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Dropping in to say Woo Yay!


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First post since 2008 or so. Just wanted to say HI to all you old SW freaks.


Thanks to this amazing game (and project Reloaded) I've made some friends here back then, hope all is fine with you guys. ( and Dinochick)


In fact, I'm happy to share that we had a little SWR Bash in August with Scathane and the Mask (who the f* are those guys anyway) in Rotterdam. It was nice to finally meet some of the board members in RL and have a couple of beers BEAKing about Life, the Universe, geeky stuff.


Oh, and is there a way to download the whole site so I can have an archive of these years stored like somekind of a diary? :idea:


Best wishes,


(Wow, I'm still an admin. I could make this a stick.. Never mind)

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