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I've been playing rebellion for a long time now and one thing I have never seen when playing against the AI, is the Empire building a Death Star. I've even given most of the galaxy over to the Empire in hopes that it would build the planet destroyer just so I could experiment with different tactics. I could never get it to work. Has anyone ever seen the Empire AI build it? First time I had to deal with the Death Star was when I started playing multiplayer. This makes me very frustrated since I still can't try out different things for practice when playing against the computer. Furthermore I wish the original AI was more difficult to defeat anyway.....




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Well, yes. The Ai builds DS very rarely, almost never. We had this discussion on the forums before. Probably the best thing to do is to change the stats with RebEd. Set the costs lower. You'll have greater chance for it then. I experienced, that the AI is quite stupid by using a DS. It almost never bombards my planets down completly. Just some minor bombing, and it disappears. It never destroyed any of my systems. Perhaps, it's better to play against the AI that has'nt buildt any of them.
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Wooo! Yo La_Forge, do you remember that topic thread where I was playing around with AI Death Star 'Intelligence,' and to my horror stumbled on an AI Death Star NUMBER TWO?!? :?


The bottom line is that Death Stars are seriously expensive to build and maintain, not least when both you as the player and the computer as the AI begin the game. However, there are things you can do to ensure the computer will build one at the beginning of the game; and bear in mind it wonts to!


Obviously the forst thing you might want to play around with are the RebEd settings; without getting to carried away, I would recommend altering the Death Star's stats to 50/50, at least for the initial stages of the game. The computer will want to build a powerful fleet as well though, so don't think just by doing this it will oblige. No. Most importantly, and unfortunately; to be assured get the computer to build a Death Star, you have to leave it's system's well and truely alone during the early stages of the game. I've had games where i've found out the AI is building a Death Star only to get carried away and give the Imperials grief, only to discover the AI has lost so much mines/refineries that it (quite wisely) gives up on building a Death Star... blast!


However, unless you are using RebEd to cheat extremely favorably for the rebels, do you actually want the Imperials to have a Death Star? My worst case scenario I mentioned to La_Forge was having Leia captured on one protected by a Death Star shield over Coruscant, and sending my main rebel fleet to Ghorman, only to be shocked to find a second very well defended Death Star!! The game quickly became very tricky indeed.


But if you want to have the AI confront you with a Death Star (or two :? ) follow my simple guidelines above.... and it will work. Oh, BTW; I play Rebellion with all stats on half....errr... ummm.... GOOD LUCK! :)

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