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Current (Rebellion) game's you're playing.


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Perhaps this might belong better in General but I'll throw it here for now.


"fanfic or ingame experiences."


You would have though that we'd have some uber long thread like this already the way things like the Randomness Threads take off.


Describe what you're going through in any current game of Rebellion you're playing.





In preparation for Rebellion Reloaded I've started some practice on Hard. I didn't try to sabotage the enemy shipyards, Con-Yards, and then Mines and Refineries like I normally do on Hard. (Followed by simultanious blockade of all Imp planets. :roll: )


No, this time I just tried to do things straight up. It's been interesting.


Arround Day 400 I used Traitor to finally get an accurate count on size of the Imp Fleet.

5x ISD

9x VSD

3x Dreadnaught

7x Carrack Cruiser

2x Lancer

1x Corvette (Yes I added certain ships to both sides.)

11x Galleon


Not huge-huge but I've been catching a rather unlucky break so far. I took the Corellian sector early on and most of the Dolomar sector. Because of the proximity the Imps sent their fleets from Coruscant into the sector resulting in a knock-down-drag-out-fight.

The Imps began to invade any of my planets in the sector with insuficient shield coverage (Most of them) for starters. Thankfully I was able to sabotage the remaining Gencores and bombard the enemy troops in most cases, taking back the planet.

Arround day 300 the Imps took the Planet Ketaris literally 1 day before a Mon Cal Cruiser was to be completed. The planet was retaken with the shipyards intact but the damage to my fleet was irreversable. No other Heavy ships would be completed anywhere else in the galaxy for some 60 days. I wasn't about to risk building more of them at Ketaris, with it still in the front lines of an Imp campain.


Some twenty days later the Rebel fleet struck at the Imperial strongpoint in the system, bombarding their toops and then garrisoning the planet.

The presence of General Dodonna on planet would make the Imps think twice about invasion. Even so they still held other Rebel loyal worlds.


The Imp fleet scrambled to meet my combined taskforce for that half of the Galaxy massed over their former stronghold. A-wings, X-wings and Y-wings along with one of my two carriers, Bulk Cruisers and Corvettes had been called in.

The battle was more of a massacre. The imps brought in an ISD leading some seven Victory Destroyers. Had I been facing the Destroyers and Ties alone victory would have belonged to the Rebellion that day. Instead my starfighters were mowed down by five Carrack Cruisers and a Corvette.


One of my Corvettes escaped, I don't know how. The ISD Punisher had been crippled and as soon as the battle ended the Imp fleet left orbit without her. I rushed two Corvettes to the scene that hadn't arrived in time for the main battle. Instead of killing the crippled ship the ISD repaired it's Hyperdrives and escaped. :roll:

Thus so far has marked the point where I began an evacuation of the Core Regions.


Strangely despite their victory the Empire failed to capitalize on their gains and left the sector mostly alone for some time. They widthdrew to one of the rebel-loyal planets they held in the sector while I battened down the rest of the system. Dual GenCores, a minimum three Sulustan regiments and three Trooper regiments ensured satisfactory protection.

All shipyards in the sector sent their new ships into the Outer Rim at a resonably secure staging area. Luke left for Dagobah.


Espionage attempts on my other core systems began and the Empire swept up the Sluis sector while I attempted to explore the Rim and expand.

Halowan and Obra-sakai became the targets for repeated Imp hit and fades along with sabotage.

Han Solo's fleet in the Corellian Sector finally completed a Mon Cal Cruiser well past day 400. My Deep space Shipyard at Elrood finished it's first ship, an ISD, arround 450 and the Dolomar sector shipyards built two Dreadnaughts.


While the Dolomar sector may have been exporting the majority of it's ships to the rim for protection, eventually more small groups of Corvettes and Gunships were finished that never left the sector. Starfighter groups were positioned so they could be moved out of the sector if needed but massed together to threaten any Destroyers.


Luke came back from Dagobah after day 500. The Imperials had captured Ackbar when they killed my fleet. I wanted him back.

