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Favourite Ship


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This isn't a "which ship class is best?" discussion. Do you guys ever get a 'favourite' ship. A ship that is involved in many battles and survives, that you opponent actually begins know and hate for it's actions?


In my current game, I have two, I guess. I started (as Empire) with one ISD and five (!) Carrack light cruisers.


In the early stages, the Imperial characters managed to be unsuccessful on virtually every recruitment and displomacy mission, resulting in the Rebels having a foothold in every sector, and two sectors completely under their control.


Based in Sesswenna, the ISD Warspite has fought off and/or destroyed several Alliance ships coming into the sector to attempt to establish a foothold. It also has participated in the liberation of three planets, and has defended Coruscant from probing Rebel attacks.


This however, does not match up the achievements of my first Dreadnought, the Legion. This ship, currently damaged and awaiting a replacment hyperdrive (current rating 180:80) has fought in numerous engagements in the Fakir sector. Leading a much larger Rebel force into an ambush, it was responsible for the destruction of a Mon Calamari Cruiser and a pair of Nebulon-B Frigates.


Because of the Rebels' advanced infrastructure and research programme, the Imperial fleet is currently outmatched (ship-for-ship) by the Rebels, yet due to the actions of these two ships, the Rebel Fleet is considerably outnumbered by the Imperial Forces. The Empire is working furiously to get it's shipbuilding programme up to speed before Rebel reinforcements can make a decisive difference in any of the front line sectors, or make an assault on Coruscant itself.


Day 550


Current Rebel Losses:

1 Mon Calamari Cruiser

3 Alliance Dreadnaughts

2 Nebulon-B Frigates

5 Corellian Corvettes


Imperial Losses:

1 Imperial Dreadnaught

2 Lancer Frigates


Obviously the Empire has behind-the-lines activities, but I will not go into detail on these for reasons well known to all :)

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I don't have a favourite ship as such however in a current multiplayer game I'm playing, I have surprised myself with what little I have.


I am the Rebels and I started with 3 Corvettes, 1 Bulk Cruiser and 2 Medium Transports. It's day 800 and the only additions I have made to my fleet are 1 CC-3700 Frigate (only because I wanted to trap an Imperial fleet jumping out of hyperspace and annihilate them with X-Wings) and a Bulk Transport.


In one battle, Solo was commanding as an Admiral on a single Corvette and I went against 10 normal TIE fighters. The Corvette's shields were reduced to a rating of 3/10 and I destroyed all the TIE's.


I will probably start building a fleet to take Coruscant and defend the Outer Rim systems I have (it's a small galaxy, HQ victory). But I must admit, having hordes of X-Wings is enough to make the Imperial Fleets think twice about fighting.

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I tend ot be a conservative type of player, holding my capital ships back until I have a decent sized and diverse task-force. I also tend to name my ships after those in the books & movies, meaning that I'll build Mon Cals with names like Mon Remonda, Mon Delindo, etc., and staff them with command characters. These ships become 'favorites', I guess you could say, although I don't bother keeping track of their 'kills'. That WOULD be a cool feature for Rebellion2, though. It would also facilitate an 'experience' system that would allow for veteran units, too. :wink:


I've also come up with text file listing of capital ship names I've used for both sides, so that I'm not racking my brain when it comes time to name a new ship.


Now, Valkir doesn't tend to name most of his ships. He always takes my ship-naming as a sign of impending assault, and laughs it off. However, I've discovered that there's an interesting tactic to use by NOT renaming your ships in a multi-player game.


Every time you order a new capital ship to be built, the computer just gives the type of ship and assigns a number to it. As a way to intimidate or just give bad intel to your opponent, simply change the number. If you want him to think you have more ships than you do, change Nebulon Frigate 2 into Nebulon Frigate 8. Or, if you want to sow confusion, use a ship in a sector, rename it, then name a ship of the same class in another sector with the same previous name.

