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Time scale & 'campaigns' ?


Should we have more focussed campaigns as well as skirmishes?  

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  1. 1. Should we have more focussed campaigns as well as skirmishes?

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Okay, another brainwave, it may not appeal to all. Essentially Rebellion was a giant 2 player skirmish. So, more players, kind of like Battlegrounds would make things interesting, allowing Hapes and the New Republic to ally for example, or the Empire and maybe the Chiss. This would mean more teams to play with, each with their own characters and relevant units. The research could be slightly revamped to make it branch out so as you can have some selection in what gets researched. So for example you could research light clone troopers, heavy clone troopers, super clone troopers for example, but you could also choose to at some point in the series research communications or commanders which would increase combat power or make interplanetary transfer faster. Essentially Rebellion was a brilliant game, so most of the changes should only really be in presentation, the basic formula was almost perfect. Should there be some more mission based type campaigns as well as the traditional and effective skirmish mode, so we might see an Episode I campaign or a post Episode VI campaign, with some set events, so for example the post Episode VI campaign might start off with problems at Bakura, after you settle that Thrawn rears his blue head, and then after you vanquish him you have to deal with the Yuuzhan Vong, which nobody seems to have managed yet!


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I like the idea. But would LucasArts give us all of those campaigns for one low price? ;-) Maybe it would be more realistic to hope for a Rebellion II: The Clone Wars tie in to be released around the time of the next movie. Six months later, a Rebellion II expansion could be released which would cover the events from the destruction of the first Death Star to the Alliance occupation of Coruscant. Then finally, an expansion which would cover all of the events post-Endor.
Put an overpowered Solar Ionization Reactor in between two cheap-ass engines and a couple of laser cannon, put a chair with a rudimentary flight control and targeting computer on top, and surround the (unpressurized!) pilot with enough armor plate so he doesn't fry in a tenth of a second... riiiiiiiiight
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Guest JediIgor

Heroes IV did it :)


Cept I think it is on a much simpler scale.


Anyways, not to let your guys' hopes down or anything.. but, LEC isn't making Rebellion II; our only hope is in JediGreg! (has anyone seen him btw??)

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