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Star Wars: The Old Republic is Still Worth Revisiting

Guest Jannick

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Star Wars: The Old Republic may never fully sum up the KOTOR experience with the MMO genre, but it's still worth revisiting.


When Star Wars: The Old Republic was released in 2011, many MMO fans hoped it would help revolutionize the genre. World of Warcraft had reached a peak user base of 12 million a year earlier, and at the time it was mostly a matter of finding the next "WoW killer" to push the genre into new territory, a task BioWare is confidently accomplishing thanks to the studio's RPG pedigree and the huge success of Mass Effect 2.


For nearly a decade, Star Wars: The Old Republic had not gained the long-term respect that the original Knight Republic games had. The game struggled and ultimately struggled to survive in its subscription model in what was then a very monopolistic market. Star Wars: The Old Republic, however, is still worth looking back on 10 years later.


Star Wars: The Old Republic executed a balanced move that BioWare and fans hoped would lead to a successful MMORPG. The game had eight classes, four of which were Republic and the other four Sith. Each has a massive KOTOR campaign that includes full-voice NPCs, separate voices for player characters, and a variety of dialogue options around the world.


Ultimately, The Old Republic feels like a shared MMORPG world, grouped into eight single-player games. Players interact with each other in very few ways in the role-playing game. Ultimately, it's only the sudden realization that two players of the same level are living the same life as their companion that drives them apart. Even in group games, two players speaking in the same voice find it difficult to roleplay the entire group.


As a result, Old Republic always felt like it had two main components, and it didn't gel accurately. Fans hoping for a BioWare RPG experience were initially satisfied, but simply playing through the game like a single-player game leaves players too far behind in the levels to keep up with their main tasks, and they have to engage in the less narrative tasks. MMO aspects of the game that drive it.


On the other hand, MMO fans are so wrapped up in the storyline that they can't even see their fellow players, let alone interact with them. The promise of MMOs with KOTOR-level storytelling has been fulfilled, but never truly synthesized. But there's still an important reason to return to the Old Republic as you can buy cheap swtor gold from SSEGold.


Ultimately, Star Wars: The Old Republic has more BioWare Star Wars content than Knights of the Old Republic and its sequels combined. MMO fans may find the servers emptier, but fans of single-player BioWare RPGs will still find the game a treasure trove of BioWare's best and most forgotten stories.


In addition, The Old Republic has turned into a free-to-play model since its release, allowing players to explore eight full-fledged campaigns across a variety of worlds and some of BioWare's best companions without spending a dime. Star Wars: The Old Republic may never quite live up to the experience of a truly synthetic KOTOR MMO, but it's still a fun, expansive single-player experience in a huge world that matches the best BioWare games on a much larger scale.

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