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well, my coruscant defense fleet is always the same, 2 SSD named Bismarck and Tirpitz, 4 ImpStar II's named Hood, Renown, Respite, and Repulse, an Interdictor named Constrictor, and sometimes a couple VicStar II's. Those of you who study WWII naval history should recognize the names. My core attack fleet usually ends up with 3 SSDs:Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Duetschland. All my Impstar II's are named after British warships, while my SSDs are named after German ships. Lancer's get rivers, natural disasters, mountains, and sometimes cities...I usually have a lot of Lancers so I need a lot of names. My favorite ship is of course, the Hood.
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I usually play with the Empire, and my favorite ships is always the ISD over Coruscant (I call it Devastator) It uses to annihilate all rebel presence in core world if I am quick.


When playing with the alliance, I managed to use an x-wing fighter squadron, a corbette(called Tantive IV) and a bulk cruiser( unnamed, i hate them) to destroy an ISD. Therefor, the Tantive IV is one of my favourite ships

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My favorite ship? Probably the ISD which I call Gorgon. Like others, I try to keep all the names as close to the movies as possible and the Gorgon is ALWAYS at the front of every major battle (or so it seems) in the past couple of months.


As for Rebel ships.. I don't play as the rebel scum anymore.. My favorite target though is the Mon-Cal...


Long live the Empire!!!

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Well, in my current game, I have a pair of VicStar IIs which have seen considerable combat in the past few THOUSAND days. (Blasted rebels are fighting tooth and nails to keep everything they have) They have fought in several key battles, and in all the battles, they have proven themselves to be very capable ships. The last battle they fought in, I sent them to support a SSD with had become the target of a Bulwark, and their intervention allowed the SSD to destory it. They have also proved to be quite capable in destorying rebel interdiction vessels, allowing my ships to retreat when needed.


At the moment, they are stationed at Tralus, undergoing repairs from thier last skirmish against the rebels. As soon as they are ready, I have every intention of sending them back to the front. Maybe even with an admiral at the helm of one of them.

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carracks, carracks, carracks, and more carracks... throw in some Vic II's, Lancers, and Escort carriers = my imperial fleet


Neb b's and more and more... add gunships, and escorts = enough for any fleet


these ships just get the job done

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Every time I play there is always a ship, of some class, named the Phantom. It is a board this ship that my command crew for the fleet usually resides, minus the general. I tend to start off with the Phantom as a Dreadnaught. After it has proven itself, I will upgrade it to a VSD, then an ISD, and occasionally to an SSD. I treansfer all of the TIE squadrons and troops from one ship to another, ensuring the same level of compitence is maintained... ok, not really, but it's nice to think so.

In the event the Phantom is destroyed, or fails to attain my standards, I fall back on the good-old Chimaera.

History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up with it will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.

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Rebels did win in reality, so who's interested to play as them? Do you imagine what could have galaxy looked if Galactic Empire managed to CRUSH the rebelz? Even vong invasion would not have a chance to oppose the mighty Imperial military! The power of the Death Stars would crush their stupid worldships, and surely the Imperial City, would never fall!

Long live the Emperor!

Empire rulz 4eva!


The Empire is all. It could never be defeated. NEVER.

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when i play as imps i have one fleet i always like(when i manage to stay alive long enuff). 4 ISDI's -- the Gorgon, Hydra, Manticore and Basilisk and Admiral Daala in command on the Gorgon. just send tht fleet jumpin around rebel systems and bombard watevers there.
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lol.. I love doing that, Fett. (renaming same class ships to the same names to cause confusion)


If I'm just playing a short game, I tend to name my ISD's based on the movies, such as the Avenger.


My carracks usually have names like Venom, or Slither..


On longer games, my fav. ship is an ISDII named Revenge. Normally staffed by such officers as Commander Vader until he is upgraded to the Devestator's manifest, the Revenge leads the Imperial Assault Fleet.


~IAF~ Revenge ~IAF~


-is usually the tag that I'll place on her.


I'll do the same thing with my defense fleets..


~CDL~ Guardian ~CDL~ ISD leading the Coruscant Defense Fleet

~CDL~ Gravity ~CDL~ Interdictor Cruiser in the same fleet.


If I'm playing that long a game, I'll build a death star over Coruscant named the Imperial Might.


