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Star Wars Fan Project, Ideas for Rebellion 2


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Hello, everyone. Years back, I made another post about ideas I had for a second rebellion.

For reasons I dont remember, I never begun to learn to code/work on the project.

HOWEVER :!: After playing rebellion again (seriously) really getting back into it again...

Iv decided to start reading my coding books. I have some ideas I would like to pass around, see what everyone thinks.


1. Different Interface

- The interface, Im still trying to figure out in my head...but I think I want dropdown menus. Maybe a dropdown menu, containing all the sectors.

And when you click on a sector name, it opens up a window/screen for that sector with all it's planets shown?

- Same for fleets/soldier units. If you want to find a specific fleet, or grouped unit of soldiers (wookies, sulustans, etc) there could maybe be filters too?

To help you find certain fleets/units you have made for different purposes.


2. Main Screen Tabs

- An espionage tab window. This is where you would conduct espionage missions. Select your bothan spies and send them out from wheerever there sitting.

I also wanted to expand on the whole espionage thing. Maybe there could be spending of credits, toward funding, of the Bothan Spy network?

That would grant certain bonuses, advantages. I was also thinking, maybe mission equipment, could be attached to bothan units, for increased chances of success. And that the equipment can be upgrades for further odds of success. And lastly, bothan spy unit training, to increase rank/lv

- Same thing kinda for sabotage missions.


3. Tactical, turnbased battle system.

- perhaps a gridbased map for space battles. Maybe mix in, chances to target a ship's engines, or weapons, shields...kinda like whats in empire at war.


And thats all I have right now. Please tell me your thoughts

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