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:D These guys are demonstrating some traditional Wushu moves with the saber. (Moves are actually taken from forms like the Dao (sabre) and Tien (sword)). I still can't decide, which skills are more better for the lightsabre. The european knight style, or the chinese wushu/kung fu style. Although I'm practicing wushu for 5 years now (learned Dao and Tien too), I think that neither of them:

A lightsabre is actually a sword and a sabre mixed together (in performing technics), but it's closer to the sword. We use "sabre" for it in hungarian too (and in german too).

I think, the lighsabre is far more deadlier as we saw on films. You only need ONE good hit. You can't really make minor wounds. Like by a perfectly made Katana sword. One good hit: the technic and metality of a samurai. So IF there would be lightsabres in our World, we would use them just like the samurai did. Not like chinese or european warriors did in history. If you disagree, go and borrow "The Seven Samurai". :wink:

What do you think? :P

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heh well, if lightsabers were around here, I would bet you a nickel those things would be superduper regulated. We're not talking swords here, we'er talking about a sword-like weapon, that just so happens to be able to slice through just about anything material-wise, and in a compact package nonetheless ;)
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