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Starting Fleet?


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Hello everybody,


Does anyone know if there is anyway to adjust the factors that decide what either side’s starting fleet consists of?


I ran a search, but can not think of a way to narrow the search enough to find useful information.

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Errm, to the best of my knowledge: these units and ships are given at random to the player at the start of each game.


Setting the research level of some ships to 0 might help 8)




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I want to adjust the number of ships the Empire gets, not the type. I’m looking for the numbers that effect the probability any Imperial system will have a fleet. I’d also like to increase the number of world that start under military control.


In my conversion of the game, I’m giving the Empire a much stronger army, but weaker Special Forces and the Alliance improved Special Forces.

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Jabba the Hutton,


I have not found a way to do this. The best you can do is load down Coruscant with troops/fighters/facilities.


I have tried setting the research to 0 for all cap ships, but as far as I can tell, I never get any of the advanced ships at the start of the game...

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just a bit of a theory on my part but i think the starting ships are determined, partly, by maintenance costs. Though making all ships cost 1 doesn't mean you'll get a hundred ships..there's a limit


though of course i may just be completely off my rocker

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And the more maintainance points you have, the more ships you get. Try setting every sector's priority to high in RebEd (this makes them revealed, populated and randomly assigned to either side, like the core sectors) and you will have a grand fleet due to 6000 or so maintanance points in the initial pool.

Once the computer started with something like five ISDs and 12 VSDs (there was no way he could have built more than one of each in the 300 days it took him to show up at my main facility planet).

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When you start the game drastically reduce the manitenance cost for units you wish more of at start, save game, change back with RebEd, load game and play.

I do that when i play because when i changed maintenance cost for the rebels, every time i run on hard game setting, they tend to get WAY to big fleets which then totally crunched my tiny imperial fleet the first time i tried this variant.


Ships that will appear in random amounts and at random places at start is:

Rebels: Bulk cruiser, Escort carrier, Corellian corvette and medium transport.

Empire: ISD, VSD, Imperial Dreadnaught, Galleon, Carrack light cruiser.


Last game i started gave rebs at least 37 bulk cruisers, 78 corvettes, 31 transports and 26 carriers, since that was the highest numbers on the ships i could see at Yavin from start.

Me as little empire got 14 ISD(unusually many, even for this mod), 11 VSD, 9 IDN, 21 Galleons and 17 Carrack CLs.


If you think that sounds like simple, well first thing i do in a game is to do orbital bombardment(targeting civillians usually accomplish this faster with less total casualties) until at least 9 planets in each (high importance)sector not close to Sesswenna joins the rebels.

Then all fleets goes "home", beginning to take over Sesswenna, Calaron, Corellian, Dolomar and Moddel(which i turned to "high importance").

Last time, i didnt control those "home sectors" until around day 350, so this way it becomes a bit of a challenge.


For comparison, i have set maintenance as:

ISD 18 VSD 11 IDN 8 Carrack CL 6 Bulk Cruiser 6 Corvette 5 etc. etc.


And BTW Hutton, the AI is a bit odd when selecting ships to build, if you lower cost of a big ship too much, it sometimes seems to skip them totally. Have happened me several times when reducing costs for the Mon Calamari cruiser, and the AI showing up with fleets totally devoid of that ship while building Dreadnaughts in large amounts instead, even when it was high enough up in research to build Assault frigates and all that.

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Thanks you Direwolf, this may work for me.


My goal is to give the empire a stronger starting navy. In my conversion, I intend to make maintenance the limiting factor for the Alliance, and construction cost the limiting factor for the empire, so I could incorporate your suggestions for the desired effect.


The rational is that Rebels get volunteers bringing ships so they don’t have to spend much to field them, but have a hard time maintaining their supply lines.


The Empire, on the other hand, has a galactic bureaucracy to support their army, but need to spend a lot on the construction of their star destroyers.

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Has any of that helped at all Hutton? It's something i'd like to look at too, giving the Empire more and/or better ships at the start. Its something the TC team needs to think about. :)

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