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Problems playing TCP/IP over Hamachi


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Hello guys !


A short time ago I could persuade a friend to buy SWR - of course because I wanted him to play it "together" ^^


But we have a problem.

We played SWR for some times about Hamachi, and everything worked fine. But today there was a problem :


He logged into my network

I opened a TCP/IP game

He typed in the Hamachi IP adress

but he couldn´t see a game.

We tried it two times more, then he created a new network over hamachi but it didn´t work either. We use the same version of Rebellion and Windows XP.


Does anybody know what´s going wrong and how to fix the problem ?

We love to play it against each other ^^


Uh...one more thing, please do not use any difficult constructions, I´m german ;)

Sachsen-Anhalt : Wir stehen früher auf !
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With or without Hamachi, we (my brother and I) are having the same problem. We even wired our computers together. No matter what we do we can't seem to get the TCP/IP game to show up. Rebellion fuctions just fine on both computers and have been updated to 1.01.

This is similar to a problem with another game, but I believe that was solved with wiring directly through a router, rather then wirelessly.

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Just shut down your Firewalls and than try it again. Or in german: Schaltet mal Eure Firewall aus und versucht es dann nochmal.



I´ve heard about that you have to open the ports in a router.

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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