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Cant Get Conversion to Work


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Ok, so I unzipped the Rebellion Reloaded Zip file to a folder, followed all steps for setup....


And when I click on the Rebellion Reloaded Conversion Setup file it gives me a list of conditions which have to be met first.


With all conditions met I click on the " I have done everything" Button.


After that it says OK, then find Resource Hacker.


I browse to the location of Resource Hacker, ( A folder separate from the Rebellion and Total Conversion folders as directed ), AND THEN NOTHING!!!


NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! Can someone please help me move forward here? It would greatly be appreciated!!!


Thank you and may Jesus bless you all!!!

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Same here actually. It just kind of...kicks back to the requirements screen. Also, I wonder if any of this would work on the Steam version of Rebellion? Not that I've even gotten that far in the process.
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