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Structure scaling

Ludo Kressh

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I noticed that the ingame scaling for certain structures (specifically those of the drydocks) are a bit off in relation to one another and perhaps to ships. To help facilitate a more canon-oriented feel when it comes to those kinds of orbital facilities, I propose the following scaling:


Class I (Cruisers and below) drydock: (Unchanged; use current scaling)

Class II (Heavy cruisers and capitals) drydock: 1.25-1.5x Class I drydock

Class III (Supercapitals/S-DNs) drydock: 2x Class I drydock


It's a matter of what sort of ships they build, and the sprawling, rather large nature of drydocks within even larger shipyards. Obviously, this doesn't include the smaller sorts that, according to sources like Wookieepedia or the Essential Guide to Warfare, that state that countless civilian, "Class 1B" and below facilities dot the galaxy. I figure this mod deals with larger operation, like that of Class 1A and 2, which can handle ships up to and including ISDs. So, may as well make them a bit larger, to reflect the following sorts of pictures:






So yeah. That's pretty much it. :lol:

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I actually had to upscale the Class I drydock so that the Battle Dragon could fit into it; though I'll give the NR their own unique Class I like the Imperials, as the regular size seemed to nearly work for the other factions. Speaking of which, the Imperial's Class I is 1.9 times the size of the regular one, so that the Torpedo Sphere, which truly requires a Class II, could fit. I do like the scaling you propose, as it makes sense.
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