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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The first version of Rebellion Remastered Mod updates the graphics of all 60 characters. Their encyclopedia entries have been updated with a background image specific to them (the image that best describes role or their home planet). Some characters where incorrectly depicted in the original game, adjustment were made to bring them closer to the image Star Wars defined for them in the Canon and in the Legends lore. Major changes Adar Tallon was reimagined based on Star Wars Legends comic book illustrations Bren Derlin was updated based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back Borsk Fey'lya was reimagined based on Star Wars Legends comic book illustrations Garm Bel Iblis was reimagined based on Star Wars Legends comic book illustrations Mazer Rackus was updated to look more like the new Twi'lek physique that series and comics introduced in the early 2000's. Ma'w'shiye was a humanoid from Kintan. But a southern Nikto with no horns. In Rebellion, he was depicted as a northern Nikto Judder Page was recreated using screengrabs from Return of The Jedi where Page is visible in the background Vanden Willard was updated based on the actor who played the character in New Hope. In Rebellion, he was confused for Bob Hudsol Brandei was updated based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back Bevel Lemelisk was reimagined based on Star Wars Legends comic book illustrations Niles Ferrier was reimagined based on Star Wars Legends comic book illustrations The Remastered mod is not intended to replace the old characters (or anything else) with new ones. Many of us have grown to love and get used to the original characters, who have been a bit lost in time with the new Star Wars series. A significant number of them have not appeared in the "canon" Star Wars content to date, they are still only known from "Legends" (or as we used to call it: Expanded Universe). The graphics in the original Star Wars Rebellion were photo revisions and paintings, which made the visual world of the entire game feel consistent. In the new mod, the focus was more on the photographic quality. HOW TO INSTALL I. Stand alone Copy-paste the files in this zip files into your game folder and overwrite the original files there. That's it! Be aware that this will overwrite any visual update you had before (including troop, character, ship and other graphical updates. If you have other mods installed jump to the "II. 25th anniversary patch" method or perform a clean install of the game, apply Remastered and then add everything else. This mod only changes DLL files with visual assets in them). Additionally, you could make a backup copy of the DLL files and the EDATA files the mod replaces. Otherwise you will need to reinstall the game to remove the new elements. II. 25th anniversary patch This mod is a part of the 25th Anniversary patch that you can get with MetaSharp's StarWarsREbellionEditor. Download the editor, define where your game is installed, then click the Death Star icon (last icon) in the editor to patch your game. 200 unique planets, descriptions and an accurate galaxy map update are also part of this patch with many more things to come... ModDB This mod is also available to donwload on ModDB here: Download the mod from its own page on download on ModDB! How to support 300+ hours went into this update. If you like the new artwork, please provide a rating here. You could also buy me a beer with Paypal Donate. Happy gaming!
  2. Version 1.0.5


    SWR - Extra Units - Mod V1.05 This mini-mod is meant to serve as a test-bed for extra units added to standard SWR Note: I did put a healthy dose of care on keeping quality on the visuals of the new units, On the other hand, some of the new units are not lore-friendly The downloadable zip contains 16 files: 05 DLL files 03 GData (.DAT) files 08 EData files. In order to install just copy the files on a clean SWR installation folder The mod adds the following units 02 Extra Troops for Empire ( Royal guards and Scout Troopers ) 03 Extra Troops for Alliance (Non canon) 02 Extra spec forces: Both for Alliance (Non canon) 01 Extra ship for Alliance (#) (#) A variant of the standard Mon Calamari Cruiser equipped with gravity projector. ( It has been named MC-88 ) This choice gives the new ship a distinctive appearance against the original Mon Calamari cruiser (despite of using the same model) thanks to the gravity projector visual effect on tactical. In order to ease testing, no research is required to recruit the extra troops. No change was made on vanilla troops stats ---- ---- Known Limitations -Troop Finder & Spec Forces Finder are both limited to vanilla units, as those are hard-coded in rebexe -Tactical Pictures that feature units as cargo/passengers in capital ships (during tactical battles) are included in TACTICAL.DLL but disabled ( since their match against the unit's ID is hard-coded in rebexe ) The following actions are optional ( not required to run the mod ) If user wish to enable the 32x32 "cargo" pics for new units in tactical battles, hex edit on rebexe is required: - At offset 0x195C15 ( rebexe 1.02 ) or - At offset 0x197585 ( rebexe 1.01) See picture for more details The Troop Finder and Spec Forces finder can also be adjusted in rebexe. in order to handle the new units user can hex edit rebexe: - At offset 0x63E10 for Spec Forces Finder ( rebexe 1.02 ) - At offset 0x6C1D0 for Troop Finder ( rebexe 1.02 ) See picture for more details Using Resource Hacker (tool) to save a copy of pictures 10538, 10539, 10540 and 10541, from STRATEGY.DLL, allows to edit and change the troop Icons featured in the finders. ---- ---- 198-a.bmp 196-a.bmp 194-e.bmp 197-e.bmp 193-a.bmp 199-e.bmp

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