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August 10, 2005 Screenshots


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Ok I'll post these new 3 ones and the other ones I never saw :roll: Enjoy.



















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Wow nice screens and a couple of things I noticed right off.


:arrow: In the first screen there appears to be a rebel guy :shock: marching with the Imperial ground forces. Does that mean that you can capture ground forces and interrogate them or something? Or is it a rebel hero that has been captured? Also it could just be an Imperial spy that is going to infiltrate the rebels or something.


:arrow: On the space stations pics I still can't tell if the station is firing weapons or not.


Again nice find!

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-Stations are firing I can see the tail of the laser.

-Lol thats the second time now that we see that Rebel dude. Must be the same picture but different angle of that. Does make me think if the Rebels could be captured and reused :roll:

- I see the Rebels build a wall under that "O" ring in Tatooine. I say this because I think this is the one from the E3 Video :roll:


I like these 3 new pics :)

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I think you missed some from 90 to 97.


And some of them are not new / I remember I've used some for the gif of the site ....


Anyway Vader is still to large :cry: I want 10% scale increase for the vehicles.

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Your always on top of things man, great pic's! I agree with Ismal, vechials need to be just a bigger, to really give a feel of the feeling big war machines have on infintry and your opponent.

-You seem to have an over developed sence of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble some day.

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Guest JediIgor

What are those 4 Rebel vehicles in the 2nd pic? On the right I see a Saber-class Tank, an AT-AA, and an AT-AT.


Too bad they aren't Yuckane-Trackatas from Force Commander :(. The lower left one could be a Juggernaut but I really really doubt it. Would make sense though, since those were in Episode III.. no reason not to have it!


By the way, anyone know if Saber-class tanks were in Episode III? I think they were a Battlefront invention.

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Hmm, why would the artillery be so close to the enemy units? You'd think it would be across a map wouldn't you Shocked


This JI is what I've come to call the C&C effect. If you played their earliest games (Red Alert) you'd discover that the range of a tank and an artillery piece were the same... Oh well we can modify it to our liking.

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Well, the allied artillery pieces had a longer range than tanks but was rather slow firing and wildly in-accurate. The cruiser was far better as artillery, though about the same in accuracy it could lay down more fire. The soviet V3 (really a scud) had incredible range, was pretty accurate, but took awhile to re-load. All were best at building busting and tearing up infantry. They could sit outside the range of, for example, a tesla coil and blow it up and the area damage ate up infantry squads. The MRLS of the GDI was kick arse. That thing had range, power, and a good rate of fire.


Anyways, my favorite vid game artillery piece of all times would probably be the NSA's from Ground Control 2. To me that is what artillery should be. The thing had to set up, had a huge range, fired its rounds in high arching trajectories, fairly in-accurate but had large damage area, most effective when force attacking an area and not a single target, and if anything was directly hit (which was rare) all but the most heavy of armored vehicles would be instantly destroyed.

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