IF the game gets long enough, I'll chose an out of the way world, like Hoth, and build a second Death Star named the Abandon All Hope. All captured rebel prisoners will be kept on that planet under strict lock and key, with nothing but a death star to look up at during the cold, cold nights. On particularly clear nights, they may even spot some of the ships in the support fleet, such as two interdictors known as the Ball, and the Chain. =o)

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My only pet peeve with the Death Star is how easily it gets destroyed. I made the mistake of building one and not..NOT supplying the max limit of fighters the Death Star can house. I went into battle and the rebels initiated a death star attack run..and they won.When the Death Star got destroyed I lost a ton of support throughout the Core. Needless to say I wasnt too happy and I ended up reloading a game.


I still like the SSD though. Hehe.

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The SSD is nice, but the resources it takes to build makes it kind of a "just because I want to have one" kinda ship is most situations.


If you are fighting a defensive war, I find shipyards are best used pumping out older, cheaper support ships (Read: SD Is, Dreadnaughts, and Assualt carriers) at a much faster rate than one massive powerfull ship.


If you are just starting an offensive, then SD I and VicStar II are more effective. Not to mention cheaper.


Once you hae a few sectors that you know will be safe for quite some time, than a SSD is usually usefull for worlds that are dug in, and hard to crack.


As for Death Stars, I never bother. Waste of time, resources, and they die way to easily.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Ah you are missing out on the joys of RebEd. I edit my game heavily so there are MORE fleet battles...ships travel faster and maintenance costs are lower. Default or 'vanilla' Rebellion always left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I hated how long it took to travel and how long it took to build a ship.


Back on topic..


my peeve with the SD (star destroyer) is that when fighting mon calamari ships...is it just me or do does it seem to anyone else that when a SD's shields go down the ship after taking a few hits loses the ability to fight back and essentially just becomes a useless hulk in space? I noticed the rebel ships keep fighting practically all the way to the death. I didnt like how SDs seemed to die so easily.

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That reminds me, I've got to change my game so that the output/production of mines and refineries are doubled. If it's an across the board change then balance should be unaffected... right??? :?


But yeah, I never bother with SSDs. I'd much rather have an Imp and two Vics, or three Vics and a carrier.


Back when I was playing the Alliance all the time I think I built the Bulwark once (just because I never had before) and I built the MC-90ish (MC-100ish?) ship maybe two or three times. The big ships are just a waste of resources IMO.


EDIT: I guess the "Mon Calamari Cruiser" is kinda like the MC-80a, the Dauntless is kinda like the MC-80b, and the Bulwark is kinda like the MC-90. I know this has been discussed before, I'm just talking to myself. :wink:

Put an overpowered Solar Ionization Reactor in between two cheap-ass engines and a couple of laser cannon, put a chair with a rudimentary flight control and targeting computer on top, and surround the (unpressurized!) pilot with enough armor plate so he doesn't fry in a tenth of a second... riiiiiiiiight
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I guess my favourite ships would be the Interdictor cruiser and CC-7700 frigate. Once you have them, you can go on "search and destroy" ship missions. Build up a few capital ships to take on other ships, build a few anti-fighter ships and make sure you take a sizeable number of fighters. Escort carriers are not to be underestimated in this regard. These fleets are good for taking out annoying raiders and patrolling the outer rim systems. If the opposing side is silly enough to have an unsupported ISD or Mon Cal hiding in the outer rim preparing for a strike, then your ship hunting fleet will make short work of it.
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The best ship ?


I guess I'll go for the nebulon B, that is so versatile and unexpesive.

It's the only ship to carry a descent amount of lasers and turbolasers.

The downside is the low transport capacity, but with one carrier for each Neb you can't go wrong...


I use to play Lan with my room mate, and we somewhat "share" the galaxy, before launching our forces againt each other in huge space battles for Coruscant.

A typical end game (day 1000+) fleet over Coruscant looks like:


7 ISD 2

14 Victory 2

10 lancers

10 interdictors

and as many tie inteceptors you can (300+)


You can imagine that my opponent is very aware of that and quite ready too. ;)

That battle is still to come...


I'll tell you more as soon as we resolve that issue.


Happy Easter stuff and so :D


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