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Making Single Player a Challenge


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I was surprised that there were no Improved Gameplay mods here.


I think that you'll find that most of the effort directed at the game by people here is aimed at modding the game so that it looks different rather than understanding and tweaking the game so that it plays better.


I suspect that if you were to accept the limitations of the game and try to mod it so that the computer played better, the thing to do would be to play as the Rebs and use Reb Ed (really simple to use) to up the detection values for Imperial troops and ships and to create a decent production centre at Coruscant. You could also reduce the cost of Imperial ships to represent their modular nature (hey, I'm making it up, but you know what I mean).


Of course, I like playing the Empire so I find it difficult to justify these sorts of changes to the Rebs. It's a shame that we can't force the allocation of planets to one side.

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The best thing would be, if we could increase the intelligence of the computer player. No way to do that :(


Or, decrease the intelligence of the human player. Drink 12 beers and give it a try. Don't need no stinkin' RebEd!

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My ways:


1) Only take one sector until turn 1000.

2) Play on something other than "very slow..."

3) Halve all construction costs for the other side

4) increase their diplomatic capacity

5) decrease their research/unit

6) Tequila. Lots and lots of tequila.

7) Give them a few uber units/ships

8) if playing rebels, make the cost of a death star 20

9) if playing empire, only use troops, no diplomacy

10) Turn off the moniter




:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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TK, you raise an interesting dilemna and I must bow to the wisdow of our ancient forefathers who are the source of much of our law and ethics. What Would Solomon Do?


TK - You must turn of 1 and give the other 2 to me.


It has been written it shall be done :wink:

:D:P Droids Rule! Fleshies Drool! :P:D
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