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Longest Battle Ever?


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i can't remember the exact ship count, but one time my brother and i were playing and we decided it was late (like 100000 days in) and we were sick of playing it for so long, so we picked arebel rim world, and picked a day like 800-1500 days later and said, okay all the ships we have, in a fight right there, i was imps, i swear i had like 20 ssd 40+ isd2 60ish vsd2, 100's of lancers a dstar, and it was filled with defenders, we made a pack not to run, so i didnt need interdicts. he had like 60-100 bulwarks, 200 or so gunships and like 150 fighter transports, in the end i think the whole battle was a 4 hour affair, it was fun.

he won, but he lost all his capital ships, well all but 3 fighter carriers, he took out all my fighters first, and he also took down most of my anti-fighter suport, but my dstar was still blowing away his ships, well with my fleet taking out more, i think in the end he had like 400 squads of fighters, x/b wing mix taking out my ships, and not even a ssd can take the beating of 800 torps at once

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Much like the story above, some of us that played when the game was first on the MSN Internet Gaming Zone would start out a game with the intention of one massive battle at day 1,000 or so, throw it on fast and split the galaxy up, Rebs on one side Imps on the other. Then it was mostly about how many fighters you could serve up, insane amounts of lag back on 56k modems. =o)





Honestly, the longest fights I can recall are using one Carrack Light Cruiser vs. an Alliance Dreadnaught or Bulk Cruiser. As long as you keep a Carrack moving in what was eventually called a "Carrack Dance" by some, you will ever so slowly prevail as the Imperial Admiral. The Carrack's shield recharge just wins out over time as long as it's not getting pounded the whole battle, by moving it in and out of enemy weapons range, you slowly gain an edge.


The direct answer to your question, I think the longest I've ever fought a human player in one battle is just under two hours, and the most frustrating thing of all was that right as we came out of combat, we had a Reb.exe error, lol.

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hmm... longest possible battle would probably be (1)Lancer vs. (1)Gunship in a multiplayer game over an outer rim territory. There was a lot riding on this showdown and neither of us wanted to withdraw. The firepower and shield recharge of both these ships are nearly identicle, I think this battle took nearly two hours to resolve because both ships were fast and using nav points if the shields weakened the player could withdraw and have some time to recharge before engaging again.


As psychobob said... longest battles are with small fleets. Any combination of carrack vs. weak imp ship can take a while. I have taken two/three bulk cruisers out with a single carrack in multiplayer games. I think the battle above was against kaos, but I had long ones against CD and Bob as well.

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Longest battle ever was over a college campus LAN between myself and a former roommate.


We both decided we wanted a really big battle and set about dividing up the Galaxy evenly. I'd bombard a neutral sector so it would join him and vice-versa. Set for fast.


We started the battle between 11:30pm and midnight abouts and eventually agreed to let the computers continue the fight because we had classes in the morning.


I built as many Star Destroyers as I had names for. (Which was alot +80) Most were ISD and ISDII, 8 SSD's and support ships for each destroyer. I also threw in a few Carrier only support groups at the last second. For every ISD or ISDII that I built was: 1 dreadnaught, 2 Carriers, 3 Carrack cruisers, 2 Lancer Frigates, 1 VSD, 1VSDII, 1 Strike cruise, etc.

My friend, he just built Mon Cal Cruisers and Liberators until his maintinence hit zero or negatives.


I woke up arround 5:00AM and checked the game progress. It may have been technically cheating since I was the only one awake at that time but I tried to salvage what was left of my Destroyer force at that time.

The Chimera, Avarace, and Lusankya were in the best shape of the dozens that had already been crippled and repaired themselves. I took those along with any other heavy ships that still had engines and drew them to the edge of the map away from the heaviest remaining fighting.


Most of the still active fleets were made up of things like Carrack Cruisers, Frigates, corvettes, carriers. A few Dreadnaughts still hung in on either side along with some Victory Destroyers. By the time my Destroyers with engines got to my safe zone most of the Vics were floating. Two or three VSDII's might have made it to the safe zone though.


The Chimera with Thrawn still aboard recovered with better speed than most other Destroyers and went back into the fighting becoming the Rally point for a wing of Carrack Cruisers. With Carriers causing little damage I pulled them back to the safe zone to protect Lusankya until her guns could come back.


Mon Cal Cruisers reviving can be a scarry thing especially when several do it at the same time. I lost most of a squad of carracks before I realised the Cal's had no engines and couldn't persue.


Sometime between 6:00 and 6:30AM I sent the Lusankya and a force of Destroyers back into the mass-graveyard at the center of the map. I used the SSD's long range guns to pick off the Mon Cal's that had revived the most then went in with the ISD's to mop up. The Chimera finally bought it fighting about 30 Corvettes and Gunships but the last active ships were wiped away by my small group of repaired VSD's with a couple of ISD's backing them up.

The Liberators nearly revived before Lusankya got them but that was it, the battle was over.


Between 7 and 7:30AM the last Rebel ships were finally scrapped by the Turbolasers of some twenty repaired Destroyers. More than a Dozen Carrack Cruisers had made it through the battle with only minimal damage and most of the carriers had survived.


EDIT: I so totally killed this thread.

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Now, Ive never played against a human opponent, so I can't compare to these very long battles.

But otherwise, I think my longest was a 2 hour battle with about 5 ships on each side. Way it worked out was all the fighters died off about the time about the same time both sides' big ship-killers got crippled, and both died off pretty soon. So both myself and the computer (I was playing as the rebels. its just fun.) had our gravity well ships, I had two gun ships, and an escort carrier. The Imps had a lancer and a carrack, with an escort carrier of their own. About 10 minutes before it all ended they teamed-up on my 7700 and took it down. Went to attempt to disable my escort carrier but were driven off by the gunships, and then gave up the fight. So sadly, I didn't get to annihilate their fleet...

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Oh, Jesus. I was Imperial, the computer was Rebel. I don't remember where we engaged, sector or system, but it was one hell of an engagement.


Imperial ships included the flagship, a Super Star Destroyer, four ISDs, six or so Lancers, an Interdictor, and a few Carracks and Corvettes. The enemy brought in their SSD (I had modified what ships could be manufactured by both sides), a ISDs and Mon Cals, I think a Bulkwark, and a hell of a lot of fighters.


It's been a long time, but I remember starting the battle and having time to leave, make a sandwich, eat it, and come back, and the battle kept going. I would like to say it lasted in hour or so, but I don't think it was that long. I have to say, the coolest part was seeing those two SSDs going at each other, guns blazing. Too bad it was just the regular fire a shot, wait, fire a shot, wait... It would have been awesome to see a broadside engagement like the ones in Return of the Jedi, but between SSDs.

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