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Just Wonderin About Reloaded


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So about this time last year I think I asked if Reloaded was going to be ready for Christmass 2006. I think I got a rather Emphatic "Yes" as that time.


What's the response to that same question now after a year has passed?


( Would it be a "ZOMFG NO!" ? )

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I'll take this opportunity to answer this - being a junior member, I rarely (if ever) talk about reloaded. But I figure I'll take this as a chance to let some people in on the workings within the project.


First off, we've still got our targets set on 2006. If nothing else, a release beta should be ready to go (don't hold me to this) before the year is out.


Secondly, I'll just give you a rough overview of the workings within the Reloaded project, and more importantly the ever popular question: Why isn't it ready?

As many of you know, LLF has often (and repeatedly) asked for additional assistance from the community with help in various areas. Most of these request go un-answered, or turn into an empty hope where the member disappears or doesn't end up being able to do the work (don't get me wrong, there have been calls for help in areas such as voices of which we got a lot of support - but can still do with more if you care to lend your vocals to the project).

Currently, there are only a handful of people working on Reloaded (I'm not mentioning who or numbers, but if an RR members wont, voice who you are). Over the course of the project there have been many other members - some who have nothing more they can contribute, others who disappear or leave. The latter of which often cause a bit of turmoil and have ultimately aided in the time it's taken for the mod to develop. There's nothing worse than an online community working towards something when members just disappear and you're left trying to fill the void and get your head around what they had done (conceptually and physically).

Currently, I'm working on a movie and when it's well under way I'll be moving onto another task for the project, working simultaneously. After that, there will be more for me to do - assuming my limited skills are of use. Likewise, other people have their tasks - some of which are needed to get done before advancing. Which lends to the "online" problem. All members live all over the world, creating massive barriers for things as simple as a discussion (that being said, I know many of the senior members have gone out of their way to stay up later, get up earlier or whatever to have proper real-time conversations).

Recently, we had one of our larger set backs (I can only base this on my own experience in the team).

When the servers crashed for the forums, and everyone lost 4 months of posts and work - well, they weren't the only ones. The RR team suffered set backs from lost conversations, to the more dramatic lost work of a team mate.

Valiant strides were made, and that bump in the road has been smoothed out again, and as such we're back on track.

But it is a slow progress. Rebellion, to create a truly Total Conversion, requires a lot of work, with thousands of image files to be edited, models to be changed, videos created, making new voice overs, conceptual discussions on what's going to occur during the game, ships and units balanced and more - not to mention in the end, everything needs to be tested. This all takes time, and with a handful of people to work on it ... well, you get the picture.


So in closing, we're still excited about this project. We are still working on it, spending our own free time between studies and work and other real life moments like health problems to get it done. And we will get it done.




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Thanks for the answer.

I'm a french fan of rebellion, and i visit this site since 2 or 3 years now.

(i had another account but i lost it)

I just reinstalled rebellion again, to play vs a friend.

I'm not a programmer (can't even change a model. lol), and i don't think the game needs vocals done with my accent, but if i can do anything, just tell me.

'cause the game is awesome (i'm still learning things), and the opportunity to have it "redone" is very exciting (ah, if only they put more rebellion in Empire at war... but they missed it.)

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So what exactly is still needed for the project? I´m german and I may have a heavy accent too (at least sometimes :roll::oops:). But I would try to make some voice if it´s still needed. It may fit for an alien or something like that. ;)
Who cares at all?! :roll:
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I think I said something about some point trying to the C'Boath vocals but I have been hella busy with school this semester. Finals should be over on the 12th though so maybe I can throw together some C'Boath sounds if it help get the beta out by New Years ;p

"In the future it will become easier for old negatives to become lost and be 'replaced' by new altered negatives. This would be a great loss to our society. Our cultural history must not be allowed to be rewritten." - George Lucas, 1988. [u.S. Congressional hearing testimony on film preservation.]


My old Rebellion site (very web 1.0) - Bud's Korner and Rebellion Strategy

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*drops in, out of the shadows and looks at Krytos' post*


Yup, what the dude said 8)


*expertly hides again ... you know, in the shadows* :roll:




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