By day 550 Luke was a Jedi Master though he still couldn't quite rescue Ackbar. I basically spammed the Imp system with attacks by Special forces and then all of a sudden the Imp fleet half vanished. An ISD and a Carrack Cruiser tried to raid Wor Tandel but they must have taken troops off the planet because all of a sudded the formerly Imp held world was Neutral, Ackbar escaped from a Galleon with Page and the Strike teams were returning with mission failed messages. 8O


I rushed seven Corvettes and a Frigate into Orbit of the planet before the Destroyer could return. I noticed that the Carrack Cruiser would arrive a few days ahead of the Destroyer, long enough for my A-wings to arrive on the Frigate. Only both imp ships were in the same fleet.

The Light cruiser ran as soon as it saw my Frigate and a couple of the Corvettes escorting it. I waited the two days longer for the Destroyer to arrive and nothing happened.

:? "Where's the goddamed Destroyer?"

*Whistles for a second*

No more imperial fleets were inbound.


"Luke! Leia! Diplomacy now!"


Day 593: the Alliance declares victory in the Dolomar sector. Ackbar is back but the Empire escaped holding one of my Jedi Candidates.


Day 596: The Imperial Main fleet appears in orbit of Vagran in the Corellian sector. A fleet bombardment destroys seven troop regiments, five shipyards and the 80% complete Mon Karren.

The Alliance Fleet remains in orbit of Selonia lacking the firepower to face an Imperial fleet equipped with Carrack Cruisers and Lancer Frigate Support.



Fleet as of Day 597


2x Mon Cal Star Cruiser

1x ISD

4x Carrier

4x Dreadnaught

8x Frigate

27x Corvette

14x Gunship

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Day 600: The advent of Advanced Shipyards, Shiled Generators and the like have changed things little. Balfron has gotten it's shield Generators in place and Luke has begun training Jedi.


Day 670: Bothan Spies reveal the construction of Interdictor Cruisers by Imperial Shipyards.

Upgrades continue on the now massive Elrood Shipyard hidden in the Outer Rim. Lack of Refined materials begin to plague all construction projects with delays. The Imperials resume their hit and fade attacks upon the Dolomar Sector.


Day 706: The Largest Imperial fleet yet assembled blockades the Ketaris shipyards. The yards though only posessing 1 Gencore are garrisoned with two Mon Cal Regiments. The 1st of 4 Imperial planetary Assaults wipes out all Sullustan Regiments on the planet along with Army Regiments. General Iblis manages to hold the planet.

The 2nd assault destroyes one of the Mon Cal Regiments costing the Imperials many more Stormtroopers. With only 1 regiment left and no sign of the Imperial fleet letting up I decide to scrap the Shipyards rather than allow them to fall into Imperial hands.

The next two assaults kill the last Regiment and then take the planet. The General escapes but other minor characters are captured.


Upon the Imperial Fleet's widthdrawl, Page and Nara sabotage 5 of the regiments left behind in time for Han to show up with troops to take the planet. All remaining Mon Cal Regiments in the sector are rushed to the Planet allowing enough time for a second gencore to be put in place.


Day 743: Fleet Ambush at Balfron

5x CRV ----- 2x FRG ----- 3x GUN

8x Y-wing -- 7x X-wing -- 6x A-wing



4x ISD, 8x VSD, 7x CRK, 3x DREAD, 2x L/FRG, 1x CRV, 1x Interdictor

7x Interceptor, 36x Tie Fighter, 1x Tie Bomber.


My Starfighters were able to quickily destroy the Interdictor and widthdraw before all of the Ties could launch from their carriers. The Frigate Shields were just powerful enough to soak off a few seconds Turbolaser fire while the fleet jumped away. All 8 Y-wing Squadrons were lost and 1 of the A-wing Units. With this new danger the small advanced fleet is pulled back to safer locations whenever possible.


Day 800: Imperial Attacks on the Corellian Sector intensify well beyond the previous raid.


Day 866: A Natural Disaster strikes the Planned site of my second large shipyard project. Only 1 Shipyard was on site at the time. Construction on the other yards had not even begun yet.


Day 885: Attempted Ambush on Mon Remonda by Imperial Second Fleet.

6x CRV, 2x FRG, 6x GUN, 4x Bulk Cruiser, 1x CRS, 2x Carrier

10x Y-wing -- 6x X-wing -- 11x A-wing



4x ISD, 6x VSD, 1x DREAD, 2x L/FRG, 1x Interdictor

16x Interceptor, 19x Tie Fighter, 2x Tie Bomber.


