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Troop Regiments...


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Ok, just an idea guys, but would it it possible to have troop regiments involved in military assaults or defenses, even failed sabotage missions against them to suffer losses in a similar manor to fighter squadrons?


This might add some some edge to planetary invasions where you have a scenario of less than total troop supremacy and the assualt might well succeed but at the cost of damaging the assault troops....


Obviously, they would replace their losses over time, (even quicker on a system with Troop Training Facilities...just like fighter squadrons... in my games i've got damaged and repaired fighter squadrons flying all over the place... hay, newbies :wink: )


If this is just another of my 'wild ideas,' a simple qualified 'no' will surfice.

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Jahled, this is a good idea. I've always felt that the battles on the planet surface were lame (i.e., there are none). But to be honest, I almost always (99% of the time) just bomb the crap out of them from space, then land my troops. If there are shields, I'll sabotage. If I can't sabotage, I'll build a fleet so big that I'll, guess what....


Bomb the crap out them.



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Jahled, your wild ideas never are finished with no.

It's a good idea, but again glandry has provided a more simple alternative.

Just bomb the hell out of them, a more dynamic participation of troops on the planet could be implemented in Reb II.

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Yup we should b :twisted: mb their asses into spacedust

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It's a pity it's not like the space combat, you could build squads of At-Ats etc and then maneuver them around each other!

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I used to play a game called Imperium Gallactica that had excellent an excellent ground battle component in addition to space battles. In this game, you not only build fleets but you also manage the colonization (and defense) of planets. Your research options include various tank-type vehicles and associated weapons systems.


Cool game, but unfortunately not based on STAR WARS!!

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