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Recruiting characters leading the rebellion


Where do you recruit characters?  

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  1. 1. Where do you recruit characters?

    • Yavin 4
    • Rebel HQ
    • A core system under your control
    • In the pub around the corner..

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So.... How many of you rebel-players uses Yavin 4 to recuit people?


i.e. If I was playing you in a MP-game, what's the chance of me finding about 10 characters on it, and maybe even Luke, when I send the "Devastator" with Vader aboard to block Yavin 4? ;)

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Not likely i'm afraid.


Rebel HQ makes so much more sense. :D

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:arrow: I usualy use different planets .....it seems more succesful this way :)

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I usually send Luke, Leia, Han and Double-M to a nice little pub called the Lousy Bantha. After a few rounds of Corellian Liquor and some of that nasty Verpine Music they just don't see things as clearly as they should and that's why there's people like Roget Jiriss, and Tura Rat-someting and Sarin Virgilio in the game...
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I always use Han Solo to do my recruiting on Yavin 4. Sometimes I use Mon Mothma at the HQ.
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Oh, whatever.

I'd say they found Ackbar in a bathtub; he only agreed to join because they promised him one of those fancy chairs on Home One...


All the others: Pub.

-'Hey, we've started a rebellion, you want to join?'

-'What, against the Empire? Isn't that dangerous?'

-'Yeah, we'll all probably be slaughtered or captured and tortured or have our home planets blown up.'

-'Sounds fun, I'm in.'

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No you got it wrong it should sound a bit more lihe this.

-Hey we are starting a rebellion against the Empire wanna be part of it?

-Nah sounds boring.

-You know half of the Empire's ship transport bier.

-When do we start


That is how it was. :D




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