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EAW - mod friendly feedback

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There are a lot of topics going on for features that players would like to see.


I would add this simple one: make the game as modable as possible. Any game parameters should not be hard-coded, but stored in a text file.


Modders can then change these values as desired and thus can greatly affect the gameplay of the game without intervention from the developpers. Needless to say, this greatly enhance the longevity of a game. Just look at the amount of mods available for Civ3.


Game elements that should be stored in text files

1) Unit statistics

2) Global fleet force composition: how many of each ship class should the AI aim for globally. You want an AI that builds lots of carriers, set the setting where carrier is set to 90% of all ship classes.

3) Fleet composition: give role to fleet and what each of them should be composed of in terms of ship classes

Raiding fleet - used to conduct hit and run tactics on enemy planet

Invasion fleet - used to conduct planet invasion

Space superiority fleet - used to engage enemy fleet

When the AI decides to conduct a specific operation, strategically speaking, it will then assemble a fleet for that purpose and then use it.

4) Global ground force composition: how many of each ground units should the AI aim for globally.

5) Army composition: give role to army and what each of them should be composed of in terms of units

Defensive army - used to defend your planets

Offensive army - used to invade enemy planets

Home world army - what should your capital planet (if such a planet exist) be composed of. This planet should be a fortress.

6) Planet infrastructure composition: what should the AI build (build order)on each planet based on the planet strategic value.

Possible strategic value for planet: home world, shipyard, economic center, etc...

Things are not as they seem,

nor are they otherwise

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We all hope that it will be mod frendly. Nick at E3 said that it will be - but before mods I really want to play it first :)


I think we will have some sort of editor.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Petroglyph FF Admin.

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Well I keep on having the idea to mod something and EAW seems like the right type of game to mod this for since it has both space and planets. Would it be to much to ask just for a unit making program or it is early to send a unit modding tool out or a planet modding tool ? Well not now maybe but how about mid or end of summer ???


I just feel like modding something into the game. :)

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What an Editor in the game package kind of like Liero and AOE?? Can we create our own planets then?

make a half naboo half tatooine planet hehe. what was the name of the planet where obi wan and anakin fought? i would love to go there with my AT-ATS and force push those rebel scum into the lava bwahahaha :twisted:

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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I just hope you'll at least be able to do different things like the alter the music and create-import characters/units for the game. Nothing would make me happier than being able to perhaps do the likes of "when Jedi and Sith clash, 'Duel of the Fates' will be playing in the background." And so forth and such.
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That could be a good idea. It really depends on what the programmers feel as being the correct route for the game to progress along.
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Yup but as I keep on saying and probably getting old now, they could either do it at the last moment or patch it in ? Who knows. Well If the losing or winning theme is going to be played all the time I bet about 20% or more will get ticked off from the same tunes.
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rofl, hes always annoying so what can you do. Also wonder how c3po will look in this game same as R2. Imagine seen them on a crazy adventure. Watch them magically win a fight they wouldn't of in space on a space craft :shock: some tunes hinting at whats going on.
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