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Luke Skywalker Captured


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I have had him captured by the AI many times, all I did was send him on espionage missions at a location where Vader was present. If his stats are low, there is a good chance that he will be captured.


Hope this helped.

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Hey Wormie, it's been a while!


Yeah Luke gets captured all the time, expecially before he becomes a knight. Even then there is a chance. This is usually OK because typically it's Vader that captures him and brings him to the emperor. He gets huge force bonuses for these encounters. Also, Luke needs to confront Vader so he can tell Leia that she can use the force. She will then become the best character in the game for Diplomacy. The hard part is rescuing Luke. You need to use non-force characters as he is usually guarded by the emperor.


Good luck.

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Also the final battle event (confront Emperor & Vader) runs according to this rule:

If Luke is below knight level, he'll lose and be imprisoned. If not he'll escape, get the force bonus and maybe a new hand :wink:




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I disdain using Luke for diplomacy missions until he goes to Dagobah. Quite often I've gotten to day 300 to 400 without Luke going to see Yoda. Using basic stats, I've gotten him to 100+ Espionage and 200+ Combat Skill BEFORE going to Dagobah. I send him on missions of sabotage with Hans and Chewie, 2 bonuses there, quick speed thanks to Han and if Luke gets captured, you have 2 decent characters to rescue him.


Plus side of Luke having high skills before becoming proper Jedi is, if he meets Vader or the Emperor, he can escape with no harm and/or wound them quite severely.

"You don't know the power of the dark side. I must obey my master." - Vader
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