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Forgive me, but given this is the only site left for Star Wars Rebellion, and, well, to be quite frank, whilst the membership list appears reasonably impressive, the ratio on contributing members is not; is there any need for 'private forums?' There are few of us left still interested in this very aging game. Having private forums seems to me more like some golf-club hang-up. There just aren't that many of us left to keep grand designs or projects from! As a community that is doomed not to expect a sudden influx of new members given the game is commercially unavailable except via lucasarts in the USA alone, I would suggest more things might be achieved than endless discussions open only to a few in the private forums, than in the forums available to everyone to view and contribute to.


You never know; that new member with two posts to his/her name, just may be able to achieve what's been endlessly been debated and discussed about over and over again, quite easily; assuming they're aware of the entire picture!


All that private forums are doing is put people off to the site, and ultimately, the prelonged life to a game we all love and has no support anywhere else but here!


If these 'Private Forums' are some kind of serious discussion table, where it's desired there is no distraction from the topic at hand; make it be known so! For a community debating this and that, i've been astonished at how grown up and civilized overall conduct has been. That's chiefly why i've stuck around so long. People will behave!


Anyway, i'm less than impressed with existing forum policy. I can see nothing outstanding 'private forums' have achieved. What is so esoteric been desided there the rest of us arn't up to?



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The thing is: the only Private Forum on here is used for our team leaders. This helps us organize this TC for implementation. Serious stuff for serious work.


Its purpose is to get our decisions down to application. Nothing new is being discussed, and certainly nothing hidden.


With all our public forums so far, I think there is more than enough areas for all members to help. However, the Members Only area makes sure we have a commitment from our team leaders... and we know who to kick if they don't get it going :)


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My friend, upon reflection of the last fourteen hours worth of gibberish and chaos i've been posting, in your shoes, I wouldn't let 'me' anywhere near your said forums..... message understood... :wink:
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I agree Evaders, though you might want to rename it team leaders forum or something. Private might put people off because they think it's elitist. That said i'm not really that bothered. :)

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