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Scifi Galactic Governments


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I was just thinking about some of the governments and their names. Trying to come up with some cool, non-traditional ones. So I felt like we could start a list....


So really, they don't have to be scifi related, nor galactic, nor perhaps a real "government"

I know we can think of tons of variations, so let's take some real ones and then break them down


Bold the main root.. ala, the noun

Italic proper words... if its not something that would normally be recognized (someone's name, a specific location, etc, then its probably unncessary

Leave the adjectives ... prefixes, suffixes, whatever parts could be interchangable to describe the root


Add such names, as long as they introduce something new.. an adjective probably, not another proper name. There are so many ___ Empires we could use.

And finally, cite the source of such names.


Let's start...


Galactic Empire - Star Wars

Rebel Alliance / Alliance to Restore the Republic - Star Wars

Confederacy of Independent Systems - Star Wars

Galactic Republic - Star Wars

Galactic Federation of Free Alliances - Star Wars

Chiss Ascendancy - Star Wars

Hapes Consortium - Star Wars

Corporate Sector Authority - Star Wars

Tion Hegemony - Star Wars

Centrality - Star Wars

Pentastar Alignment - Star Wars

United Federation of Planets - Star Trek

Romulan Star Empire - Star Trek

Borg Collective - Star Trek

Dominion - Star Trek

Tholian Assembly - Star Trek

Cardassian Union - Star Trek

United Earth Directorate - Starcraft

Protoss Conclave - Starcraft

Umojan Protectorate - Starcraft

Kel-Morian Combine - Starcraft

Global Defense Initiative - C&C

Brotherhood of Nod - C&C

The Core - Total Annihilation

The Arm - Total Annihilation (perhaps Arm is generic enough?)

Cybran Nation - Supreme Commander

Aeon Illuminate - Supreme Commander


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Twelve Colonies of Kobol - Battlestar Galactica

Quorum of the Twelve (ruling body) - Battlestar Galactica

Elution Alliance - Stargate

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All of these are from the Babylon 5 series:


Narn Regime

League of Non-Aligned Worlds

Centauri Republic

Earth Alliance

Minbari Federation

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ZahnConsortium- Forces of Corruption

... That's all I've got. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. E took all o' mine.


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Hmm, I'll Battletech it up.


Draconis Combine

Federated Suns

Federated Commonwealth

Lyran Commonwealth

Lyran Alliance

Free Worlds League

Capellan Confederation

Star League

Terran Hegamony

House Kurita, Davion, Steiner etc.

Outerworld Alliance

The Clans eg. Jade Falcon Clan, Smoke Jaguar Clan

Magistracy of Canopus

Taurian Concordat

Word of Blake





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From the freespace universe:


Galactic Terran Alliance(GTA)

Parliamentary Vasudan Empire(PVE)


Freespace 2:


Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance(GTVA)

Neo-Terran Front(NTF)


And the Shivans

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