clothing for him. It was made in Photoshop 7


He has no name or stats yet. Perhaps it could be "someone" for the Reloaded TC...










Please post your opinion! :D

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  • SWR Staff - Executive
Rebellion uses PHOTOS for source pic


??? They look like professional drawings to me. I doubt they actually got anyone to pose in front of a camera.


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:!: No, they used photos. All photos are ripped from the movies (except for the new ones). You can even tell, from witch scene they are... Only Jerjerrod and Ozzel (and perhaps Luke's first pic. too) are other way drawn, because there was no still camera view of them in the movie. Those faces had to be drawn more, and you can see, that those characters in the game are less similar to the actors, as the others (like Piett or Veers).

And just look at the event pictures! Like the pic. whit Yoda and Luke! That one is a ripped and redrawn picture too...

As a Graphic designer, I'm 100 percent sure, that the faces are redrawn photos. Of course with different amount of altering. ex. Daala is more cartoon like, she was a bit overdrawn in the game.

But just examine Nothos's face. You can tell, it was a photo.....

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When reducing an image for fleet pictures, I first change the background image to R:54 G:56 B:67.


That is the predominant color of the background that the fleet image is layed over when that unit is on a system. I think it's the best color to use to avoid a 'Halo Effect'.

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It is my understanding that the picture you use to represent a character or unit on a fleet or system is the Fleet List Image.


That is what it is called in the Rebellion Editor.


I think your picture is a good work in progress. I thinks you should tone down the shading on the left cheek (viewer's left, not subject's) and the glare on the right cheek. The chin looks a little inconsistant from one side of the face to the other as well. The eyes looks really good though, and that's the hardest part.


I critique reluctantly because I haven't gotten the knack of useing the smoothing tool to make photos look like paintings myself.


Also, I think you meant to say you used Nothos's clothing.

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Yes, like the dark troopers too. I just say, we must try to avoid comics. Some comics have too unrealistic drawings. But if we decide to use a picture taken from comics, we should alter that drawing too, to make it more Rebellion like. Ruhk could be morphed from an old mans photo. I think I have got the stuff for it.
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So here is a new artwork. It's also not defined, but could be a picture for Joorus in the upcoming TC.


The original:




And the altered:




It's not finished yet, minor modifications will be done only. I will consult with the card creators team about it.

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Nice, by the way, how to you get imgs on the post. But any way both of your pic LLF are great, Much better than what I do :)
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