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for those who read the expanded universe spectra books


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Also Empire's End or something that immediatly followed the Dark Empire 6 issue story (you can still find those in either the all-in-one trade paperbacks or hardcovers floating aroud, should have both stories in them). I think the first series had one of those ships, and the last had the other
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Welcome to SWRN, handofthrawn! :D Good to see new members! :D


Okay, the series that includes Palpatine's clones and the Eclipse-class starships is the comic series called Dark Empire done by Dark Horse Comics. The series itself was made before the Thrawn series, but was not published until right after (that is why some people argue that the Thrawn series seems to contradict Dark Empire). The series consists of three sub-series: Dark Empire, Dark Empire II, and Empire's End. Each consists of comic books, bringing the series to a total of 14 comic books. Here's a quick list of the originals:

    Dark Empire
    1. The Destiny of a Jedi
    2. Devastator of Worlds
    3. The Battle For Calamari
    4. Confrontation on the Smugglers' Moon
    5. The Emperor Reborn
    6. The Fate of a Galaxy
    Dark Empire II
    1. Operation Shadow Hand
    2. Duel on Nar Shadaa
    3. World of the Ancient Sith
    4. Battle on Byss
    5. The Galaxy Weapon
    6. Hand of Darkness
    Empire's End
    1. Triumph of the Empire
    2. Rage of the Emperor


So, to answer your question:

you mean there is no 400 page novel triliogy that deals with it , only comic books?
No, sorry, there isn't aren't any novels to Dark Empire, only comic books.


i'm not much of a comic book guy
I know what you mean, neither am I. Now, if you happen to stumble across any of these comic books, I would suggest buying them because they are a rare find (last time I checked, they weren't in print).


Some more information can be found at TFN in their Comic Book section, specifically here (the review page for the Dark Empire series).

Hope that helps.

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You may still find plenty of 2nd 3rd 4th 5th printings but its the 1st printings that are worth anything significant, most especially the individual first printing books. I don't know that the paperbacks themselves are worth much (even first printings), but the hardcovers if you find them, probably are, seeing as how some of them are signed by artist and writer.


Incidentally, I liked that comic's look, Cam Kennedy did some wonderful things with his watercolor work (before this series, I wasn't aware of any comic artists doing watercolor), and of course Dave Dorman's covers are great. I have a couple lithographs he did (one is Indiana Jones, and the other is from an Alien vs Predator comic cover from the first comic crossover). The funny thing I found at the time of getting those lithos was that they appeared to come in different series. i.e. Mine are all signed and numbered out of 1500...the like long after I got mine, I still saw ads for obtaining the same litho but in another series of 1500. So I dont know for sure that they are different than advertised at the time (being a different artwork) or if the numbering system was continued i.e. 1501+ etc.

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