Once again my fighters destroyed the Interdictor before the the Capital ships could be harmed. This time however Interceptors were among the first fighters launched causing heavy losses among both the A-wing and Y-wings.


Day 900: With the escalating number of Interdictor Cruisers detected and Tie Defenders beginning to appear there is little choice left. Preparations for a full fleet Invasion of Coruscant are beginning at Secure Locations.


Day 936: A Frigate and Escorts are ambushed at Kessel by an Imperial Star Destroyer and Interdictor. Tie Defenders massacre the handfull of X-wings squadrons present. The Imperials lose one Lancer Frigate in the battle.

Intel Reports the Imperial Fleet now has some 10 Interdictors, 13 to 14 Imperial Destroyers as well as their 9 Victory Destroyers.

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Good read Defender, I am in the middle of a game but seldom keep good enough track to write about it. At this point I (as Empire OF COURSE lol) am doing all right, but the rebel scum are not done by any chance. - Grand Moff Conway
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Day 980-1000 : The Empire assaults Kessel and Akrit'tar and begins immediately sending new mines and refineries. The Empire is incredibly desperate for Maintinence now and several of their largest shipyards sit unused.


Day 1009: The Heavy Cruisers and other battle fleets begin to arrive at their staging points. Luke continues to train his 3 apprentices while they await the arrival of troops and starfighters.

Han and a large number of characters conduct sabotage missions on the troops stationed at Kessel and Akrit'tar.


Day 1054: Recon missions to Coruscant reveal an increased presence of Destroyers in orbit. Five Destroyers, ISD's and VSD's, and an Interdictor guard the planet. The Imperial fleet staging points of Ghorman and Bortras continue to show heavy traffic.

Delays in troops deployment push back the launch date for the assault on Coruscant. The extra time is spent building up additional starfighter reserves for after the capital is taken.


Day 1103: Massing completed. Launch date is set.

The new shipyards at Podris begin operations. The Completely upgraded Shipyards at Elrood begin production of a Victory II Destroyer force to someday defend Coruscant.


Akrit'tar is temporarily retaken from Imperial troops.


Day 1110: The 2nd, and 3rd Fleets launch for Coruscant. Mon Mothma Leaves shortly afterward with the Troop Transport fleet.


Day 1122: The 4th and 5th Fleet Launches under the Command of Luke Skywalker.


Han Solo and the Special Forces move their fight to retake Ithor from Imperial troops. Attempts to retake Kessel, Akrit'tar and Sekor II are abandoned.


Jedi Knight Nara arrives in time to help secure Ithor, allowing General Madine to garrison the planet with Mon Cal Regiments before the Imperial fleet arrives. All planets fo value in the sector remaining in rebel hands are now garrisoned with sufficient strength to hold off Imperial assaults until the last shield generators are in place.


1150: Battle of Coruscant.

Despite the lack of a Rebel Interdictor the Imperial forces do not flee the battle. The Imperial Starfighters attempting to attack the Rebel fighter forces end up flying through a grouped formation of the Rebel Fleet. The Ties take fire from every last Rebel Capital ship before they are able to engage the fighters.


The Imperial Capital ships are wiped out moments after they enter the flighting but still mannage to damage the Rebel command ship ISD: Alleigance.


Day 1150-1152: Re-organisation of the fleet.


Day 1153: Orbital bombardment and Invasion of Coruscant.

Palpatine Captured.


Day 1160: Mon Mothma arrives with the additional troops.


Palpatine is loaded onto a tranport to be taken to a new holding facility in the Outer Rim. :wink:

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I'm waiting for the next post. I imagine it will go something like this..


"Palpatine transfers his mind to a clone on Byss, summons his eclipse battle group, and pounds the crud out of your sorry rebel fleet!"




back on topic

I haven't played rebellion in a while, as I've been spending most of my time on programming my own game. Perhaps I've forgotten how fun it is, I think I'll try to get a game started today.


