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Xp crashes - No rebed


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As my previous post show I just installed the game for the first time in years.


I am running Xp pro and the game crashes every hour or two. I am learning to save frequently but it's still frustrating.


I have not used REBED at all.


Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Rebellion 1.0


AMD XP 3000 400fsb

Win XP Pro - Directx 9b

Radeon 9800 pro

512 Corsair Dual ddr

80GB Seagate 8mb 7200rpm


(Little bit of overkill for this game ) :D

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Naturally, your system configuration is not the problem. It may be XP, but I don't think it is something you can change.

Maybe you can run the game in compatibility mode. However, I never experienced any poblems with running the game uner XP.

Z'anthr saves the world. Sorry about the mess...
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Well, I wouldn't say overkill yet. My XP2600 also has no probs with the game :wink:


The other components look good as well, but from past experience I'd tend to blame your ATI card, or rather it's drivers. Try some new ones and tell us, if it worked.


Is it just Rebellion, that crashes, or are there other games as well with that behaviour ?




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I just re-installed Rebellion and started playing also.. I noticed that my video card was "out performing" the game.. So, I started adjusting my FSAA settings..


Does your video card(Radeon) have a manual slider bar for FSAA? I've noticed that if you have FSAA turned off, (marked off), the game crashes back to the desktop.. I am also running XP and have had a small problem with the video side...


:arrow: My resolution to this problem was to check the box, "Application controlled", which by the way is not off, nor manually set in terms of the FSAA slider bar.


Just an Idea.


Good luck



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Full Screen AntiAliasing


Basically, it is a function of the video card that takes a line and puts a pixel inbetween the pixels that are they current. So, what it does is takes out the jagged lines on objects by smoothing them out.


here's a link to a article from Nov 2003 describing FSAA.



[/url] http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/dig ... -fsaa.html [/url]




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