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OFFICIAL Troubleshooting Thread


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  • SWR Staff - Executive

Seriously, read this entire thread! Sorry to be rude, but we get too many simple questions just reply to everyone with the same answers. If you are sure you've found a bug/error/issue that hasn't been addressed, feel free to reply here


Here we go...


Updated as of 10/21/2013




This mod is for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion version 1.52 and higher.

All versions run on Steam, there is no non-Steam install. There is no support for the base game only, Entrenchment, Diplomacy, etc.

Only the latest Rebellion: so use Steam to get the latest Rebellion version.


Check that your download is complete and not-corrupted. Downloads off Gamefront may have issues, try other mirrors.

Current release: R1088+1099 patch




Use MD5 check to verify your .rar file is correct


MD5 Hash: R1088 - 0d18b99e4017648b9f5eaeb3761b0f48

R1099 - 11eeb2027b02d7f95f77520a55773c10


Table of Contents

* Installation Issues

* Crash to desktop

* Supercaps

* Known bugs



Most of this is copied directly from the SOGE Documentation included in your SOGE package

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

Installation Issues


The whole mod is around 1.92 GB in size, when extracted


Extract the contents of the zip/rar file to your sins mod directory

Example for windows XP C:\Documents\\My Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.XX

Example for Vista/Win 7 C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.XX


(See here for a more detailed walkthrough: http://soase.x90x.net/ and click "Install Mods")




To activate the mod, open the EnabledMods.txt file present in the aforementioned folder and edit in the mod like so (this can be copy pasted in; make sure to leave a blank space at the bottom of the txt file):


Version 0
enabledModNameCount 6
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - Alliance"
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - CIS"
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - New Republic"
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - Republic"
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - Vong"
enabledModName "SoGE Rxxxx Reb - CORE"


In order to reduce RAM, it's recommend to remove the modules/mini-mods that you aren't using, and update the enabledModNameCount accordingly. For example, if you're playing a game with the Empire, Alliance, and New Republic, you don't need to load up the CIS', Republic's, Vong's assets. Also, it doesn't matter what order you load the mods in, as long as the CORE is on the bottom of the list.

An editted version of EnabledMods.txt, which only includes the CORE module, has been included in this archive.


The mod should be working fine if the only races you can select are Star Wars races. If this is not the case you have not properly installed the mod in your mods folder.


Q. Why is there no Empire module?

A. It's already included in the Core module

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

Crash to desktop

Q. I get a crash immediately trying to enable the mod...

A. Do not use the in-game mod enabler. Use the provided EnabledMods.txt (see installation above)


Q. I'm playing the mod, but for some reason I'm getting a crash to desktop at certain points without any minidump notification, or any message for that matter.

A. To start, this is known to be a Windows issue as we ourselves experienced such crash issues right after the direct port from Entrenchment, even though the mod was stable in Entrenchment and even though Rebellion has an even more optimized engine than it's predecessors.


The first possible cause for this is, assuming you are on Windows, that the partition/hard drive you are running Sins off of lacks a paging file, which ensures that Sins cannot use up to 2 GB of RAM. The solution to this is to enable a paging file. To do so, go to: My Computer -> System Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> (Performance) Settings -> Advanced -> Change

Then select the appropriate partition (aka. the one Sins is on), check "System managed size", hit Set and then hit OK.


The second is that your graphics settings are too high: make sure nothing is set to "Highest", as this is known to cause crashes.


A possible third cause is that you are loading the mod with too many races; if you are not using all six races, don't load all six of them, as this uses up notably more RAM than necessary.


If none of these work, first try re-downloading the mod from a moddb mirror, there's a chance you had a bad download, especially if you downloaded the mod from a Gamefront mirror, and then just run the CORE module to see if the mod works. If that fails, then re-install Sins; there are a number of rare cases where re-installing Sins has solved crashing issues with SoGE.


Q. Can you fix anything should we send you a .dmp file?

A. No. There are no tools that modders have to read the dump files. You can send us the last auto-save before the crash though, to see if we can duplicate it.

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  • SWR Staff - Executive



Q. How do I research and build supercaps?

A. To start, every homeworld starts with a supercap factory. Due to Rebellion limitations, you "build" your supercaps via an ability on the supercap factory, instead of building supercaps like traditional ships. Once the ship is "built" it will randomly hyperspace to a point on the planet; unfortunately this point cannot be changed.


Now, as to what research is required, first research "Large Project Resourcing", then the appropriate "Star Dreadnought Designs", and finally the coresponding ship tech. Refer to the included image supercap_research.png for a example. With the research done, you may now select the Supercap Factory and activate the build ability, assuming you have the needed resources and ship slots. Please note, you can only build one of your faction's two supercaps, choose wisely.


Further, here are the unit caps for each supercap:

1 - Executor SSD/Viscount S-DN/Koros Strohna

2 - Subjugator CRS-H/MC80B S-CRS/Mandator SDN

4 - Geonosian S-DN/Independence S-CRS/Praetor-class S-BCRS/Allegiance-class BCRS/Mediator S-CRS/Vnguro-ik V'alh


Q. When it finishes, all I get is "Your titan has been destroyed"?

A. It's normal that a Supercap is "destroyed" after the ability is fired off; this is the slot holding Supercap being destroyed to make way for the real Supercap. There's no model in the factory because the ship isn't being "built" so to speak, it's being spawned via ability

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  • SWR Staff - Executive

Known bugs


The textures of ships and/or structures of an entire faction appear to entirely be one's team color; to fix this close and reopen Sins and/or update your graphics card drivers.


Vong are currently using the Empire's cargo ships. This is a temporary measure.