The thing that has always been screwing up my rebellion games lately has been my unchecked use of rebedit. It's always annoyed me that the rebel ships usually have much better stats then the imperial ships, but when i redo all of the stats, the Imps invariably are extremely powerful and the rebs don't have a chance. Hopefully this problem doesn't show up in my game as well, I haven't gave much thought to balance yet.


I should really make a flashy banner

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I'll post the how the day-progress has been going later but right now the newest bit.


Day 2335: 7th attempted battle at Chandrila

(Ie. the Imperials didn't reatreat right away this time.)


I've now seen the largest fleet ever assembled by the computer against me. I was starting to wonder when they might actually use the damn fleet to attack Coruscant but I got tired of waiting. I pulled out the Entire Coruscant Defense fleet, Ackbar's Rapid Response Unit, Han's anti-Zsinj fleet group(Technically Lando's) and any other fleet I had lying arround Coruscant collecting dust. My Dedicated Anti-starighter fleet is unfortunately busy on the other side of the Galaxy trimming back the Tie Defender numbers.


Rebel Fleet

2x SSD, 2x ISDII, 4x ISD, 7x VSDII, 8x Mc80, 7x A/FRG, 6x DREAD, 5x B/CRS, 11x FRG, 20x GUN, 19x CRV, 8x Carrier, 1x Dauntless, 1x Liberator


Imperial Main Fleet

4x SSD, 2x ISDII, 7x ISD, 8x VSD, 3x STRK, 3x DREAD, 1x INT, 5x Escort Carrier, 4x FRG, 15x CRK, 5x L/FRG


The Imp fleet isn't huge but the number of SSD's make a big diffrience and all of the Carrack Cruisers are fairly recently built.


In the end the Imperial fleet retreated losing only 1 Carrack Cruiser.

The starfighter battle before they decided to leave was absolutely huge though.



Empire: 9x Tie Fighter, 27 Tie Interceptor, 3x Tie Bomber, ~120 Tie Defender

[30x Defender Squadrons surviving]


Rebel: 120 Squadrons (Even mix of Y-wings, A-wing & X-wing)

[116 Squadons surviving]


My fighters brough the shields on one of the SSD's down to half before it escaped. The Fleet has returned to Coruscant to rebuild the Starfighter forces and await the arrival of a Trio of CC-7700 Frigates.

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Good battle with the starfighters dude. Nice read as well. Hopefully the Empire rebuilds their fleet and crushes you. Well I can dream can't I lol. - Grand Moff Conway
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Forgot to mention.


I totally whipped the Imperial Starfleet in another protracted fleet battle. Despide having Tie Defenders deployed to practically every world in the sector they didn't call any additional fighters in. Leaving them 30 squadrons to my 120 at the time of the battle.


This one was at Averam, one of the large shipyard worlds.


Imperial Losses:

4x SSD


12x ISD

8x VSD

10x Strike Cruisers

6x Escort Carriers

15x Strike Cruisers

8x Lancer Frigate

8x Nebulon B Frigate


New Republic Losses:

1x ISD (Alleigance)

5x Nebulon B Frigate

2x Corellian Gunship

1x Assault Frigate*


Though I only had 1 Star Destroyer and some smaller ships totally destroyed, many of my heavy ships were badly crippled.

The Super Star Destroyers Mediator and New Republic lost more than half of their HP. Emancipator and Freedom lost hyperdrives forcing me to invade the planet. (*Costing me an Assault Frigate to planetary defenses.) Half my corvettes were damaged and only 1 of my Star destroyers escaped harm of some kind. The Mon Cal Cruisers were consistently ignored through the entire battle allowing them and my Victory Destroyers to decimate the remaining SSD when it stopped trying to pound Descisive to rubble.


All of my ISDII's are out of comission for the forseeable future and half of SSD's.


The Empire has begun construction of new SSD's to rebuild their fleet. Which they wouldn't have needed to if they'd reprovisioned their fleet with Tie squadrons.

(I gave them 100 days dammit. The AI should smarten up.)


Remaining Imperial Forces consist of some scattered Interdictors, a Dreadnaught, an ISD and a VSD.

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This has been a great read, Defender.


I always hope my games end up that epic, but mine always seem like the AI does everything it can to suck. Those games are vanilla Rebellion, though.


What mods were you using for this game?

