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What would win in a 3-way Battle?  

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  1. 1. What would win in a 3-way Battle?

    • Leonia Tavira's ISD II Invidious
    • The "Errant Venture", Backstab (corvette) and Rogue Squadron
    • McDonald's Hamburglar (FTW?)

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hi guys

I have a little problem and was wondering if u could help me out

I just reinstalled windows after wiping my HDD

All drivers, everything

Now, all my games currently installed (Halflife 1&2 deathmatch, CounterStrike Source, Driver Parallel Lines, and Homeworld 2) kepp crashing to desktop after about 5-10 min of play, and occasionally the comp reboots itself

There are no error messages of any sort displayed when this happens.

The games worked perfectly on my previous install of windows (win 2k professional)


System Specs


Ati X1600 Ice-Q Pro Turbo 256-mb Graphics

Amd 64 4200 processor (single core)

Abit K8N Motherboard

1 gig Corsair Ram

160 gig Hard Disk Drive

Funky Purple Fan (if it makes a difference)


If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it


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My guess would be something overheating.. if its games, then probably the video card.


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I love this tool, freebie from Microsoft.




Hopefully you still got a floppy drive and disk, test your memory. You can also burn the tool to cd but that's a waste of plastic. Sounds like memory errors to me. Turdburglar FTW!

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Have you installed all drivers, expecially the video-driver?


Have you installed the actual version of DirectX?


Have you checked all cables?


That´s all which comes up my mind up till now.

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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aight i did the test everything checks out however, i popped the ram into different mb slots just incase its the connectors. seems to be working thanks guys!!!
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I'll post what I do when I reinstall, it's a faq I wrote for another site;


Installing Windows XP – I wrote this up for a friend, hope it helps.


Things to have ready :

• Your XP CD. Your XP CD key. Helpful tip : don’t have the CD KEY on the XP CD. When you need it the disk will be in the drive…

• Hardware manual – to make certain all the hardware is in right. Be certain the dip switches on the HD’s are set correctly to master/slave. The bios is set to boot from the correct source (CD to start – remember to switch to your preferred boot choice once done installing).

• Drivers for MB, video, audio, keyboard, mouse and anything else that plugs in.

• Internet passwords, installation instructions and your ISP phone #

• Anti-virus, malware (spyware doctor, search and destroy etc.) and firewall software ready with cd keys.

• Be disconnected from the Net.


New install :

• Since all your Hardware is set up properly…

• Drop in the CD and reboot.

• XP will start installing. If you need to install 3rd party RAID drivers you should be ready to interrupt the install once prompted about 30-45 seconds into the initial boot.

• You’ll reach a screen which allows you to partition your HD’s and select one for installation. Things to keep in mind :

o Having you pagefile.sys which will be located in the root directory of the windows installation on a completely separate HD will increase performance. When Your OS requires information from an application that requires use of the pagefile.sys,you are forcing multiple data streams down a single channel. Partitioning the drive does not solve this.

o I like to partition like this heavy work area : low work area. This allows for high performance requirement software, like games, to be kept defragged at all times in the low work area. While HD space which is continually changed, added, deleted and accessed can be kept isolated. This allows your XP root drive and its pagefile.sys to function with an application, like a game, with high performace.

o If you only have a single drive, I would partition a section for your OS with room for anything else you want there… always leave extra from other software and 15% more so defrag works well.

• Here you will also choose between FAT 32 vs. NTFS. You choose, here are some pointers with the better of the two:

o Security -> NTFS.

o Compatibility with earlier Windows > FAT 32.

o Efficiency -> NTFS.

o Durability -> NTFS.

• Format all the drives in the same file system, or you’ll face serious issues at a later date, and continue with the installation.

• Everything at this stage is self explanatory… just follow the screens. Skip the internet setup wizard, you will do that manually later.

• OK! Installed, it will be screaming about drivers… the choice is yours to let windows use its database of drivers or you use the factory ones provided with the hardware… I like to mix everything up!

• Get your MB/chipset drivers on. Install your video, audio and the rest now if you don’t need updated versions from the Net.

• Set up the internet, don’t get online yet.

• Install your anti-virus, firewall and all the anti-malware software.

• Get online.

• Update your anti-virus, firewall and all the anti-malware software.

• Update windows using… windows update.

• Update all the drivers.

• Install everything else.


If you did all that right, and have not conflicts then it sounds like heat, as mentioned above, or you've damaged some hardware. You could do a HD error check. (please recheck your drivers though[vid/mobo/bus controller/usb controller/sound/etc], it is a biggie)


If that is all checked off as OK, then do what Eagle said, again :)

Have you installed all drivers, expecially the video-driver?


Have you installed the actual version of DirectX?


Have you checked all cables?

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