Some abilities may not work exactly as described, may have conditional issues or may be over/underpowered; feedback regarding these is appreciated and encouraged.


Some abilities or effects may require work, this will be addressed as we get bug reports. If you see something odd, please do mention it.


Some ships may be unbalanced, this will be addressed in future versions; feedback regarding these is appreciated and encouraged.


Some vessels don't appear to fire often, this is due to a lack of rigging and will be addressed in future versions.


Some descriptions are too long and cause the text to spill out of the description box, this is especially true on lower resolution screens like laptop screens.


On some ships it may be possible to zoom in to the point that the models mesh disappears slightly.


Some vessels may have no texture or may have incomplete textures, this is being addressed in future versions.


Some ships/structures/etc don't have their own icons/pictures as of yet, this is being addressed in future versions.


Fighters fly through ships and bounce around, this is an engine issue.


The AI likes to spam some ships.


The AI likes to flat out stop researching once it hits certain points in the game, this is mainly an engine issue though work arounds are being attempted.

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  • SWR Staff - Executive



Q. Are there any specific settings I should/shouldn't use?

A. When it comes to graphics, it's all dependant on your system specs and how many races you load up. Lowest is best for preformance of course, and SoGE takes up many more resources than stock Sins, also disable bloom. The "Highest" graphics setting is known to cause issues with SoGE for whatever reason. For Victory Conditions, do not use Flagship or Research victory. Occupation victory might work, but it might not spawn the planet without a militia for some reason. Be warned; these three may also cause a MiniDump when attempting to load a map when they are enabled, please make sure they are disabled.

Homeworld, Allied, and Diplomatic victory modes work fine however. In addition, do not use Vicious or Cruel AI settings; these modes allow the AI to bypass certain research restrictions which can cause issues with how that faction spawns supercapitals. Additionally, make sure ShowErrors and LogOutput are set to FALSE in your settings file; SoGE does several things that, while work without issue ingame, cause the exe to throw many error messages.


Q. What's with having over 900 capital ship crews, what happened to the cruiser version of ship X, and why is there both a cruiser and capital ship version of Y?

A. A number of "cruisers" were turned into "capital ships". This was primarily changed for reasons relating to how the AI handles things. Additionally, due to this, certain capital ships will not have any abilities that can be levelled up; this is intentional. If you want the full-length explanation:


-To start off, everyone is painfully aware of the AI's ineptitude when it comes to planet bombing. Whenever a frigate has planet bombing capabilities, it rushes to siege the planet, regardless of it's frigateRoleType (aka. what the AI uses the ship as). Capital ships do not have this problem. Further more, one can mess with the AI which results in them spamming capital ships, which SoGE has done.

-Another reason is due to the supercaps; their current build method entirely ignores capital ship crews, even if the ships themselves take up crews. This brings up the question of capital ship crews themselves; as currently they must be researched. Under the new system, everyone will have unlimited (900+) capital ship crews.

-It has been previously stated that the reason behind there being both capital ship and cruiser versions of certain ships is due to an inability to make them purely capital ships. This is no longer an issue as supercaps now have a hard cap; in the past one could build fleets of Executors, and capital ship crews served as a sort of limiter.

-Certain ships, those designated as siege frigates, will also have a frigate version avaliable for purchase. These will also be available to the player, not just the AI, in the frigate build menu. They have the same stats as their capital variants, they merely have frigate versions because they among the bare necessity of any fleet, something all players, not just the AI, should have access to.


Q. What's the benefit to building say, an ISD-C versus an ISD-II? Don't they have the same stats?

A. The benefits of elite/unique/special capitals (ex. ISD-C) versus the common variant (ex. ISD-II) are: culture repulsion, powerful abilities, and notably more benefits from leveling up. You wouldn't want a fleet of ISD-Cs, but having 1-2 mid leveled ones in a fleet will make a big difference in engagements.


Q. What do all these various Random map options mean?

A. Extra Planets mean you start with two additional planets, Expanded means there's a few more planets, and some tech 1-3 (aka. requires the first, or no, colonization tech) planets between/next to you and the "rest" of the galaxy), Dispersed means that players are present in every galaxy, and Quick, as it's name implies, is meant for faster matches; each player starts with a High Terran Economic and a Super Magma which results in better income flow early game.


Q. Can you put in X race/faction/time period? (Legacy, KOTOR, Sith Empire, etc)

A. We are not planning to add in any new factions at this time. The mod already uses considerable resources, more than the Sins engine can handle.


Q. Can you put in the Death Star, Galaxy Gun, Eclipse SDN, or Sovereign SDN?

A. No; this would throw the game's balance into the toilet, plus we do not have assets for these ships.


Q. Can you make an addon or do something to let people build more supercaps?

A. No, we will not do this.


Q. I don't understand why installing this mod is so complex. Why did you split off the factions?

A. Due to how Windows handles 32-bit applications, Sins is limited to 2GB of RAM on all Windows machines. SoGE, with all factions enabled, has a tendancy to hit that limit, resulting in minidumps/crashes. By not enabling factions you aren't playing with, you reduce the amount of stuff loaded into memory, and thus help keep that 2GB monster at bay.


Q. I found a bug/glitch, what info should I include, and where do I post it?

A. If possible, include all details you have about the bug/glitch, a screenshot and/or save game where this bug/glitch occurs, whether the drive SoaSE: Rebellion is on contains a paging file, if your computer has 3GB of RAM or more, and your graphics card. As for where to put it, post it on our forums in the Testing subforum: viewforum.php?f=589 If you cannot post it on the forum, send Lavo and/or Evaders an email/PM on Moddb/etc all the relevant information.

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