Obi-Wan on SW: Rebellion-

"This is the game of a Jedi Knight. Not as pretty or as fast as a FPS, but an elegant RTS for a more civilized age."



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All I did was cut the maintinence in half for the ships and enable the Star Destroyers, Corvettes and Nebulon B Frigates for both sides.

Was the maintenance (<-- correct spelling :wink: ) cut for both sides, or just the Empire?

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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Well just for the heck of it, I started a "vanilla" Rebellion game (no RebEd changes), huge galaxy, hard and started out as the Empire. As usual I started out with only 8 systems in four Core sectors, while the rebels started with 24 systems in six Core sectors (the AI needs all of the help it can get). We each have two systems in the Sesswenna sector, so I immediately send out Jerjerrod to do diplomacy to get the rest of the Sesswenna sector to my side. I only have 1 TF in this sector so espionage droids are the first priority. Fortunate for me I chose espionage droids, as the first mission for two of the droids was the rebel system of Balmorra. To my ultimate surprise the rebel fleet was already massing for a strike on Coruscant! In all of my years I've never seen this happen at the beginning of a game (it's day 20); there are TEN rebel fleets enroute, consisting of 1 bulk cruiser, 2 escort carriers, 6 Corellian corvettes and 11 medium transports! The rebels have all of that by day 20!! 8O But one must remember that the game is against the AI; the rebel fleet contains no fighters and only 8 of a possible 22 troops. Plus the AI has them arriving on a "staggered" schedule. I immediately moved my ISD from Coruscant to Balmorra blockading the system. I'll run off each of the rebel fleets as they arrive, but unfortunately there is another rebel system in the sector. I need to also blockade it to force the rebel fleet elements out of this sector.


The only other surprise I've seen so far is the rebels already have 3 shipyards on Sluis Van. I've never seen more than 2 shipyards at the beginning of a game; another first.


Has anyone ever encountered such surprises at the beginning of a game? Just curious :wink:

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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To my ultimate surprise the rebel fleet was already massing for a strike on Coruscant! In all of my years I've never seen this happen at the beginning of a game (it's day 20); there are TEN rebel fleets enroute, consisting of 1 bulk cruiser, 2 escort carriers, 6 Corellian corvettes and 11 medium transports! The rebels have all of that by day 20!! 8O But one must remember that the game is against the AI; the rebel fleet contains no fighters and only 8 of a possible 22 troops. Plus the AI has them arriving on a "staggered" schedule.

Well, Intelligence isn't quite up to snuff, yet. Both of the rebel escort carriers were fully loaded with a mix of X and Y-wings. Each rebel carrier arrived with a Corellian corvette, and chose to battle my ISD & fighters. Over the course of action I lost 3 Ties with the other 3 damaged. I quickly sent in reinforcements and exchanged out the damaged Ties. That was enough to handle the remaining rebel ships.


Over in the Fakir sector at Delaya, I got my butt handed to me on a platter. A couple of Y-wings and a single X-wing, wiped out my Tie escort on a Victory Star Destroyer. Then the incompetent commander & his gunners, couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. Shields were gone and systems taking damage when I call for the retreat. I go to get "immediate results", and by some miracle I'm victorious. Not a good victory as the hyperdrive is destroyed on my Vic, and I have no fighter replacements anywhere nearby. I think I'll just write him off already ... :?

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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As I'm buildilng up the Imperial Navy to battle rebel ships, I'm continually harassing their systems by sabotaging facilities, troops, fighters, defenses and spec forces. The rebel command structure and personnel are taking quite a beating also: :twisted:


Chewbacca & Mazer Rackus captured on Corsin.

Princess Leia captured trying to run a blockade on Corsin.

Page captured trying to rescue Princess Leia on Coruscant.

Han Solo captured while recruiting on Charmath.

Luke Skywalker captured doing diplomacy on Phraetiss.

Roget Jiriss captured attempting to incite an uprising on Palanhi.

Orrimaarko captured trying to rescue Roget Jiriss.

Borsk Fey'lya assassinated on Ketaris.

Vanden Willard assassinated doing diplomacy on Denab.

Talon Karrde assassinated doing diplomacy on Sarka.

Wedge Antilles assassinated doing research on Khomm.

Adar Tallon injured doing research on Khomm.


