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Curious about getting info regarding Rebellion gameplay fix


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Perhaps this post might fall into game editing category, but I just signed up and this looks like the most popular forum. I haven't played Rebellion for awhile now but have a chance now to get some multiplayer going with my brother. What I remember made the game most tiresome of all, was the lack of a simple method to assign permanent missions to units. For the majority of gameplay, that kind of thing wouldn't be too helpful. But it was the detailwork, having to constantly reassign espionage units to spy on the same planet all the time which was maddening. What I'm hoping for, does anybody know if there are trainers/patches/fixes out there which have modified the gameplay to do that or anything else which makes the game more fun? I don't care much about retooling stats so you can build mega-fleets or whatever. Any info would be awesome, thanx ahead...

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I'm unaware of such a fix...even though it would be nice. I admit I hate having to continuously send espionage missions to important systems (Rebel HQ, Coruscant, etc). Maybe Greg's game will have that function (see Rebellion 2).

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It's only annoying if it matters that the enemy knows that you're weak!!! If you're strong make sure he can complete an espionage mission so that you can dishearten him!!!

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