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Another Star Wars Rebellion Editor...


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Ok guys, just downloaded this from curiously enough, the downloads section, and i'm stumped!! Does some kind soul wont to explain a few of these files, what to do with them, etc... :?
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well as far as i can see from swre all you can do is see the stats of units, i dont see any way to change things, kinda odd seeing as its called star wars rebellion EDITOR.. oh well maybe i just missed something.
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SWRE is a DOS-based Rebellion editor, the forerunner of RebED. RebED can do everything SWRE can, and more. So SWRE is kinda pointless.


Perhaps it can help our coders though who want to make their own editor.


Still, for the majority of people, don't d/l SWRE. It doesn't do anything more than RebED.


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Guest Scathane
A nostalgic stormtrooper?
Yeah, well... I can imagine a Stormtrooper being nostalgic... The Empire was defeated in the Expanded Universe, wasn't it?
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:lol: ahhhh, nostalgia, I remember that.....

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