I know where everybody else is except for a lucky few. Where are you Mon Mothma? :twisted:


I have nice sector fleets coming together in the Sesswenna (2 ISD's, 1 Dreadnaught & 6 Lancers) and Dolomar (1 Vic SD, 1 Dreadnaught & 4 Lancers) sectors. The sector fleet in the Sluis sector is coming along slowly (1 Carrack, 1 Lancer & 2 Escort Carriers), and there are no ships available for Imperial systems in the Fakir sector (I'm not counting the "dead" Vic SD at Delaya). I have 1 Dreadnaught & a Galleon blockading Commenor. I have a Carrack blockading Phraetiss in the Farfin sector. The rebels haven't even tried to run me off, so I'm using my ships as "base of operations". I have 4 Noghri, 4 espionage droids & 8 commandos raiding throughout the Farfin sector, and only 2 espionage droids at Commenor :evil: .


The largest rebel fleet to date tried to break my blockade at Corsin in the Sesswenna sector. I had an ISD plus 6 Lancers waiting for the 5 medium transports, 5 Corellian corvettes and 3 (loaded) escort carriers. I sacrificed 3 Tie Fighters and 3 Tie Interceptors to destroy 4 Y-wings, 5 X-wings and damage 5 other X-wings, before the rebel scum ran off. They have visited the rebel system Caprionril and are now enroute to Sluis Van. The rebels have 5 Corellian corvettes and a mix of A-wings & X-wings on station there. I tried a quick attack on their forces, but lost 8 Tie Bombers & 4 Tie Interceptors to their losing 6 X-wings, and damaging half of the remaining A-wings & X-wings. When my Carrack lost shields I withdrew. :evil: I need more fire power!!


The rebels have the entire Farfin sector; most of the Fakir sector (1 Imperial & 1 neutral system); and 2 systems in each of the Sesswenna, Dolomar, & Sluis sectors; and 3 systems in the Corellian sector. I haven't even tried to explore the Outer Rim yet. I have all remaining systems in the Sesswenna & Sluis sectors; the majority of the Dolomar sector (1 Neutral & 2 rebel systems); and half the Corellian sector.


I'm building up facilities in the Dolomar & Sluis sectors, and doing diplomacy in the Corellian sector. My only MAJOR shipyard is at Ghorman (Sesswenna sector) producing ISD's ... as many as possible :twisted:


I'm only on day 360, so I have a long way to go. But, slow is fun :twisted::twisted::twisted::lol:

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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To my ultimate surprise the rebel fleet was already massing for a strike on Coruscant! In all of my years I've never seen this happen at the beginning of a game (it's day 20); there are TEN rebel fleets enroute, consisting of 1 bulk cruiser, 2 escort carriers, 6 Corellian corvettes and 11 medium transports! The rebels have all of that by day 20!! 8O But one must remember that the game is against the AI; the rebel fleet contains no fighters and only 8 of a possible 22 troops. Plus the AI has them arriving on a "staggered" schedule.


Lets assume they have fighters, still not much of a threat. How to handle this... you start with 10 ties on Coruscant, drop the 6 from your ISD to the surface giving you 16 on the ground. If you have an officer nearby send him to Coruscant and give him Commander rank. This way all fighters will be in orbit and not have to come out of ISD hanger. Use them in swarm formation around a navigation point near your entry point and let the rebel fighters come to you, 16 ties in swarm away from corvettes would easily slaughter 12 x/y's and put the ISD in surround mode and attack the center corvette formation. This will trap at least one corvette with the tractor before the AI orders retreat, all other corvettes if AI maintains attack will have to alter vector around the ISD and will slow their approach on your TIEs giving them time to kill the rebel x/y wings. Brilliant!

"In the future it will become easier for old negatives to become lost and be 'replaced' by new altered negatives. This would be a great loss to our society. Our cultural history must not be allowed to be rewritten." - George Lucas, 1988. [u.S. Congressional hearing testimony on film preservation.]


My old Rebellion site (very web 1.0) - Bud's Korner and Rebellion Strategy

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Im about to start up a new Rebellion game finally. Im actually gonna play as the Rebs this time around, and use RebEd to make the Imps build some Death Stars so I can blow them up.

Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!


My Website



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